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    8-11-2013 and 8-12-2013 A person who cares

    by , 08-13-2013 at 03:37 AM (532 Views)
    Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

    I didn't log that night...hehe sorry

    The Wrong Lane:
    It's night, and i'm driving on an elevated highway near a swamp village in the middle of nowhere. I get to the top of a hill, i'm driving pretty fast. However, i run off into wrong lane and i hit a ramp which sends my car into the air. I hit some wooden supports as i fall. I then land on a wooden platform. This man then starts chasing me, i run and jump into the swamp below. I make it to a ladder connected to the nearby village land. I climb up and then start lifting weights with some weird guy from the cartoon ed, edd and eddy.

    A person who cares:
    It's night ( lol it's always night! xD ). I arrive at some dojo i've never been to. There's some people i don't know. As class starts, they line up in some weird fashion and i get really confused, i don't know if they're lining up by rank or height. This frustrates me a lot. I then come back later that night and steal some of their souls! Next thing i know, i'm at my house with some kid. We're outside and it's still night ( yep more sexy night time ). We look in the distance and see search helicopters looking for something.

    This gets me worried, i'm afraid something may have happened. The kid then picks me up in an atv, i quickly tell him to stop because i have a bad feeling like a murderer is on the loose or something. I then see my dad and start talking to him. As i do, i see more search helicopters in the background. Something is definitely going on. Then suddenly, my dad picks me up and rushes me inside the house. He must have saw something behind me i thought.

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