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    Dreams, notes, and other experiments to assist in achieving high-quality lucid dreams on a regular basis.

    Reality Check (RC): Action used to evaluate if one is dreaming. Common methods include plugging the nose and testing whether it can be breathed through, as well as inspecting one's hands for irregularities compared to waking reality.

    Memory Lapse (...): Where memory ends for a given stream of consciousness. For example, going to sleep in a dream and waking up in the dream later with no recollection of the sleep.

    Dream Initiated Lucid Dream (DILD): Lucid dreaming type that originates from the dreamer regaining awareness from within a dream.

    Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD): Lucid dreaming type that originates from the dreamer maintaining awareness from waking near-directly into a dream.

    Wake Back To Bed (WBTB): Sleep cycle interruption technique used to achieve lucid dreams.

    Blue: Denotes regular non-lucid dream recall.

    Purple: Denotes lucid dream recall (formerly Orange).

    1. Sensations And Types Of Entry Into WILD (Gab's Post)

      by , 02-28-2023 at 07:40 PM (Dreamlog)
      Adding this to my journal for the weekend when I try my next WBTB. Last time I just barely missed a successful WILD because I didn't enter the dream when it formed. The dream I saw was pretty small (did not encompass my vision), but I imagine it would have grown or I could have willed myself to enter it. This seems to cover the gap in knowledge I had.

      Found this in the WILD section from 2012. Thanks Gab! I hope I'm not breaking a rule by posting this here

      Here is Gab's post:

      These are some of the different ways to enter a lucid dream. You normally don't have a choice in which one will happen.

      1. Dream images
      First type of entry involves looking at the back of your closed eyelids. At first, you will see black and grey fog swirling around. Maybe you see some colors. Then you start seeing simple objects and geometric shapes. These will evolve into more complex pictures and dreams. You may see movie like scenes. When these scenes change into one big movie screen covering your whole field of vision, the dream is ready for you. But so far you are just an outside observer.

      You may either wait for it to envelop you and you suddenly find yourself inside of a dream, or you may look at the dream scene, pick a spot on the ground and say slowly and deliberately something like "I am there". This should transport you inside a dream.

      2. Floating or seeing your room
      This is entry with help of one of the sensations mentioned above. If you feel like you are floating above your bed, or you see your room with your eyes closed, your dream body has separated. All you need to do is stand up or roll out of the bed.

      This may not work on your first try. But more you think about it, you will start noticing when this happens and believe it or not, you will remember this article and you will give it a try and stand up, although you will be 100% sure, you are awake.

      So if you see your room, try a motionless RC - "If I was in a dream, I could levitate" and watch yourself lift up in the air. If this happens, you are in a dream. Stand up or roll out and go have fun.

      Sometimes instead of your room you see darkness. Do the same RC to find out if you are in a dream.

      3. Acceleration/falling/sinking
      These are also some of the sensations described above.

      Acceleration - feels as if you were flying at incredible speed, head first. Sometimes you even feel, as if you were touching some kind of a rough surface with stones and pebbles, so it can be really bumpy. Doesn't hurt at all, it's actually more fun than Disneyland. After you stop, get out of the bed and do RC, or try a motionless RC first.

      Falling/sinking - feels as if you were sinking through your mattress for a long time. RC when movement stops.

      4. Vibrations
      You feel your body parts or whole body vibrating, something like when you put your hand on purring cat (mild), or chainsaw (strong). RC when it stops.

      You can have more than one wave of vibrations. So after first ones are over, you may want to wait a few minutes to see if you get more of them.

      After the last two transition types, you may not see anything. It's possible, that your dream eyes are still closed. Go ahead and pry them open with your dream hands. Or, perhaps you are wearing dark glasses, or your hood is covering your eyes. Simply remove them with your dream hands.
      And my experience for comparison:

      Laid in bed for a long time. GF's regular weekday alarm went off by mistake a couple times and messed up my rhythm. Eventually I relaxed enough to start feeling WILD vibrations. I got all the way through the process of "going through the wormhole", and I could see a dream in a tiny pinhole at the end. It was my childhood home. I could see my old PC monitor with Runescape on it, but the dream was black around the edges. I forgot that I needed to 'grab' the dream and I missed my opportunity.

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    2. Chores and Important Words

      by , 02-28-2023 at 03:22 AM (Dreamlog)
      I'm on a vacation with my family. We are at a beach, but the sky is gray. There is a pool nearby the beach and it has multiple "floors" under the water. My sister tries to show me a deep dive area, but I can't hold my breath and I have to go up for air.

      I'm cleaning my childhood house with my brother A. I'm annoyed because he keeps assigning me chores to do. At one point I had moved my bed mattress into the garage, but then had to carry it back because I misunderstood what he was asking for. We're outside now, on the east side of the house. I'm playing some game with my brother. Maybe we are doing more chores. The grass is super green, like the way it looks in old pictures. A fighter jet flies very close over us. It does a cool flip trick and I give it a salute. The fighter jet drops two bombs down near us. They sit there a second before exploding. It doesn't hurt, but I feel the heat rapidly go up. I say "I love you, S" and then die.

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