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    BONUS TOtM: Water and Fire (also a clone)

    by , 05-02-2015 at 10:03 AM (571 Views)

    I did the bonus task of the month! I am actually pretty happy that I was able to accomplish this so quickly. Lately my lucids have been longer and more fun, and actually, this is the forth lucid dream in a row. It took me more than a week to do last month's basic task (and I was too late, haha) but I did this one the night I found out about it. Anyways, I'll stop blabbering.

    It is my first day in university. I am sitting at a desk and we are being taught something. We are given lots of money - it is for some work we did - there are multiple 20 dollar notes and some 50 dollar notes and 10 dollar notes.

    I am probably still in uni. We were given an assignment. I talk to some girls that are in that room. I think I am semi-lucid at this point. I walk out of that room with some of my friends and I pass a mirror, which I look at. I look completely normal. I try to make my hair shorter in the mirror so I can see how I would look with that haircut. It doesnt work so I just continue walking, losing lucidity.

    I am at the shops with my friend who moved to a different city in waking life. It feels like she has been here for at least a week.

    Later in the dream, we are at the school library and we are talking about something. We are sitting near the bathrooms. A guy I think saw earlier in the dream walks out of the female bathroom. He apologizes to my friend and I, which confuses me because we weren't the people in the bathroom. He goes into the male bathroom, which is basically a glass box in the middle of the library with some toilets in it and a sink, and I think, he should have used the female bathroom because this is not even a propper bathroom. I realise that weird/unhygenic bathrooms are my dreamsign so I do a reality check, and although the first one fails, I am already lucid so at this point I am just doing reality checks to test them, not the dream.

    I walk outside. I see my little brother there and he looks upset. He tells me its because he can't do the assignment we got in universty properly and is going to get into trouble (he is 9 though, and looked that age in that dream so I don't know why he even got that assignment). I tell him not to worry and offer for him to fly with me. He agrees. I grab his hand and we fly off. There is a big pool of water there and we fly above it, almost touching the water. It is a bit hard for me to support both of our weights so I tell him to spread his arm like wings and we both fly around. I lose control a little bit a few times and go into the water, but it is stll fun. I think the dream fades out at one point. I still imagine myself in the water and I look up when I am at the bottom. I swim up. This is either a very faded dream or a vivid daydream. Eventually I am in the dream again. I shout "clarity now!" (a bit quietly though as I don't want to wake everyone up in case I am not fully in the dream and shout in waking life) and everything becomes more clear. I am still near that pool of water. There is a river nearby. It is not very wide - just around 5 meters accross. I remember the TOtM, so I try to waterbend the river. It doesn't work well at all, but I saw that the water wobbled a bit. I try to control a small blob of water and eventually am able to do at least that. This is a bit weird because I was much better at waterbending the other day. I then try to split the water in the river in half and it actually starts to work. I move the two halves away from each other and the right half is now completely gone but there is still some water flowing from the left side. I try to get rid of it, but by the time I almost do, the right half starts coming back. I decide that this is the most I'll be able to do with this river in this dream, but I feel like this was a pretty sad attempt for a bonus task, so I decide to do some fire-bending instead. Behind me are a couple of trees up a small hill, but I dont want this to be a sad attempt too and try to find myself an actual forest. I tell myself that once I fly up, ill see that behind this hill is a big forest. I fly up and see plenty of trees to burn. I land back on the ground. I try summoning a fire in my hand. Nothing happens. I cup my hands and put them together (as if you just caught a flying insect in your hands) and try to summon a fire in there. I opened my hands carefully and saw a tiny, white flame, just a little bigger than a rice-grain floating above my palm. I started making this flame bigger (I doubt that it would have been able to set anything on fire before) and it grows until I have a big fireball around half a meter in diameter. I drag it behnd me as if it is a balloon on a string, setting every tree I pass on fire. After some time, I look around and see that there is no tree around me that isn't burning. I decide that my job here is done and remember the goal I wanted to do after I do the TOtM - get a dream guide.

    I fly off. The sun is now setting and the clouds look beautiful. There is a red glow everywhere. Around are what look like buildings being constructed. There is constructon happening over the big pool of water too. For some reason there is a slightly unsettling atmosphere. I fly and see some mordern buildings with apartments. I fly into a room that is empty. I try to spawn a dream guide, a character that I've seen in my past dream. I notice that a person - my clone - is standing on the other side of the room. It is also trying to spawn someone. I tell it that it is an inaccurate clone (it was a bit skinnier than me) but it gets upset and shoves me. I stand there for a few seconds, looking at my clone. I suddenly wake up.

    It is almost 6am, which is the time I usually wake up, so I guess that's why I woke up so suddenly.

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