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    Jogging TOTM - Crayon Skies and Numbness

    by , 04-29-2015 at 07:50 AM (529 Views)

    I did the jogging TOTM, but it's the end of the month already so I don't know if it will even count It was fun though.

    I am outside. I see some toilets and they are pretty strange - I think that they are supposed to be used in public. My family was there. There were some tables nearby.

    I am sitting on an iceberg. I can't remember how I got there but I am pretty sure that it was somehow connected to the previous dreams. I saw this hovering... thing. It was round and I think that it was supposed to display items in shops. It felt like it was normal. I got on it (I was semi-lucid at this point) and started floating somewhere, but it was a bit slower than Id like. I decided to go into the shops to get a faster one so I could fly around. While I was in the shops I gradually became fully lucid and tried control the dream more. I remembered the TOTM where I needed to jog as far as I can, so I ran out of the shops. The sky looked like a childs painting - there were many rainbows and smiley faces, and it looked as if it was drawn in crayon. The dream wasn't really clear so I stabilised it, but then I "realised" that one of my eyes was closed so I opened it. I was jogging along a path in a big feild. I soon reached the end of the feild where a big river started. There was a city in the distance. I created a path in the water and jogged along that path until I reached the other side. I saw a bunch of ports for ships so I tried to land on one of them but for some reason I flew left uncontrolably. It stopped but I was losing lucidity. I was trying to land on the path. It was quite dark and there were a few houses along the other side of the path. The atmosphere was a little unpleasant. I grabbed onto a branch but my hands suddenly started going numb and I thought that maybe there were some poisonous insects sitting on the branch, but I knew they wouldn't harm me because it was a dream. My hands and feet started burning (not literally - it was just a sensation) and I flew around. I soon "woke up".

    I look at the clock and it is four-something, I'll have to wake up in less than two hours. I write some key words from the previous dream so I can remember them later and "fall asleep".

    I am in school, I think. A guy comes up to me and asks whether he can borrow my inking pen to ink his drawing. I say no (I don't usually let random people borrow my art supplies - they might be to careless with them and break it somehow). Declan (a stupid guy I dislike) comes up to me and asks whether he should ink his drawing with a 0.8 or 0.3 inking pen, while holding one of my inking pens. I tell him that he can't borrow either, and that if he wants to ink his drawing, he can buy a cheap inking pen if he doesn't want to spend too much money. He doesn't want to buy it so he continues to annoy me. I tell him to use a black pencil then. He agrees to that idea.

    I walk into a shop (declan is still there) and I see the lady who sells the food. "You can take a gift if you want. Choose something you like and you can have it for free." She says. I think it had something to do with easter. I consider taking a big chocolate egg, but I don't want to appear greedy so I choose something else.

    I am in a building with many bunk-beds. There is a creepy atmosphere. I am semi-lucid, I think. I crawl on the walls and ceiling and then in one of the rooms there is a dead elmo bed and I at first put my bed stuff below it, but decided that I did not want to sleep in a creepy room like that. On the ceiling there were things made of pipe-cleaner craft things.

    After this dream, I woke up and looked at the clock and it was around 3 am. I realised that the previous time I woke up and saw that it was 4 am was a false awakening, which means that I really didn't write any notes on the previous dreams so I had to really try to remember the lucid and try to piece together the events. I am going to do a RC before I write down my dreams from now on so I don't lose any details because of a sneaky FA.
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