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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Night of Wednesday 4/3/24 (Comp Night 6)

      by , 04-04-2024 at 05:14 PM (Dreamlog)
      Before WBTB

      I set my alarm for 6 hours from now, make a plan to stay up for about 30 minutes when it goes off, and then go to bed.


      No recall. I spend some time incubating a dream where I am in the lamp-post area from Chronicles of Narnia where Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus. The goal being to transition directly from waking into this dream. I've grabbed onto lamp-posts and other objects before to "pull myself into" dreams, so it seems like a good strategy. I write up a dream where I summon Daniel Love, ask him for advice on teleporting, and then go through a portal to arrive at Silverlight. This takes me about 30 minutes and then I return to bed. I have some difficulty going back to sleep, but eventually I get there. No WILD sensations though.

      After WBTB

      Chasing Daniel:
      I’m in my bedroom, and I remember that I was just going to sleep from a WBTB and perform a nose RC [1]. Aha! This is a dream.
      I get up and start looking around. I can feel the dream is unstable so I start to rub the floor with my hands, and (as is tradition) lick the wall. It still tastes like wall.
      I recall that my first task is to summon, so I go to the bathroom door in front of me and imagine Daniel Love behind it.
      I pull the door open and check the whole room, including the area behind the opened door. He isn’t there. Crap. Maybe I was too rushed?
      I go to the kitchen and my Mom and Dad are there, talking about something. I pay them little attention.
      I do notice that the kitchen table is covered in pizza boxes, empty two-liters, and crumpled up paper. I reflect about how my brain is this good about characterizing my past.
      I make it to the fridge, thinking I want something to eat, and sure enough there is an apple in a bottom drawer in the fridge [2].

      Successful summon! First task complete!

      As I try to grab it, I feel the dream destabilizing.
      I try to focus and go back into the dream.
      I hear my Mom’s voice from outside my room.
      Wait. My Mom isn’t alive. It can’t be her.
      I perform a nose RC. This is a false awakening [3]. I get out of bed again and try to stabilize more vigorously this time, but the dream fades.

      I’m outside a small shop, and I remember that I had just been stabilizing. Nose RC:
      Lucid again. I recall that I want to summon Daniel.
      I see that there are two people in the shop: a customer facing away and a person tending the register.
      The customer is the one facing away, so I imagine that when I see his face, it’ll be Daniel.
      I approach him and I notice the back of his head looks like what I expect Daniel's would look like. Short black hair.
      But when I extend my hand out to meet him, he says “not him” [4]. This is a dark skinned man with a mustache. Nope.
      He shakes my hand anyway though. I try to turn-around-and-turn-back to get him to transform into Daniel, but no luck. The dream starts to fade again.


      Day Time Practice
      Reality Checks (Good) = 1pt

      Induction and Recall

      WBTB (Success) = 2pts
      [1]: First DILD = 10pts
      [3]: Catch a False Awakening = 2pts

      Dream Control Tasks

      [1]: Reality Check/Stabilize = 1pt
      [2]: Basic Summoning + First Task = 5pts + 5pts = 10pts
      [4]: Interact with a Dream Character = 2pts

      Night 6 Total = 28pts

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    2. Night of Friday 3/22/24

      by , 03-28-2024 at 12:24 AM (Dreamlog)
      I'm with Androids 17 and 18 from Dragonball Z, and a coworker.

      King's Training:
      I'm in a warehouse-type area on a metal stairwell going up.
      There is a line of kids, classmates, lined up for try-outs.
      An intercom announces that the King's Tournament will begin soon.
      I remember that the King's Tournament is for basketball.
      A group of 3 kids in front of us recognize me and the person I am with.
      They seem impressed that we have King's Training.
      There is a sense of belonging in the group. Something similar to how I felt in marching band from high-school.
      In this situation I was the senior, inspiring the younger ones.
      The person in front of me in line is up. He messes up his free-throws and become very frustrated.
    3. Night of Sunday 2/11/24 (DILD)

      by , 02-12-2024 at 05:18 PM (Dreamlog)
      How 'bout those Chiefs?:
      I'm in a hotel room, hiding off to the side by the entrance.
      Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are in bed together 'celebrating' the Superbowl win.
      I'm stressed out that I'm going to get caught.
      I decide to come out from behind the wall and admit that I don't know how I got here.
      There is a tall, regal looking red alien in front of me. There is another off to my left. That one seems to be observing Taylor and Travis.
      The aliens are wearing robes, and have mostly human features, minus their elongated heads and red skin color.
      They would have fit in with Marvel's depictions of green and blue aliens from Guardians of the Galaxy.
      The alien near me says in a deep feminine voice "When you became lucid in your world, you came to our world."
      This triggers me to do a nose reality check.

      I become lucid...but the dream fades.
      I false awake and tell my girlfriend about the red aliens.
      I've lost lucidity.

      The Red Alien.

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    4. Night of Monday 1/29/24

      by , 01-30-2024 at 09:28 PM (Dreamlog)
      Jungle Flight:
      I'm driving my car up a steep hill.
      The car fails and I start to fall backward.
      I'm at a sort of car agency.
      A man in a suit is selling me not a car, but a type of hover-bike.
      I'm pretty excited about the hover-bike.
      I'm in a jungle environment, but the hover-bike has changed into a hand-held flight device.
      The area is beautiful, almost euphoric.
      I can't recall the exact mechanism, but the device is similar to one-handed flight devices from previous dreams.
      I carefully pilot myself into a tiki-bar looking area with a bar and restaurant, but don't land.
      I may have been on a tour of the area with others.

      My friend AG is admiring some wood polish on a chair and table at my Grandma P's house.

      Flying through the jungle using a handheld device.

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    5. Night of Tuesday 1/23/24

      by , 01-24-2024 at 07:39 PM (Dreamlog)
      I get the sense that there are aliens who have the ability to shape perception such that they do not alert humankind.
      I false-awaken on the couch and my girlfriend is observing me strangely, and I suspect that she is actually one of these aliens.
      This scares me greatly. I wake up for real (still on the couch) and she is looking at me the same way.
    6. Night of Thursday 1/11/24 (Comp Night 6)

      by , 01-12-2024 at 11:44 PM (Dreamlog)
      Missed Signals:
      I'm in a backyard and I see a group of balloons floating low in the sky.
      I think this is strange, and that I should probably do an RC, but I don't.
      Instead, I think about what I would do if I were lucid.
      There's a small pool nearby to my left, with an instructor sitting in a high-chair.
      She is teaching people how to dive. I approach the pool.
      I get the impression that the diving is a sort of lucid dreaming skill test.
      I don't know how to dive, and I screw it up.
      I'm definitely too big for this pool.
      Later I'm walking around the yard, which has changed into more of a park.
      I have the understanding that this is the Dreamviews community, where only members can live.

      The lucid dream dive tester. Image generated using ChatGPT 4.

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    7. Night of Wednesday 1/10/24 (Comp Night 5)

      by , 01-12-2024 at 04:58 AM (Dreamlog)
      I'm in a hotel with two levels.
      My Dad and my Uncle J are there with me.
      My Uncle is looking at something on Google Maps.
      One of them has thrown a cigarette bud into a trash can.
      I'm concerned this will cause a fire.

      Return to the Hilltop Arcade:
      My friends G and A are sitting on a bench, watching the sunset.
      It's my birthday, and there is a cake-like pastry sliced into four parts.
      There is a Dave and Buster's like arcade behind the bench.
      This arcade is the one from my previous dream in September, where I met Arin Hanson.

      The space has changed into a big factory. Intuitively I know that the working conditions are bad.
      I'm escaping in a sequence similar to the one in the game Portal.
      There's a monologue at the end that sounds hopeful.

      The Hilltop Arcade. Made with Bing Image Creator AI.

      Into the Square:
      I'm riding a CATA bus from college, but I don't know where I am going.
      I realize that I should pull the string to get off on the next stop and I find it on my right.
      There's a building nearby and I go in, thinking I would like to buy a t-shirt.
      Inside it looks like a mailroom, with a small square entryway in the center of the wall in front of me.
      I'm through the square hole now and I see my coworker J getting makeup done by a team on my left.
      He's sitting down in a chair in front of some lockers.
      It looks like a large locker room.
      My friend H from the Tots comes through the square hole, but she is mad at me.
      Somehow I have messed up the entryway, and she pulls out a banana peel from it.

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    8. Night of Tuesday 1/9/24 (Winter Comp Night 4)

      by , 01-10-2024 at 04:18 PM (Dreamlog)
      Coffee Splash:

      I'm in a long square-like room, sort of like a trailer.
      My Grandpa R has just died, and his casket is on display.
      I keep thinking that the body is going to stand up.
      Highly emotional feelings. My Dad is there with me.
      We're tasked to set the casket aflame in some ritual and we are hesitating to do it.
      Later in this process the casket goes down a serpentine system of pipes into fluid.
      Later I am in a huge banquet hall-like building, with a theater attached.
      I'm walking over to a concessions stand. I find a couple of fruits with barcode stickers and try to scan them.
      A woman nearby says that this cannot be bought, even though the scan goes through.
      I've come home to my current garage. There is a small circular folding table setup.
      My laptop is setup there, and my brother has an identical one setup for him next to it.
      My sister is with us as well.
      I'm having an argument with my brother. He thinks I'm being too easy-going, and not allowing our sister to mourn.
      This makes me angry, because I want to deal with grief my own way.
      I notice a cold mug of coffee on the table, and I splash it in his face.
      Trying to remove myself from the situation, I start to pick-up and leave.
      My brother grabs my laptop's power cord, preventing me from going.
      I wake up angry.

      Shooting for the Girl:

      I'm on a roadtrip with my girlfriend, her mom, and a young guy.
      The guy is a friend of my girlfriend's mom, and I suspect that she is positioning him as my replacement.
      I'm checking out at the counter, buying some snacks. I pay for the guy's food, trying to be cordial.
      He seems to appreciate it, not outwardly trying to steal my girlfriend. He is friendly.
      We leave and head outside. We are driving a large semi-truck.
      A middle-eastern looking man follows us outside and seems angry.
      He points out that I'm carrying wrappers, and going to make a mess in the car.
      I notice a dumpster nearby and try to basketball-shoot the crumpled wrappers into it.
      My shot is miserable. Embarrassed, I pick-up the clump and place it in the dumpster.
      I'm worried that bad shot just affected my chances against the guy.

      Game Night:

      I'm playing a Yu-Gi-Oh inspired card game with my girlfriend.
      Taking just a couple turns, I've already cleared her side of cards and attacking her life points.
      The values on the cards are in the single digits.
      Later I'm playing a mid-generation Pokemon game.
      Looks like it might have been DS or 3DS era, with animated 2D sprites.
      I'm controlling a Magneton, except it is made from four Magnemites instead of the usual three.
      I use an attack called Tetraelectro Blast or something similar.
      The animation has four distinct stages with accompanying sound.
      Basically, it looks accurate to the games.
      I'm in a Yu-Gi-Oh duel with someone in a large empty warehouse.
      The atmosphere is dark and foreboding.
      We have fully 3D virtual monsters, like in the show.
      My opponent has summoned the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.
      But it is multiplying. Four heads. Five heads. Six heads...
      It's the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Hydra now.
      The entire warehouse is filled with the oppressively huge heads and necks of the monster.
      This monster gets so comically large that I'm nearly trapped by the slithering necks moving around me.
      I see a light on my left side. I duck by one of the snaking necks and escape.

      The Blue-Eyes Ultimate Hydra. Made with Bing Image Creator AI.

      False Awakening:

      I wake up and start telling my girlfriend about the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Hydra.
      She has put a couple Monster Energy drinks on the foot of the bed for me.
      My room is perfectly rendered, down to the real-life detail that my girlfriend is up early for an important work meeting.
      I go over to the bathroom and look in the mirror.
      I see that my eyes are large and white, with the pupils faded like a blind person's.
      I start to freak out and wonder what is wrong!
      The eyes correct themselves after I blink a few times.
    9. Night of Saturday 1/6/24 (Winter Comp Night 1)

      by , 01-07-2024 at 07:15 PM (Dreamlog)
      Airport Anime:

      I'm at the airport, looking at myself in the mirror.
      I'm wearing three layers, t-shirt, hoody, and a large white jacket.
      I think about about how the jacket makes me look a lot bigger than I am, like an anime character.
      My Grandma P shows up, we are traveling together.
      We sit down at a table near our gate and she has some food ready.
      There is a brief interaction with another flier but I can't remember it.


      I'm in my childhood home in my old bedroom that I shared with my brother. The one with the wide window.
      The headset looks complex, with an irregular shape and jagged plastic pieces.
      I'm wondering how anyone understands how such a piece of technology works.
      My brother is here now.
      There is something wrong with the device and he is on the phone with tech support.
      They tell him to solder a section at the bottom.
      My brother says he already tried that, and the tech support guy says it is risky for hardware costing some $800.
      He tries it anyway, and that causes the screen to flicker. The device was now a face down computer monitor.
      My brother stands up the monitor, a success.
      I see a desert-themed World of Warcraft zone, maybe Orgrimmar.
      I remark that it is strange that he was working on live hardware.
      I'm in Orgrimmar in World of Warcraft, in travel form.
      I'm playing in a bit of a nostalgic way, not really trying to get good gear or anything, just visiting old places.
      My brother is here now. I'm showing him "the places where parts of me died".
      The first one is at a restaurant, where I supposedly used to work. I show him exactly the place I stood when part of me died.
      We leave the restaurant and my brother goes on ahead down an orange section of spiral rocks to the left.
      I notice a yellow "!" for a quest to the right and I go to do it.
      The quest giver is a human priest, wanting me to heal some warriors fighting nearby.
      It's a cookie cutter quest, so it was easy. The combat was scripted such that my spell would always heal the warriors at the last moment, allowing them to win.
      Then there is a follow-up, where I have to shoot a bow and arrow in first person through some rings, matching the number of rings the quest giver's arrow goes through.
      I get this one on the second try.


      I'm at my current home, hosting a party. My friend D shows up, and has a suitcase.
      Then M & A from the Tots, also with suitcases. And a few others yet.
      M makes a comment that he hates the game "Apples to Apples".

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    10. Night of Monday 1/1/24

      by , 01-02-2024 at 10:15 PM (Dreamlog)
      Reality Check Bait:

      I'm watching a livestream of Lucid Dream Portal.
      I've just described a dream in the chat to Daniel, where I had been performing a Linkin Park song.
      I'm telling Daniel that while reading the lyrics, I learned that I had been saying the wrong words for a long time.
      Also, Daniel was on stage singing with me.
      I'm posting a picture I edited, adding his face to the scene, into the stream chat.
      I second guess myself, wondering if this is too much.
      Daniel reacts to the picture and tries to put it up on the main stream view, but it isn't formatting correctly.
      It seems like he has a neutral reaction otherwise.
      Others in the chat started to spam "mature" images into the stream.
      Daniel starts to act strangely in response.
      I wonder if he is attempting to bait a reality check from the stream, but I wake up before I actually perform one.

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    11. Night of Wednesday 12/6/23

      by , 12-07-2023 at 11:50 PM (Dreamlog)
      Learning to Drive:

      It's night and I'm leaving a game night at JM's (Tots) house.
      I'm with EP from highschool combination rackets. Her dad is coming to pick us up.
      The car is a beat up old Expedition. We sit in the back.
      We get to EP's home and it is a small condo/apartment. It's dirty as well.
      I see a large smartwatch adhered to the wall, meant to act as a regular wall-clock.
      There is a bag of fast food on the ground. It might have been Firehouse Subs.
      Later I'm downtown somewhere that reminds me of Las Vegas. I'm near a parking structure stairwell.
      My girlfriend's Dad is supposed to meet us at a restaurant soon.
      There is some sort of event related to car sustainability going on.
      I'm at my high-school parking lot.
      I've just bought a brand new car, but my Dad is in the driver's seat.
      I'm very annoyed that he is trying to drive it before I do, so I ask him to give up the spot to me.
      He does, but when I get in, I notice that he has only partially moved out of it.
      He is sitting in the passenger seat, but his left leg is still under the wheel.
      I'm struggling to fit in the driver's seat, and my Dad is struggling to fit in the passenger seat.
    12. Night of Tuesday 12/5/23

      by , 12-06-2023 at 08:34 PM (Dreamlog)
      Fixing the Plant:

      I'm at my current home in waking life, out in the yard.
      I've started to plant something. I vaguely recall it may have been a hunk of meat.
      HM from the Tots and somebody else are there.
      I go back in the house for something and then return.
      The two of them have 'fixed' my attempt at potting the plant by adding sugar to it.

      Peachy Party:

      I'm at my Grandma's current basement. There is a party going on with a large group of people.
      There's a football team with blue and white colors I'm sarcastically following. I'm watching them play a game on my smartphone.
      The team is here now, and some of them are jocks. One of them is holding up a sign. It is all symbols.
      I intuitively understand it to mean "no girl delivery people." The symbol is a smiley face with long hair, circled with a line through it.
      Later I'm hooking up with Princess Peach at the same party. We are under a stairwell. It is pretty vivid.
      After the deed is done, we pass out on the floor, not concerned if anybody finds us.
      In the moment I consider this a chad-move.
      At some point in the night another person puts a blanket over the two of us.
      We wake up and it is revealed that someone has taken pictures of us during the act.
      The pictures are crudely edited, with cutouts over faces. I see us over by a TV center.
      We are both embarrassed that there is evidence now.
      I'm standing at another part of the room with YK from college.
      Lights are dark now, and the scene is more sinister.
      YK is scared that somebody is going to get him.
      He is trying to hide and I follow suit.
      I go to hide in a back area near the water heater, but YK tells me that hiding place is too obvious.
      I turn and go to find a new spot, but now I'm out in the open.
      I see my bike and my girlfriend's bike there, and I accidently bump into them.
      They make a loud noise as they fall.
      An old lady carrying what looks like a harpoon gun appears from the top of the stairs.
      I ask her why she is here.
      "I'm here to kill you," she replies simply.
      She points the gun at me, and I grab it, trying to point it away.
    13. Night of Tuesday 11/28/23

      by , 11-29-2023 at 04:50 PM (Dreamlog)
      Climbing to Stability:

      I'm at the canal where I exercised a lot earlier this year. It's the day time.
      I'm with my girlfriend and we are rising into the air.
      I'm holding a rope, and I indirectly perceive that she is holding onto me, or is with me in some other way.
      When I will it, a balloon floating up above inflates, which pulls the rope upward higher into the sky.
      My girlfriend and I ascend higher and higher into the sky, with the rope being only thing keeping the both of us from falling.
      I have an expectation that when we reach a certain height, a support will form so that we can be safe.
      Later I'm still with my girlfriend, but now we are more obviously on a date.
      We are at a sort of marketplace with indoor and outdoor sections.
      There is a central register desk with some clothes and other merchandise set-up around it.
      This feels sort of like a foreign country, with smaller roads and streets.
      I'm following her and I see that her hair is longer than it normally is.
      I'm now standing in my Great-Grandma's condo, looking at a picture of my girlfriend from the back.
      The visual is the same, with the longer hair. Essentially a screenshot. There is a second picture of her starting to turn around and look at the camera.
      I realize that my Great-Grandma has recently died (within the dream's story, not really) and I am there to help clean up the condo.
      I go to her bedroom and see that my brother and sister are there watching something on her old small TV. My brother is on a futon, and my sister is on a second bed.
      My Great-Grandma's bed is empty, but I hesitate to get on it because it looks dusty. Plus, the idea that she may have recently died in it spooks me.
      I sit on the second bed next to my sister and join the group.
      My sister asks if we can reorient the bed so that it is in line with the TV, rather than the side. I tell her "I sleep on my side anyway, so it works out."
      At some point later at the condo, I put on a VR headset.
      I'm now in an ocean inspired by the Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, with the cell shaded deep blue colors.
      This was some sort of MMO, with many other players occupying the ocean.
      I'm in a boat and controlling the world with my voice.
      I ask for an engine to be on the back of my boat, and it happens. My speed increases and the whine of the device whirs to life.
      I decide that I want to be funny, so I ask for the One-Piece straw hat to be on my head. I find a mirror-like surface to look, and it indeed has appeared.
      I pilot the boat over to a group of people and zoom past, while doing a poor King of the Hill accent "dang-ol-motor-boat-I-tell-you-hwat!"
      Eventually I reach what looks like a large garage door on the edge of the ocean.
      It's currently up, so I go beyond it. At some point I lose my boat behind it and get put back on the Ocean side, with the door now down.
      I'm not concerned about losing the boat, but I spy an island on the horizon that I want to swim to.

      Recorded after 7.5hrs of sleep.

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    14. Night of Wednesday 11/8/2023

      by , 11-10-2023 at 06:04 PM (Dreamlog)
      Went to bed around 11:30PM.

      Berries with the Tots:

      I'm with JM and JV from the Tots group. We're at a store modeled after the Pokémon Centers from various Pokémon games.
      There is a deli nearby in the same store selling lunchmeat, as well as Pokémon merchandise lining shelves on the walls.
      I'm looking at some berries, and the perspective changes such that I'm using a menu to scroll sideways through the different berry options.
      There are arrows up and down to change the quantity of berries to buy. There is a price that dynamically updates as well.

      Recorded at 5AM.

      Kitten in the Kitchen:

      I'm at a house. I get the impression it is a new thing, as in somebody has just bought it or started a rental arrangement.
      There is a front door area with a kitchen on the left. There is a mudroom type area on the right. The layout is vaguely similar to my parents' old home in northern Michigan.
      I'm standing in the kitchen near a plate with some food on it. There is a small kitten near the plate, attracted to the food.
      The kitten is black and longhaired, similar to how one of my cats from childhood, Oreo, used to look.
      I pickup the kitten to show it to my girlfriend who is in the kitchen nearby.
      I get the impression the situation is a 'meet the parents' type scenario.
      I'm with my Grandma P in a bedroom area from the same house.
      She seems to be sharpening chopsticks to resell as a business.

      Recorded at 6:45AM.

      254 words for the night.
    15. Night of Monday 10/30/23

      by , 11-02-2023 at 12:13 AM (Dreamlog)
      Went to bed around 12AM.

      Chaos Bird:
      I'm flying around an upscale looking restaurant as a red bird. I'm creating a scene.
      I see my therapist at a table, and see that he is eating a bowl of beans.
      I divebomb and flip the bowl on him so that it stains his clothes.
      I fly back up out of reach and search for my next target.
      People are yelling at me, trying to do something about me.
      I notice Jordan Peterson. I divebomb his food as well and mess up his day.
      I feel embarrassed, but at the same time justified.
      I get the impression that these people deserve it, and I should ignore feeling embarrassed.

      Recorded around 6:30AM.

      111 words for the night.

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