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    First experiment with TK flying

    , 01-31-2022 at 10:52 PM (440 Views)
    Clancy Brown stole someone I'm with's car (we will call him Moe) and wouldn't give it back. Moe wants to take some stuff from Clancy to get back at him. He wants me to help him steal the light from the dining room while Clancy is asleep. I go to help but the chair I grab to stand on is like a wooden puzzle and it starts collapsing on one side when I try to stand on it. I grab another chair and take a look at the light. It's bolted to the ceiling with rivets. I tell Moe I can get it down but it won't be quiet and we will probably wake Clancy up. Moe tells me not to worry about it. I start talking to someone on the couch in the living room. As we are talking I look up and see there is shaving cream on the ceiling above us. I look around and see more and more of it. It's beginning to drip from the ceiling onto the wall. I'm like WTH did you guys do? I shrug it off and go over to a pallet on the floor to lay down. Someone else comes up and starts talking to me. They say something that strikes me as weird. I begin thinking this sounds like something that would happen in a dream(Although I can't remember what was said).

    I RC and become lucid. I throw the person on the table in the dining room. The dream seems to fade for a sec but it comes back. When it does I'm by myself. I remember wanting to fly with TK. I use it and levitate in the air. Then I rotate my body so that the bottom of my feet are facing the wall. I use TK to pull myself toward the wall and I begin walking up it. I get all the way to the ceiling and take the first step and then fall off. I use TK and catch myself in mid air. Then rotate my body into a standing position and land on the floor. Then I think ok let's try to go to the beach. I imagine a beach being on the other side of the door and open it. But it's just a normal looking neighborhood. I go outside and I want to find some sand so I can look at it close up. Plan being that when I back away I'll "suddenly realize" I'm surrounded by sand and at the beach. I think that I see a little bit but when I get closer it's more like mud. I look around for a min but no luck. I decide I wanna try flying again now that I'm outside. I will myself into the air and begin flying toward a nearby school. At times during this flight I have to stabilize my body in different ways. My legs started lowering and I had to kinda tense my feet to get my legs to raise up level with the rest of my body, another time my head started doing the same thing and I used my hands to level my upper body out. When I landed I was thinking about how I could try to do the beach thing again. I look around and it looks like I'm close to downtown. I think well instead of the beach maybe I can go explore the river.

    I start to fly again except this time I can only get a few feet in the air. I'm flying down the street (I'm beginning to lose lucidity at this point) when I can hear and kinda see Keanu Reeves talking about stealing a lucidity module from me (As if I'm a robot?). He sends his assistants home so they won't know what he's up to. I spot this vertical steam pipe and I decide to walk straight up it like I was doing with the wall earlier. I find a hatch near the top and use it to escape Keanu...wake
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    1. Sivason's Avatar
      Damn good dream! It has all sorts of elements. Perhaps you should have realized you still had sand in your pockets from when you were at the beach just a little earlier. Having pulled the sand out and examined it, you walk back to the beach with out examining the surroundings. You really do not need to look up, as you were just at the beach minutes ago. That is why your pockets are full of sand after all. It is worth stopping here on the beach (even if you do not see it yet, just insist it is here) to dump the rest of the sand out back on the beach you have walked back too. Look up, you are on the beach. no matter what fills your visual field do not acknowledge it unless it is a beach, and be happy you did it. Even if it looks like a car lot. Walk towards the water, even if it looks like the road in front of the car lot. You are at the beach and happy about it. maybe check out the sand again to get the fake not really car lot that is actually a beach out of your view. Hear the lapping waves? Yes, how cool (even if you do not) of course you do. Eventually this sort of mind game can make the dream be about whatever you insist is actually happening. "nothing is going to convince me I am not already at the beach"
      Good job with the flying stuff. Sounds fun.
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    2. Tap's Avatar
      Thank you, that's very encouraging. I look forward to being able to try out your advice for changing the location.
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