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    by , 08-08-2013 at 02:59 AM (445 Views)
    Last night, i didn't get much sleep because of school. Also, i won't log much for this log because last night, some confusing things happened. It was about 5 hours after falling asleep, i had already had maybe 2-3 dreams, and as i had a wbtb, i was laying there trying to remember my dreams. I kept getting some scenes from last nights dream , at first i didn't think much about them. After a couple of minutes, i rolled over and immediately had the sensation that i had a similar dream to last nights. However, since i realized it so late, i couldn't remember it.

    Here's some fragments from what i do remember:

    Me, and some friends are in a building, getting ready to go boxing ( strange, i don't box xD ). We head outside and my friends start talking to some other person in the parking lot. As they do, i figure out i can order people to move objects. I then accidentally order a person to move a car. As i watch to see what happens, a big guy then picks up a car and throws it into the parking lot. Then a bird flies by the guys head and he spits fire out of his mouth and that bird goes down. Then my friends look over with a weird look on their face, like " what in the heck?". All i could do was laugh.

    Room camping:

    I'm in a room with at least 6 other people, it's dark and we're trying to sleep, but it's hard because there's not really enough space for all of us.

    Insulting person:
    I'm on my farm, the whole band was supposed to meet me here, but they're gone. I had just came back from somewhere so i have no idea where they went. I wander off walking. Eventually, i hear some guy shouting insults at me from a distance. I soon get tired of it and go yell at the guy.

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