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    1. February TOTM - the truth spell

      by , 02-01-2018 at 10:31 PM

      I had just woken up and I had a lucid dream. I decided to do the "truth spell" because I wanted to know what the truth is.

      My dad and I are in a car and we are going somewhere. A guy is following us. I tell dad so he tries to accelerate and stop suddenly to deter the guy from following us. It doesn't work. Then, we turn onto a street but the guy still follows us. My dad parks the car and confronts him about it. I take a water bottle and hold it in my hand like a bat, trying to intimidate the guy. The guy takes out a mountain dew bottle but with a pop top and throws it into the car, the water splashing everywhere. I think about throwing the bottle at his head but I don't want to be arrested. We talk for a bit and eventually we leave. We have a pizza in the car, which the guy left presumably. There is one slice in the little dent/place to put small things on the door and it really grosses me out. I take a slice out of the box and eat it. My brothers are in the car now too. The pizza has some weird recipe - we discuss how the guy ordered a really weird pizza. On the label its says that it is both sugar-free and double sugar. It tastes completely normal however.

      Next, we are walking in a shopping centre. We walk past some kind of sweets shop (it was supposed to be some kind of chain of shops in the dream but I don't think it's real). They have some kind of advertising that makes me angry. I can't remember what it was about exactly but I remember thinking that it doesn't make sense considering it's a sweets shop. Soon, we reach some really obnoxious advertising. It is Maccas. We are on the second level and we can (kinda) see through the glass down into the Maccas. The glass however is like a screen and has some ads flashing on it. We go down to Maccas, probably to buy some frappes.

      When we go down there we go to the toilets. I look at the signs and try to figure out which one is which. There are four doors, and whenever I look at them the signs switch.I realise that this is very dream-like and do a reality check, which makes me lucid. I start to fly up but then remember the dream goal and decide to stay in this room - it is just big and empty with the walls painted red. I try to cast the truth spell, pointing my finger like a wand and saying something like "give me the truthio abracadabra". It casts a small green orb, which kinda just hovers around and then disappears. I try again. This time, the little green orb grows into a plate shape, which turns into a green paper in shape of a circle and falls down. I come up to it, and realise that I have to peel the green part off and the truth will be revealed. I do that. There is a drawing and a big wall of handwriting. In big letters it says on the side "you are beautiful". How nice. The drawing is a picture of me, although it doesn't look much like me. I put the paper down on the ground and try to read the wall of text. I think about just taking a picture to look at later but realise that I can't take it into the real world. My little brother comes up and asks me if he could see. I want to read it before the dream fades and so I tell him that I have to read it first. He asks why - I could just read it at home. I tell him that this is a dream so I can't take it home. He smiles at that realisation and flies off.

      I continue trying to read the wall of text, but it is kinda nonsensical. I decide that the actual truth was just the one written in the large letters since the big paragraph doesn't make sense. Soon, I wake up.

      Weird how that was the truth. I wish I had that kind of self esteem in waking life lol.
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    2. BONUS TOtM: Water and Fire (also a clone)

      by , 05-02-2015 at 10:03 AM

      I did the bonus task of the month! I am actually pretty happy that I was able to accomplish this so quickly. Lately my lucids have been longer and more fun, and actually, this is the forth lucid dream in a row. It took me more than a week to do last month's basic task (and I was too late, haha) but I did this one the night I found out about it. Anyways, I'll stop blabbering.

      It is my first day in university. I am sitting at a desk and we are being taught something. We are given lots of money - it is for some work we did - there are multiple 20 dollar notes and some 50 dollar notes and 10 dollar notes.

      I am probably still in uni. We were given an assignment. I talk to some girls that are in that room. I think I am semi-lucid at this point. I walk out of that room with some of my friends and I pass a mirror, which I look at. I look completely normal. I try to make my hair shorter in the mirror so I can see how I would look with that haircut. It doesnt work so I just continue walking, losing lucidity.

      I am at the shops with my friend who moved to a different city in waking life. It feels like she has been here for at least a week.

      Later in the dream, we are at the school library and we are talking about something. We are sitting near the bathrooms. A guy I think saw earlier in the dream walks out of the female bathroom. He apologizes to my friend and I, which confuses me because we weren't the people in the bathroom. He goes into the male bathroom, which is basically a glass box in the middle of the library with some toilets in it and a sink, and I think, he should have used the female bathroom because this is not even a propper bathroom. I realise that weird/unhygenic bathrooms are my dreamsign so I do a reality check, and although the first one fails, I am already lucid so at this point I am just doing reality checks to test them, not the dream.

      I walk outside. I see my little brother there and he looks upset. He tells me its because he can't do the assignment we got in universty properly and is going to get into trouble (he is 9 though, and looked that age in that dream so I don't know why he even got that assignment). I tell him not to worry and offer for him to fly with me. He agrees. I grab his hand and we fly off. There is a big pool of water there and we fly above it, almost touching the water. It is a bit hard for me to support both of our weights so I tell him to spread his arm like wings and we both fly around. I lose control a little bit a few times and go into the water, but it is stll fun. I think the dream fades out at one point. I still imagine myself in the water and I look up when I am at the bottom. I swim up. This is either a very faded dream or a vivid daydream. Eventually I am in the dream again. I shout "clarity now!" (a bit quietly though as I don't want to wake everyone up in case I am not fully in the dream and shout in waking life) and everything becomes more clear. I am still near that pool of water. There is a river nearby. It is not very wide - just around 5 meters accross. I remember the TOtM, so I try to waterbend the river. It doesn't work well at all, but I saw that the water wobbled a bit. I try to control a small blob of water and eventually am able to do at least that. This is a bit weird because I was much better at waterbending the other day. I then try to split the water in the river in half and it actually starts to work. I move the two halves away from each other and the right half is now completely gone but there is still some water flowing from the left side. I try to get rid of it, but by the time I almost do, the right half starts coming back. I decide that this is the most I'll be able to do with this river in this dream, but I feel like this was a pretty sad attempt for a bonus task, so I decide to do some fire-bending instead. Behind me are a couple of trees up a small hill, but I dont want this to be a sad attempt too and try to find myself an actual forest. I tell myself that once I fly up, ill see that behind this hill is a big forest. I fly up and see plenty of trees to burn. I land back on the ground. I try summoning a fire in my hand. Nothing happens. I cup my hands and put them together (as if you just caught a flying insect in your hands) and try to summon a fire in there. I opened my hands carefully and saw a tiny, white flame, just a little bigger than a rice-grain floating above my palm. I started making this flame bigger (I doubt that it would have been able to set anything on fire before) and it grows until I have a big fireball around half a meter in diameter. I drag it behnd me as if it is a balloon on a string, setting every tree I pass on fire. After some time, I look around and see that there is no tree around me that isn't burning. I decide that my job here is done and remember the goal I wanted to do after I do the TOtM - get a dream guide.

      I fly off. The sun is now setting and the clouds look beautiful. There is a red glow everywhere. Around are what look like buildings being constructed. There is constructon happening over the big pool of water too. For some reason there is a slightly unsettling atmosphere. I fly and see some mordern buildings with apartments. I fly into a room that is empty. I try to spawn a dream guide, a character that I've seen in my past dream. I notice that a person - my clone - is standing on the other side of the room. It is also trying to spawn someone. I tell it that it is an inaccurate clone (it was a bit skinnier than me) but it gets upset and shoves me. I stand there for a few seconds, looking at my clone. I suddenly wake up.

      It is almost 6am, which is the time I usually wake up, so I guess that's why I woke up so suddenly.

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    3. Jogging TOTM - Crayon Skies and Numbness

      by , 04-29-2015 at 07:50 AM

      I did the jogging TOTM, but it's the end of the month already so I don't know if it will even count It was fun though.

      I am outside. I see some toilets and they are pretty strange - I think that they are supposed to be used in public. My family was there. There were some tables nearby.

      I am sitting on an iceberg. I can't remember how I got there but I am pretty sure that it was somehow connected to the previous dreams. I saw this hovering... thing. It was round and I think that it was supposed to display items in shops. It felt like it was normal. I got on it (I was semi-lucid at this point) and started floating somewhere, but it was a bit slower than Id like. I decided to go into the shops to get a faster one so I could fly around. While I was in the shops I gradually became fully lucid and tried control the dream more. I remembered the TOTM where I needed to jog as far as I can, so I ran out of the shops. The sky looked like a childs painting - there were many rainbows and smiley faces, and it looked as if it was drawn in crayon. The dream wasn't really clear so I stabilised it, but then I "realised" that one of my eyes was closed so I opened it. I was jogging along a path in a big feild. I soon reached the end of the feild where a big river started. There was a city in the distance. I created a path in the water and jogged along that path until I reached the other side. I saw a bunch of ports for ships so I tried to land on one of them but for some reason I flew left uncontrolably. It stopped but I was losing lucidity. I was trying to land on the path. It was quite dark and there were a few houses along the other side of the path. The atmosphere was a little unpleasant. I grabbed onto a branch but my hands suddenly started going numb and I thought that maybe there were some poisonous insects sitting on the branch, but I knew they wouldn't harm me because it was a dream. My hands and feet started burning (not literally - it was just a sensation) and I flew around. I soon "woke up".

      I look at the clock and it is four-something, I'll have to wake up in less than two hours. I write some key words from the previous dream so I can remember them later and "fall asleep".

      I am in school, I think. A guy comes up to me and asks whether he can borrow my inking pen to ink his drawing. I say no (I don't usually let random people borrow my art supplies - they might be to careless with them and break it somehow). Declan (a stupid guy I dislike) comes up to me and asks whether he should ink his drawing with a 0.8 or 0.3 inking pen, while holding one of my inking pens. I tell him that he can't borrow either, and that if he wants to ink his drawing, he can buy a cheap inking pen if he doesn't want to spend too much money. He doesn't want to buy it so he continues to annoy me. I tell him to use a black pencil then. He agrees to that idea.

      I walk into a shop (declan is still there) and I see the lady who sells the food. "You can take a gift if you want. Choose something you like and you can have it for free." She says. I think it had something to do with easter. I consider taking a big chocolate egg, but I don't want to appear greedy so I choose something else.

      I am in a building with many bunk-beds. There is a creepy atmosphere. I am semi-lucid, I think. I crawl on the walls and ceiling and then in one of the rooms there is a dead elmo bed and I at first put my bed stuff below it, but decided that I did not want to sleep in a creepy room like that. On the ceiling there were things made of pipe-cleaner craft things.

      After this dream, I woke up and looked at the clock and it was around 3 am. I realised that the previous time I woke up and saw that it was 4 am was a false awakening, which means that I really didn't write any notes on the previous dreams so I had to really try to remember the lucid and try to piece together the events. I am going to do a RC before I write down my dreams from now on so I don't lose any details because of a sneaky FA.

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