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    February TOTM - the truth spell

    by , 02-01-2018 at 10:31 PM (408 Views)

    I had just woken up and I had a lucid dream. I decided to do the "truth spell" because I wanted to know what the truth is.

    My dad and I are in a car and we are going somewhere. A guy is following us. I tell dad so he tries to accelerate and stop suddenly to deter the guy from following us. It doesn't work. Then, we turn onto a street but the guy still follows us. My dad parks the car and confronts him about it. I take a water bottle and hold it in my hand like a bat, trying to intimidate the guy. The guy takes out a mountain dew bottle but with a pop top and throws it into the car, the water splashing everywhere. I think about throwing the bottle at his head but I don't want to be arrested. We talk for a bit and eventually we leave. We have a pizza in the car, which the guy left presumably. There is one slice in the little dent/place to put small things on the door and it really grosses me out. I take a slice out of the box and eat it. My brothers are in the car now too. The pizza has some weird recipe - we discuss how the guy ordered a really weird pizza. On the label its says that it is both sugar-free and double sugar. It tastes completely normal however.

    Next, we are walking in a shopping centre. We walk past some kind of sweets shop (it was supposed to be some kind of chain of shops in the dream but I don't think it's real). They have some kind of advertising that makes me angry. I can't remember what it was about exactly but I remember thinking that it doesn't make sense considering it's a sweets shop. Soon, we reach some really obnoxious advertising. It is Maccas. We are on the second level and we can (kinda) see through the glass down into the Maccas. The glass however is like a screen and has some ads flashing on it. We go down to Maccas, probably to buy some frappes.

    When we go down there we go to the toilets. I look at the signs and try to figure out which one is which. There are four doors, and whenever I look at them the signs switch.I realise that this is very dream-like and do a reality check, which makes me lucid. I start to fly up but then remember the dream goal and decide to stay in this room - it is just big and empty with the walls painted red. I try to cast the truth spell, pointing my finger like a wand and saying something like "give me the truthio abracadabra". It casts a small green orb, which kinda just hovers around and then disappears. I try again. This time, the little green orb grows into a plate shape, which turns into a green paper in shape of a circle and falls down. I come up to it, and realise that I have to peel the green part off and the truth will be revealed. I do that. There is a drawing and a big wall of handwriting. In big letters it says on the side "you are beautiful". How nice. The drawing is a picture of me, although it doesn't look much like me. I put the paper down on the ground and try to read the wall of text. I think about just taking a picture to look at later but realise that I can't take it into the real world. My little brother comes up and asks me if he could see. I want to read it before the dream fades and so I tell him that I have to read it first. He asks why - I could just read it at home. I tell him that this is a dream so I can't take it home. He smiles at that realisation and flies off.

    I continue trying to read the wall of text, but it is kinda nonsensical. I decide that the actual truth was just the one written in the large letters since the big paragraph doesn't make sense. Soon, I wake up.

    Weird how that was the truth. I wish I had that kind of self esteem in waking life lol.
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