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    Terrorists in the downtown area and a False Awakening

    by , 09-07-2012 at 10:04 PM (749 Views)
    Terrorists in the downtown area
    This was an involved dream, not everything may be in order.
    I was with my mom in a waiting room. I didn't really know what was going on, but I knew my mom was trying to win some legal battle. She tells me something about what happened last year and wondered how I could not remember. We get called into this office. I am asked what I remember from last year, but I come up with nothing. My mom tells me some things to try to refresh my memory, but I am not understanding.

    Next thing I remember we are driving downtown in a city which does not seem completely familiar. We pass by a building and saw about 4 armed guards in front of the entrance to an alleyway. My mom is driving, I am in the back, my brother is in the seat next to me, and my dad is in the passenger seat. We are in a blue minivan, big enough to hold about 7 people. We know we can't escape, as guards guide us in to this area surrounded by tall buildings, the only exit being where we just came in. I look around and there is like 3 guards aiming at each passenger at all times. I focus my attention to a guard with a sniper rifle from above. I notice most of the cars there(There had to be over 50 cars there) were all economic/small cars. We sit there for a few minutes trying to discuss the situation, then all of a sudden a person comes to the window and tells us this is a hostage situation, and that we must vote for their country's leader. If we say no, or vote for the wrong person, bad things can happen. If we try escaping, we get shot. We followed the rules (I don't remember ever voting) and were eventually allowed to leave.

    I remember at one point on the way out being on foot. My mother and I were in like an apartment building, and there were two ladders going a long distance downward. It was the only way out. I start going down, but my mom has a laptop, and can not carry it down the stairs. She sets it down, then starts declining. I go about 3 steps down, and the ladder rungs break. I ease my way down, but each rung breaks as I touch it. I can say it was not pleasant going down.. At the bottom I realize we need that laptop, and look at the side my mom came down, thankfully it was all intact, and looked more like stairs than a ladder. I go up, get the laptop, then go back down. I remember the hostage situation from last year being almost the same, and get chills.

    Skip about two days later, same thing happens. We drive up, see the guards, and know we are in trouble. We try saying to a guard that we just did this yesterday, and we are asked to leave the vehicle. We come up to a tall and intimidating black guard who asks us what our excuse was. I say we were just here yesterday, and he replies "That is bullshit, we would know if you were here by the look of your van." And I say "Well, maybe it was two days ago..I know we were just here." He gets in our van, along with a couple of other military dressed people. I remember me and my brother being in the car, the black man in the middle, 2 military people in front, and another military person in the back. The black man starts talking secrets about their plans, and the guy in the back brings a rifle to the black man's head and says something to the effect of "Don't let them know what we are up to. your job is to make sure everyone follows the rules, and if they don't, shoot them. I have no problem killing you on the spot." I remember one last person asking us why we are not listening to their rules, and I explain we were just here. He is holding a morning star that has an extendable handle. Very sturdy and dangerous.
    He says "You were not here yesterday" then holds the club as if he is about to hit it against my leg. I say maybe it was two days ago, then he swings his arm back, and just before he hits me, I "wake up."

    False Awakening
    I woke up and read my new bedside DJ. I remember it saying:
    1. Spencer, cali, lake, tits
    (I had a dream written about this, but it was so fragmented due to how early in the night it was that I deleted it.)
    2. nothing
    3. Something about a terrorist takeover downtown
    4. Mom bringing me in to a place about a terrorist attack from last year that I don't remember
    5. Terrorist takeover(more detailed)
    I remember thinking "Yes! 5 dreams recalled in one night!" I got up, walked out of the room then woke up again, this time for real.

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