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    6-25-2013 Night music and Monkey D Luffy

    by , 06-25-2013 at 07:59 PM (381 Views)
    Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

    Night Music:
    So this dream i had last night, it was decently long and there was more to it then i remember. All i remember is the end, how annoying D: . Oh well, here's what i remember. I was outside on my farm, it was night and i was in a tent. I had headphones on and was listening to strange music, i felt that the music might have been to keep myself from hearing the sounds from my surroundings and instead, only hear my music. Which is weird, but either way, i get out of the tent and starting reading these stories and then i would cover them in some sort of sticky liquid and place them on some sort of stand.

    Monkey D Luffy:
    In this dream , i was monkey d luffy from one piece. Me and my crew were waiting by some shop. The shop eventually opens and i go in and have a chat with the owner and such, but before i know it, my crew has already left in the ship. Now i start running outside toward the shore. Between me and shore are pointy small mountains and the tide goes really high so it fills the gaps between the mountains. As i run over there, i get caught in the coming tide and i can't move because well.. i have the ability of the devil fruit and therefor cant swim. Either way, the ship comes back, and the next thing i know, we're all competing to earn black belts in some martial art or something.

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