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    Lucid dream house

    by , 09-09-2012 at 03:11 PM (648 Views)
    So first I remember me, my brother, my mom, and my dad in a car, going down a highway, at night. We were like the only ones there. This car seems pretty new, and has 3 buttons on the roof in back. Me being curious, I press one, making the car go nuts, and a cop car and fire truck turn their lights/sirens on, and I think it is my fault. They rush past us, so I guess it is unrelated, but my dad who is driving pulls off into an exit assuming he will get pulled over. When they go past him, he gets back on the highway but says something to the effect of "Damn it, I lost him. I have never lost a suspect in my _ years of this job.." So I assume he is like a cop as well? He goes in the general direction much faster, but there is like this bridge, half there. After about half way, there is just nothing, as if a world is not loading chunks on minecraft. There are these guards with rifles standing on either side, and my dad asks them if they saw anything, which they reply that they didn't. My dad replies "Stupid guards!" then looks into the void in front. I see like 12 tornadoes form in front, and engulf the guards, mom, my bro, and my dad. I guess it overtook me too.

    Next thing I remember I am lucid seeing a little girl, walking beside my dad, with another older girl walking in front. Turns out that little girl is me. I then take place of the girl, yet I am wearing my waking life's clothes. I recall looking forward at our house, and it is fairly sized and wonderful. We live in a mobile home in real life, so this was quite a change. I age myself a bit because I don't want to be some little girl, so I turn around 14-16. I look around the house and I love everything I see, big living room, looks like we are just moving in. I remember seeing this room with a bunch of stuff scattered about, and realize this must be my dream dad's office. Instead of helping I decide to explore, and walk outside the room into the living room. I figure I may as well watch some tv, see what my mind can make of it, but just then my bro-wait, sister? grabs the remote and says "I am going to test watching memories on tv." She changes the channel and thinks of a memory, but nothing happens, it just changes normally. I say "I can do this." and take the remote, think of when my cousin had a sleepover at our house once, and hit random numbers on the remote, expecting my memory to show up..It didn't, just normal programming. I make another attempt, and it doesn't work either. I get a little depressed, and change the channel back to what it was before. What I see is some fitness paid programming, except the girl in it is showing her breasts, which doesn't interest me, I guess because I was a girl.
    I remember in the office thinking "I wish I could take pictures and see this in real life." We all went outside, and I looked back at the house, thinking that top room must be my oldest sister's room, if only I could take a few pics, then my mom is in the car, ready to go, and my dad calls her susan, which was real strange to me, as that is not her name in real life.. My oldest sister, which I guess is my mind's representation of my oldest brother, was seated in the car, in a dress, my older bro was in the back seat, my dad driving, and my mom in the passenger seat. I do not recall when I put on a dress, I guess a little after the age change, but my oldest...sister, tells me "Where did you get that dress, it looks a little small. Unless it just 'appeared' in your closet one day which happens to me a lot." Another comment she said was "Ugh, can't wait to rent out my room and get my own place." The dream ended somewhere in the car.

    Last comments: I remember my look as a little girl, I was blonde, with long hair, no freckles. My older sister had the appearance of an emo girl, with a piercing in her lip, straight black hair, quite attractive. Also, in my dream we were all skinny, instead of overweight we are in real life. Also, I remember using the hand rubbing technique when in the living room, and other various times to increase my senses, it actually worked.
    Is it normal to feel sleep paralysis/vibrations in dreams? Because I felt it for a moment as I was rubbing my hands.

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