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    4 Dreams

    by , 11-15-2011 at 10:18 AM (505 Views)
    Dream 1
    I was jogging in the greenway I could feel the strain in my legs, it felt like I had been jogging for a long time. I saw Brock Lesnar jogging too. A I jogged I came up to a sort of platform that went up in a spiral and as I climbed it I could feel my thighs burning. An old lady was very impressed.

    Dream 2
    There was a warehouse near the greenway and Omar was there with some other guy. I think Stringer Bell was there and I think they had a gunfight also.

    Dream 3
    In the Bronx there were crips walking around and they saw some bloods and chased them into a narrow path. Then more bloods and crips showed up there crip girls and blood girls, some younger members showed up in shopping trollies and were pushed down the hill to attack.

    It was just weird.

    Dream 4
    Batista was in bed with a woman and he said something about being cheap. It turned out that is was a promo fro his appearance on Donna (I imagine that she's a talk show host or something). He was wearing a purple shirt open like Vic Vance's leisure suit on GTA:Vice City. The camera zoomed out and I could see a studio and "Donna".

    I was defending a space station in Combat Evolved. I was holding a rifle and had shot some grunts.

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