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    WILD is the Technique for Me

    by , 11-16-2011 at 11:59 AM (590 Views)
    False Awakening
    I was in my bathroom having a bath and it was really hot. I went into the kitchen and I was still hot. When I woke up and realised that it was a dream, I felt so stupid.

    Dream 1
    There were four Homer Simpsons. There each appeared behind each other and fanned out. Then out of nowhere Ramenmen from Kinnikuman came and beat up all of them, they started wearing different suits but each had a black tie anyway they got banged by Ramenman.

    Dream 2
    I'm in a house that I've never seen before and the GSE from Green Street is there. My hot media teacher is there and I ask her if I can have a hug, she gives my one. I ask her if I could have a kiss, she gave me one on the cheek then I ask for one on the lips she said no but I did it anyway tongue halfway through my lips and all for 0.3 secs.

    She got upset and left, then Pete Dunham (Charlie Hunnam) got angry and chased me as I looked for my teacher. Now I'm lucid (I don't know how I didn't RC or anything) I run out of the unfamilliar house and onto my street that must be where I gained lucidity. I see a guy and tell him to get in the car it was a 2006 BMW some of it was blue while the rest was brownish. I remembered my current dream task and tried to eavesdrop on a DC phone conversation, for some reason WWE wrestler Sheamus popped into my head. Not that it mattered cos all I got was static and jumbled rubbish in my earphone.

    Strangley I drove on the left side instead of right anyway I drove to an area I know well it was over-run with foreingners (here me out!) The foreigners were led by Sheamus as I drove the car and got out I saw him and 2 others in hooded cloaks. He came up to me and I said "You did it, I can't stop now though" and left in the car that other guy disappeared.

    I went to the Westfield center and continued to look for the teacher as well as run away from Dunham. I entered a shop and used a green lantern ring to make a motorbike I rode it really fast in the shopping center.


    I'm parachuting down onto some snowy mountains, my voice sounds different and there is an enemy base located there. I land on top of the base and link up with a soldier,dream fades. I remember my officer saying "Once there you will have to link up with a squad".

    Side Notes
    WILDing is definitely for me. I also remember jumping over the escalators at the shopping center and doing a parkour roll while feeling the contact of the ground. I also remember flying at one point in the dream.

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