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    Illegal beach activities...

    by , 02-01-2018 at 04:55 AM (278 Views)

    So this is a dream that I had a couple of days ago. I had more that night but I thought this one was funny,
    so I am posting this one here. I might post more funny or interesting dreams in the future. Note: this dream is a little NSFW, so don't read if you're sensitive to this kind of material.

    I am at uni and I am drinking some tea. I leave it with someone and go into a shop with my brother. I look around at the things being sold there. There are some knitted hats, some of which are gold. I realise that I have no money and decide to leave. When I leave, I see some strange creatures (that I presumably left my tea with) and a big one is holding my cup. I see that the tea is gone. I get really mad, and really upset, I think about smashing the cup to pieces against the floor, but it is my favourite cup so I don't. Instead I keep walking, which leads me to a beach and I notice some public sex happening there. There are two dudes, one of them Jake Bass, fucking in the sand. Out of nowhere, a giant wave comes and I get swept up. One of my shoes gets taken away by the water. I am informed that there is a service that returns your shoes, but once I try to use it, an image of Jake Bass in a sexy pose pops up with letters informing me that this feature is only for premium members. I am disappointed, but I somehow manage to find my shoe myself.

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