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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Night of Wednesday 12/6/23

      by , 12-07-2023 at 11:50 PM (Dreamlog)
      Learning to Drive:

      It's night and I'm leaving a game night at JM's (Tots) house.
      I'm with EP from highschool combination rackets. Her dad is coming to pick us up.
      The car is a beat up old Expedition. We sit in the back.
      We get to EP's home and it is a small condo/apartment. It's dirty as well.
      I see a large smartwatch adhered to the wall, meant to act as a regular wall-clock.
      There is a bag of fast food on the ground. It might have been Firehouse Subs.
      Later I'm downtown somewhere that reminds me of Las Vegas. I'm near a parking structure stairwell.
      My girlfriend's Dad is supposed to meet us at a restaurant soon.
      There is some sort of event related to car sustainability going on.
      I'm at my high-school parking lot.
      I've just bought a brand new car, but my Dad is in the driver's seat.
      I'm very annoyed that he is trying to drive it before I do, so I ask him to give up the spot to me.
      He does, but when I get in, I notice that he has only partially moved out of it.
      He is sitting in the passenger seat, but his left leg is still under the wheel.
      I'm struggling to fit in the driver's seat, and my Dad is struggling to fit in the passenger seat.
    2. Night of Tuesday 12/5/23

      by , 12-06-2023 at 08:34 PM (Dreamlog)
      Fixing the Plant:

      I'm at my current home in waking life, out in the yard.
      I've started to plant something. I vaguely recall it may have been a hunk of meat.
      HM from the Tots and somebody else are there.
      I go back in the house for something and then return.
      The two of them have 'fixed' my attempt at potting the plant by adding sugar to it.

      Peachy Party:

      I'm at my Grandma's current basement. There is a party going on with a large group of people.
      There's a football team with blue and white colors I'm sarcastically following. I'm watching them play a game on my smartphone.
      The team is here now, and some of them are jocks. One of them is holding up a sign. It is all symbols.
      I intuitively understand it to mean "no girl delivery people." The symbol is a smiley face with long hair, circled with a line through it.
      Later I'm hooking up with Princess Peach at the same party. We are under a stairwell. It is pretty vivid.
      After the deed is done, we pass out on the floor, not concerned if anybody finds us.
      In the moment I consider this a chad-move.
      At some point in the night another person puts a blanket over the two of us.
      We wake up and it is revealed that someone has taken pictures of us during the act.
      The pictures are crudely edited, with cutouts over faces. I see us over by a TV center.
      We are both embarrassed that there is evidence now.
      I'm standing at another part of the room with YK from college.
      Lights are dark now, and the scene is more sinister.
      YK is scared that somebody is going to get him.
      He is trying to hide and I follow suit.
      I go to hide in a back area near the water heater, but YK tells me that hiding place is too obvious.
      I turn and go to find a new spot, but now I'm out in the open.
      I see my bike and my girlfriend's bike there, and I accidently bump into them.
      They make a loud noise as they fall.
      An old lady carrying what looks like a harpoon gun appears from the top of the stairs.
      I ask her why she is here.
      "I'm here to kill you," she replies simply.
      She points the gun at me, and I grab it, trying to point it away.
    3. Night of Tuesday 11/28/23

      by , 11-29-2023 at 04:50 PM (Dreamlog)
      Climbing to Stability:

      I'm at the canal where I exercised a lot earlier this year. It's the day time.
      I'm with my girlfriend and we are rising into the air.
      I'm holding a rope, and I indirectly perceive that she is holding onto me, or is with me in some other way.
      When I will it, a balloon floating up above inflates, which pulls the rope upward higher into the sky.
      My girlfriend and I ascend higher and higher into the sky, with the rope being only thing keeping the both of us from falling.
      I have an expectation that when we reach a certain height, a support will form so that we can be safe.
      Later I'm still with my girlfriend, but now we are more obviously on a date.
      We are at a sort of marketplace with indoor and outdoor sections.
      There is a central register desk with some clothes and other merchandise set-up around it.
      This feels sort of like a foreign country, with smaller roads and streets.
      I'm following her and I see that her hair is longer than it normally is.
      I'm now standing in my Great-Grandma's condo, looking at a picture of my girlfriend from the back.
      The visual is the same, with the longer hair. Essentially a screenshot. There is a second picture of her starting to turn around and look at the camera.
      I realize that my Great-Grandma has recently died (within the dream's story, not really) and I am there to help clean up the condo.
      I go to her bedroom and see that my brother and sister are there watching something on her old small TV. My brother is on a futon, and my sister is on a second bed.
      My Great-Grandma's bed is empty, but I hesitate to get on it because it looks dusty. Plus, the idea that she may have recently died in it spooks me.
      I sit on the second bed next to my sister and join the group.
      My sister asks if we can reorient the bed so that it is in line with the TV, rather than the side. I tell her "I sleep on my side anyway, so it works out."
      At some point later at the condo, I put on a VR headset.
      I'm now in an ocean inspired by the Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, with the cell shaded deep blue colors.
      This was some sort of MMO, with many other players occupying the ocean.
      I'm in a boat and controlling the world with my voice.
      I ask for an engine to be on the back of my boat, and it happens. My speed increases and the whine of the device whirs to life.
      I decide that I want to be funny, so I ask for the One-Piece straw hat to be on my head. I find a mirror-like surface to look, and it indeed has appeared.
      I pilot the boat over to a group of people and zoom past, while doing a poor King of the Hill accent "dang-ol-motor-boat-I-tell-you-hwat!"
      Eventually I reach what looks like a large garage door on the edge of the ocean.
      It's currently up, so I go beyond it. At some point I lose my boat behind it and get put back on the Ocean side, with the door now down.
      I'm not concerned about losing the boat, but I spy an island on the horizon that I want to swim to.

      Recorded after 7.5hrs of sleep.

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    4. Night of Wednesday 11/8/2023

      by , 11-10-2023 at 06:04 PM (Dreamlog)
      Went to bed around 11:30PM.

      Berries with the Tots:

      I'm with JM and JV from the Tots group. We're at a store modeled after the Pokémon Centers from various Pokémon games.
      There is a deli nearby in the same store selling lunchmeat, as well as Pokémon merchandise lining shelves on the walls.
      I'm looking at some berries, and the perspective changes such that I'm using a menu to scroll sideways through the different berry options.
      There are arrows up and down to change the quantity of berries to buy. There is a price that dynamically updates as well.

      Recorded at 5AM.

      Kitten in the Kitchen:

      I'm at a house. I get the impression it is a new thing, as in somebody has just bought it or started a rental arrangement.
      There is a front door area with a kitchen on the left. There is a mudroom type area on the right. The layout is vaguely similar to my parents' old home in northern Michigan.
      I'm standing in the kitchen near a plate with some food on it. There is a small kitten near the plate, attracted to the food.
      The kitten is black and longhaired, similar to how one of my cats from childhood, Oreo, used to look.
      I pickup the kitten to show it to my girlfriend who is in the kitchen nearby.
      I get the impression the situation is a 'meet the parents' type scenario.
      I'm with my Grandma P in a bedroom area from the same house.
      She seems to be sharpening chopsticks to resell as a business.

      Recorded at 6:45AM.

      254 words for the night.
    5. Night of Monday 10/30/23

      by , 11-02-2023 at 12:13 AM (Dreamlog)
      Went to bed around 12AM.

      Chaos Bird:
      I'm flying around an upscale looking restaurant as a red bird. I'm creating a scene.
      I see my therapist at a table, and see that he is eating a bowl of beans.
      I divebomb and flip the bowl on him so that it stains his clothes.
      I fly back up out of reach and search for my next target.
      People are yelling at me, trying to do something about me.
      I notice Jordan Peterson. I divebomb his food as well and mess up his day.
      I feel embarrassed, but at the same time justified.
      I get the impression that these people deserve it, and I should ignore feeling embarrassed.

      Recorded around 6:30AM.

      111 words for the night.

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    6. Night of Thursday 10/5/23

      by , 10-06-2023 at 06:34 PM (Dreamlog)
      Went to bed around 12AM.

      AI Dream Augmenter
      I'm in bed telling S about a dream I just had.
      I have recorded it on my phone through voice, and an AI program augments it with video and sound.
      It's playing an anime-esque intro about me as a ninja.
      I think it is hilarious and cant wait to record more dream with it.

      Game Night
      I'm at my current home, though it is mixed with my parent's house from northern Michigan.
      We are sitting by the doorwall on the ground ready to play a board game. It might have been snowing outside.
      D, my brother, and my sister were among the group. Some of my sister's friends may have been there too.
      D is standing nearby with a big bowl of goldfish crackers.
      The game pieces are mixed with another game. There are red, white, and off-white. The game was Risk.
      My sister says they were playing something last night, to explain why they are mixed up.
      We start to unsort the pieces.

      Grandma's Mafia
      I'm at a mixture of my Grandma P's past houses. This one feels more like a compound.
      Currently upstairs in the guest room getting ready for a shower.
      My Uncle J calls for me before I can get in.
      I'm out on the patio. It's sunny.
      There is a wooden file organizer, and there are dollars sorted into smaller sections of it. I think I see a $1000 bill.
      A black lanky man approaches and I'm worried he'll attack me.
      Turns out he's just here for payment.
      I now 'know' the backstory that my Grandma P runs some mafia operation.
      I direct the man to my Grandma, because I don't know how to pay him.
      My Grandma P shows up, gives him some money and walks him out.
      My brother and sister are here now.
      My Grandma P gives me a see-thru golden ball, and there is a sudden urgency to deliver it to a safety shed nearby.
      I run to the shed, make it past a closing metal door, then a sharp turn inside, and another timed door.
      Shed is barren and musty, but more brown and orange hues from the sun bleeding through.
      There is a conveyer belt running through the shed, but it goes through a wall.
      There is a tiny opening to the room where the ball needs to go, but I can't fit.
      I'm out in the yard below the patio with my brother and my sister.
      We're talking about the big reveal that Grandma has been a mafia boss this whole time, and Uncle J too.
      It has been generational too. We talk about that and look at the muddy yard in front of us where some kids are throwing footballs around.
      I reach a troubling conclusion that this mafia info explains my Mom's death, and that she had been innocent.
      I see here briefly as a ghost, and she seems relieved that I understand.
      I'm hit with an intense sadness and I fall to the ground for a minute.
      My sister notices and asks if I'm OK. I lie, saying everything is fine, and move along.
      We reach the underside of the patio and enter a garden area.
      I'm carrying some garden wireframes of dogs.
      Grandma P is there, and she shrugs off our concerns about the situation, as if we disapproved of her new bingo meetup or something of similar caliber.
      We move up the stairs leading to the patio deck, and I hear an incessant bee or bug buzzing at my ear.
      I start slapping my arm at it, not wanting to be stung.

      All recalled/recorded on waking around 9AM.

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    7. Night of Tuesday 9/26/23

      by , 09-28-2023 at 06:15 PM (Dreamlog)
      Went to bed around 11:15PM.

      Moving On At Work
      I'm walking outside at work between buildings, heading away from my main one.
      There is an RV setup on a grassy hill where the stairs leading to the visitor meeting center normally is.
      My mentor B is there. Getting to see the RV is a sort of right of passage, according to the plot of the dream.
      Inside the RV there are a bunch of shoes hanging on the walls on all sides.
      There is a man inside the RV that says there is a chemical engineer van as well.
      J from marching band is there, and there is also a puppy nearby in the street.
      The puppy is smart, and J is playing frisbee with it.
      Later I'm walking back toward my building.
      I'm texting with E who used to work there too.
      She's talking about a 4th of July event with the group I recently missed.
      I send her some pictures of my girlfriend and I on a pirate ship, vacation.
      She's talks about how she is about to have her fourth kid.
      I get a sense of relief/closure.
      The path that normally leads to my building leads to a different building nearby.
      I'm late for a meeting and I've forgotten something. I decide not to go back for it.
      E is there now in person and clarifies that she's only having one kid.
      I tell her about W and how now I'm a twice uncle.
      The meeting room is located in a similar place, but it has two floors instead of one.
      I wake up and think about recording the dream and do so.

      Then I wake up for real and write down the dream.
      Recorded at 4:30AM.

      Something about deception, dwarves, and World of Warcraft.
      Recorded on waking at 7AM.

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    8. Night of Thursday 9/14/23 (Comp Night 14, Final) AMAZING LUCID!

      by , 09-15-2023 at 06:06 PM (Dreamlog)
      This is by far the best lucid I've ever had. Part of me was hoping that this WBTB would fail because then I would have 3/4 fails for 6hr/10m configuration for WBTB (and therefore a clear indication that I should try something else) but now I basically have 50-50 results with it. Sigh. At least the walk and extended waking RC session were different. Maybe that was the key.


      A vague impression of a field, like a fairground. Dragonball Z characters are there. Almost didn't count this because of how vague it was.

      I did everything the same as the previous 3 WBTBs (10 minutes and 8mg Galantamine). Except, I decided to take a walk this time. So I walked to the end of the street and back. It was nice. It's finally cooling off around here so the morning air was very pleasant. I spend the time outside walking thinking about "The Lucid Dreaming Portal" and his extended version of reality checks. I try to make the 10 minutes one long reality checking session of heightened awareness. I return to bed after that.


      Counters & Pizza
      I find myself waking up, and I think to do a nose-plug RC because I think it may have been long enough for a dream to form.
      I can breathe, I'm lucid. I double-check with a hand-RC and I see more than five fingers on my left hand. Dream verified.
      I get out of bed and rub my hands together to stabilize, but don't think to do more than that.
      I go down the hall into my living room and think about how while the teleporting may be challenging, I can still get points other ways.
      I think about how last time I licked a wall (and the judgement of the result) so I take a bite out of the edge of the counter.
      It's very hard on my dream teeth, and honestly I barely get any actually into my mouth. It tasted a bit like how dust smells, but hard to describe.
      Then I wonder if that is going to count, so I look for something else.
      Because my brain must believe I am a slob, there are two boxes of cold pizza on the counter nearby.
      One of the them is square-cut and resembles Jet's Pizza, which is one of my favorites from back home (they have one here in AZ but it is out of the way).
      I pick up a slice and bite in. It it super-hard like the counter was but I can still taste the tomato sauce. 1/10 do not recommend. Maybe the counter taste was still in my mouth.
      I feel the dream start to fade and I enter the void.

      Hugging the Goose
      I test out opening my eyes and they are heavy. Instead of doing that, I try to visualize my bedroom.
      This works. I get a feel for "dream-eyes" versus "real-eyes" that I didn't really understand before when people talked about it.
      I get up for another round.
      This time, I think about other things I haven't done yet, and I remember that I told my girlfriend in waking life that if I lucid dreamed about her I would give her a hug.
      So I call out to her "Goose! Where are you!" (I call her The Goose because she is basically the goose from Untitled Goose Game, nothing to do with Top Gun).
      No answer, but I find her in the living room. I walk up to her and give her a hug. She seems happy to get the hug
      I notice that there is a ring on the side table nearby, so I think that maybe I could use the ring to practice proposing to her.
      It was at this moment when I realized that I don't know what knee I'm supposed to kneel on.
      I start to feel the dream fading again.

      Great-Grandma and the Sledgehammer
      Back in the void. Not letting go yet. I visualize my hands in front of me and end up laying in my bed.
      Round three, back on my bullshit: Time for the Elusive Fantasy Forest™.
      I walk out of my bedroom once again and start looking for ways to teleport.
      My girlfriend is there in the living room and I think to try out Saiz's advice.
      "Hey Goose, is the elusive fantasy forest behind me?"
      "...NO!" she says resolutely.
      So much for that. Maybe I can try something else. I remember Lang's advice and go into the kitchen.
      I open the fridge and shove my face in. I try to visualize a green swirling portal inside.
      Despite seeing a weak green glow at the back and spending some time with my face in the fridge among the food, no luck. Damn.
      I look around for other options. I notice a closet door that isn't normally there. It's white and has a yellow-colored metal handle with a spiral design on it.
      It is identical to the ones from my Grandma's and Great-Grandma's homes growing up. I enter.
      Inside is a small room with white tiling from the floor all the way up the walls and ceiling. The door has disappeared behind me.
      I see the tiles start to fall off, revealing new tile beneath. As the tiles fall,
      ♫ music ♫ starts to play.
      Yep. My brain is hilarious. The tiles are slowly revealing the Banjo-Kazooie title screen.
      Guess I'm not going to be trapped in a nightmare room, but rather a weird one. Thanks for that brain.
      As the scene is revealed, there are more than Banjo-Kazooie characters there.
      There is some other animated character that is more sinister. Reminds me a bit of Freddy Fazbear, but less horror-themed.
      Banjo and Kazooie are being chased by this character.
      I still don't have a way out. This is all so silly.
      I decide to try out old reliable. The Kamehameha. It's old reliable because it worked for me exactly one time in a lucid dream as a child.
      I get into the iconic pose and start...
      "Kuhhhhhhhhh...mayyyyyyyyyy.....haaaaaaaaaa....... mayyyyyyyyyy.......HUHHHHH!"
      I see a blue energy swirl in my hands, but it doesn't shoot.
      I think it might be because I said "KUH-MAY-HA-MAY-HUH" (which I think is the correct pronunciation) as opposed to the way I've always said it "KA-MAY-HA-MAY-HA". Brain didn't like that, I guess.
      I start to panic a little.
      As if in response, I hear someone yelling from outside the room.
      "I'm gonna help you out! Don't worry I'll come back quick!"
      It's my Great-Grandma (who has long since passed away).
      I turn back to where the door was, and the wall blocking my way is gone.
      I see my Great-Grandma in the living room carrying a seriously heavy looking sledge-hammer.
      I tell here that I am OK and she seems content.
      The dream starts getting unstable again.

      Back in the void. Nope. Not waking up just yet. This time, it feels like I am in a valley between my mattress on one side and the lowered section of the bed-frame on the other.
      I visualize my arms and hands in front of me and the dream pieces back together again. Back in my bedroom.
      Round four. Still on my bullshit, looking for the EFF™.
      I think it might be a good idea to get out of the house so I head to the living room again.
      This time there is a knock at the front door. I open it and there is a woman there I don't really recognize.
      She's a little overweight (but not excessively) and her skin is a bit tan. She has short reddish hair.
      She has a friend with her but I don't really register her.
      I wonder if this is an opportunity to earn more points. I decide to try out some DC-control.
      "You're going to bend over on the couch." I tell her.
      "OK." she agrees without any hesitation.
      Fun activities ensue.

      Spoiler for Spicy Content:
      The dream starts to fade once again.

      Silverlight Way
      It's a bit of a struggle, but I manage to come back one more time.
      I find myself in the same bed-valley as before.
      Round five. Same approach but now I actually manage leave through the front door.
      It's fall outside, which isn't a season that exists in AZ in waking life. I enjoy the orange fall leaves.
      Other than the impossible season, it looks accurate to my neighborhood.
      There is an old man standing near my driveway. He's wearing a tracksuit and has short white hair.
      I refocus back on the mission.
      "Hey man, do you know where the enchanted forest is?"
      "Oh! You mean Silverlight Way? It's over that way!" he says excitedly. He has a slight southern accent that I find appealing.
      He points up past the houses across the street and over the horizon.
      Jesus Fucking Christ. It's real and it has a name! Silverlight Way!
      "Can you take me there?" I ask.
      "Well, can you fly?" he says, like flying is as trivial as knowing how to play chess or something.
      He starts to float five feet or so in the air and I follow suit.
      Feet are freedom units, from 'Murica. For our non-American readers, this translates to about 1.5 meters.
      We start to fly in the vague direction he identified. As we go up, I see the road up ahead. It looks like San Francisco and its hilly streets. Still a beautiful fall-themed landscape.
      We enter a town-like area and the old man uses telekinesis while flying on what I assume to be his car. A red sedan. It rises up into the air with us.
      There is a large cube-like package tied to the bottom of the car as it floats.
      He slides the package off the sedan and into a garage (since this is like San Francisco, the garage is on a slant going down away from the street) and then flies to the car's door as it opens on its own.
      The old man is driving the car through the sky now, and I sit down in the front-passenger seat.
      I see there is a teenage boy with mid-length black hair sitting in the front-middle seat. I understand that he is my brother and he is paralyzed.
      He doesn't look like my waking life brother though. I start to wonder if this is meant to be some alternate reality, where the old man is my dad and this boy is my brother.
      Later the car is back down on the road, and there is a group of people walking on the sidewalk. They are wearing hoodies and look a bit like they could kick my ass.
      "Let's see, there are one-two-three-four-five-six-seven, seven people there. You could get like, thirty-five points if you get them all," I tell the old man sarcastically.
      Our old man then proceeds swerve and pretend to runover all these people.
      I tell him that we probably shouldn't actually hit the people. Then, the passenger door opens and my 'paralyzed' brother climbs over me and jumps out. Guess he is feeling better.
      I slide out the door as well (no seatbelts in this dream ya'll), and the old man flies off into the Autumn horizon. No Silverlight Way for me. God. Damn. It.
      I find myself on some concrete steps going up near a building.
      All alone, I think to myself. Just a guy, with the ability to fly and unlimited god-like dream powers...whatever will I do?!?!
      Despite this proclamation, I can feel the dream starting to fade again. Not so god-like, it turns out.

      School Conference
      Plot-twist, not a false-awakening this time.
      Now I'm in a school. It looks like one of my engineering classrooms from college.
      My coworker B is there, and a few others. They are all discussing the epic lucid dreams we just had.

      I become lucid again, because I realize these are my dream characters and they all remember the lucid dreams because of that fact.
      I can feel that this dream is very unstable though and I let it fade. I've surely already forgotten details and I need to record.

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    9. Night of Monday 9/11/23 (Comp Night 11)

      by , 09-12-2023 at 07:25 PM (Dreamlog)
      Went to bed around 11:30PM.

      Romantic Confusion
      I'm at a park. It is reminiscent of the one where we celebrated my sister's birthday many years ago.
      I'm with my girlfriend's dad. He is cooking some beef roast on the grill.
      The meat is a sphere cut into sections and it stands up on its own. Like a mandarin orange.
      I get the impression that he wants to know about whether I am going to propose to my girlfriend or not.
      I feel guilty for being unable to answer him yet.
      There is a medical facility on the edge of the park. It's white, clean, sterile. Like a lab.
      I'm inside a bar-like section now and I'm with my Uncle J, taking his and a few others' pizza order.
      There are 3 or 4 styles of pizzas ordered overall and I am struggling to remember it all.
      To put the order in, I had to travel through the facility, which had indoor and outdoor sections.
      On the way there I chat with someone about how the layout of this place is stupid, particularly the unfinished outdoor sections.
      I make it to another bar section, having entirely forgotten about the order, and I have a beer in my hand.
      My friend H is there. She expresses romantic interest in me but as she is saying it, a drunk person stumbles between us creating a lot of noise.
      The sound covers her speech, but I still hear it. She pretends the noise prevented me from hearing it.
      I'm relieved, because I'm not sure how to react.
      Later a young Asian man, who clearly leads his group of friends, comes over to me.
      "Dude, did you see how cute she was? You have to say something!"
      "I have a girlfriend man," I say.
      He makes an overly animated expression with his hands while making an agitated noise, which I take to mean "You should weigh your options."
      Later I encounter H in the bathroom, which doesn't make a ton of sense.
      For some reason, we know we are supposed to mark locations on the urinal with a marker.

      Recorded around 5:00AM. Near the end of sleep cycle 3.

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    10. Night of Sunday 9/10/23 (Comp Night 10)

      by , 09-11-2023 at 09:18 PM (Dreamlog)
      Went to bed around 11:15PM.

      Reunion of The Twist
      I'm in my middle school's gym during an assembly.
      I'm in the audience wearing a college t-shirt.
      I think to myself that I wish I would have dressed with something better (like my trusty red flannel) and showered.
      We're watching a ceremony on-stage, where my brother and sister are being honored as part of a larger group.
      Moments later, my brother is down by me in the audience wearing a similar college t-shirt as me, but I don't notice the discrepancy.
      I wonder why he isn't wearing his college's version of the t-shirt.
      The event reminds me of a band concert, they had instruments.
      Later we have rotated and are watching a different group of people. We are seated now.
      EC from highschool is seated in front of me.
      Awkwardly, my legs are spread apart, and he is sitting between them.
      I can feel my balls touching his back. Lovely. He doesn't seem to care or notice.
      The performers are now making an arc, again, like in band.
      I can recall that GW from band stretches forward to us, like a cartoon character (similar to how Monkey D. Luffy does from One Piece, especially in Gear 5 form).
      RW, her older brother and friend of mine, is by me now. He's excited to see her being honored.
      GW regards me, saying hello, but I get the distinct impression she was only saying so out of obligation.
      Then she stretches back to the arc, with a reverberating snap noise.
      I noticed that the bari sax players were playing without their mouthpieces on. But I don't pickup on that being especially strange.
      EC points out that they are doing a special trick with the brass, as if to explain what I noticed as normal and avoid suspicion on my part.
      Sure enough, the are moving in rhythm, doing a choreographed twist move, with the trombone players.
      They pick up their mouthpieces from somewhere out of view.
      They play a short melody with their mouthpieces only (which is high-pitched and funny to listen to) and then put them onto their instruments.
      The formal event ends and turns into more of a social.
      My brother meets up with BY and they talk about dad stuff. BY gives my brother this tablet made out of rose flower vines.
      It's not like an iPad, more of a clipboard or ornament.
      It's a strange item, but it seems to have a sort of value to it.
      The plot of the dream has changed at this point, where my girlfriend and I are now at the event together.
      AG, from my more recent friend group, is now there with us too.
      My girlfriend senses that I am exhausted from being social for this long, so she is looking for an excuse for me to leave.
      AG suggests that we check out a local escape-room called The Twist, where there is an obstacle course that looks fun.
      I tell him that my knee is still recovering, so it would probably be a bad idea.
      Within the plot of the dream, I then recall that last-year (or a previous reunion-type event like this one), there was an emergency lockdown.
      During that lockdown, I was with AG, and we left the emergency lock-down room to go to the bathroom.
      Now, in the present, we are in that bathroom, talking at the urinals about going to The Twist soon.
      I look in the mirror, and I am wearing a hat. I lift that hat and see that my hair is thin. Starting to recede. Great. I put the hat back on.
      There is a rotating cylinder on the floor near a sectioned off area, presumably an obstacle similar to one from The Twist.
      I test it out and my knee does OK, which I tell AG means that I can go to The Twist with him so long as the other obstacles aren't worse.
      He tells me that I should still go, but just skip the bad ones, and we can go get the girls to come along as a group.
      We left the bathroom and head back to the main assembly room where we were earlier.
      Now there is a large lit-up horizontal limbo pole crossing the entire room that we have to pass. We do so easy enough.
      AG jokes that if we can't find the girls we should just get GP (the other guy in our group of couples) and leave without them.
      We make our way to the exit, and outside the gym door is my Grandma M's condo outdoor area.
      I see a trash can that isn't normally there. It is overflowing with McDonald's bags and transparent extra-large iced coffee cups.
      I sarcastically give a salute and say "GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!"
      "How much money must McDonalds make, if it is like this every day?!" I say to myself.
      AG gets into his car, and drives to The Twist. For some reason, I decide to take a nap by a "For Sale" sign next to the condo and the trash can.
      When I wake up, AG is gone and inexplicably, there is gravel in my shoes. I don't care about this or consider it odd in any way.
      Because dream-logic do be like that sometimes.
      I think that I should find my girlfriend and tell her about the plan to meet at The Twist.
      I go back to the event, and enter through my Great-Grandma's condo (Grandma M and Great Grandma's condos were actually in the same neighborhood in waking life, just a few condos apart).
      This time, it is actually her home inside the door.
      There is a young boy there playing a rhythm video game that involves a cat.
      He seems embarrassed to be seen playing the game.
      I went toward the back of the condo where the bedrooms are. The layout is reversed, such that the kitchen has swapped sides with the bedroom.
      I don't notice the discrepancy, and correctly move to the bedroom area.
      There's a new door (doesn't exist in waking life) that connects the condo to the neighboring one.
      I can hear there is another family in that condo playing a Legend of Zelda game.
      I wake up with the impression that my girlfriend might have been in the guest room with another man, potentially against her will. Anxiety ensues.
      Either way, no bueno.

      Recorded at 3:30AM. Late sleep cycle 3.

      Walking down a shore looking for something. Sky is gray. Ambience is somber, muggy weather.
      It reminds me of Darkshore from World of Warcraft.

      Redridge Hotel
      I'm playing World of Warcraft with the boys on Discord.
      It's getting to be about time to log-off.
      I recall that ahead of time I had changed the music that will play in the Redridge zone. It now plays a song about change.
      It was supposed to be funny, but outside the context of the dream, I have no clue why.
      Maybe it was that the 10 minute plus track was replaced with a short 30 second one.
      I was waiting for the group to notice that the music had been replaced.
      The joke doesn't land. Oh well. What's new, eh?
      We reach the main bridge, and it is broken.
      I try to justify within the plot of the dream that, the bridge breaking was part of the Cataclysm expansion.
      I don't notice the discrepancy that we are playing Classic World of Warcraft, so the bridge should be in tact. Since it doesn't break anyway in waking life.
      I jump off the side of the bridge and get the group to watch.
      My gnome avatar safely lands in the water.
      Then I head to the inn to logout and get that sweet sweet rest xp.
      As I walk in, I'm holding a gnome toy, and the inn is a real hotel room.
      I put the toy down and "tuck him in" as a joke over some chairs.
      I went around the room and locked the doors.
      I see some messages on BattleNet from my brother, where he had gotten notifications from when I played with my display resolution settings.
      This was an accident, not sure why he was getting notifications for that. I try to explain to him that it has to do with having two monitors.
      My brother is now in the room next door, and they are connected through a door as well as an open section near the far-end of the room.
      My brother tells me there is an inspector that is coming and I should clean up.
      I shrug him off and say that "Whatever. If he finds something, he finds something."

      Recorded at 7:30AM. Mid sleep cycle 6.
    11. Night of Friday 9/8/23 (Comp Night 8) Lucid!

      by , 09-09-2023 at 04:55 PM (Dreamlog)

      Frieza from Dragonball Z is at a Home Depot store.
      Recorded at 5AM, at the beginning of sleep cycle 5.


      During my 10 minutes of wake-time, I planned what I would do if I had a false awakening at my home. After taking the 8mg Galantamine and using the bathroom, I walked down the hall doing my series of reality checks. Then I rubbed my hands together. I also decided I should interact with the environment in some way, so I licked the wall. Yep. Gotta commit man. I wander around the house a bit, and decided I should find ways to teleport to the forest (step one of "The Plan"). I decide that I will summon an image of a forest on the living room TV and then step through it. Path forward established and my 10 minutes spent, I was content to lay down in bed. I tossed around for awhile and thought about just about every current life problem I have. Maybe I was too awake. After what felt like forever, I finally drifted off. No WILD though unfortunately.


      Seeking The Elusive Fantasy Forest™
      I'm waking up in my bed, and I immediately think to check for a false awakening.
      I can breathe through my plugged nose.

      I'm dreaming!
      I decided to cycle through some more RCs just in case.
      I look at my hands, and I have far more than five fingers on each hand. Yep. Dream.
      I tried to see my nose on the left and right sides and I can. So according to that check I am awake.
      To be fair I've never done that RC before so I didn't really know what to expect.
      I default back to another nose-plug RC and I can still breathe. Definitely dreaming.
      I recalled my plan from the WBTB prep, so I rubbed my hands and licked the wall. Yep.
      It tasted like the real wall. Like paint.
      I then find myself back in bed. Another false awakening.
      I repeat the RCs, but this time my vision isn't quite coming to me.
      I try to will my eyes to work. Nope.
      I say "Heal my eyes!" It works a little bit. I say "HEAL MY EYES TIMES 1000!" It works a bit more.
      This goes on for some time, and I'm getting annoyed.
      I recall another technique where I "take off glasses I didn't know I was wearing".
      I do this and clarity improves a lot.
      Eventually my vision stabilizes to the point where I can focus on other things. Like my goals.
      I can recall "The Plan" in it's entirety. Step one is to teleport to the fantasy forest.
      I wander over to my living room, which now resembles a mixture of my actual living room and my friend M's.
      My girlfriend S is there on the couch. I decide to play it cool and not tell her this is a dream.
      Instead I say "Oh hello! How are you? I'm going into the TV now!"
      I don't recall actually going through the TV, so I may have wandered away.
      I find myself lucid in the garage later. I'm looking around for the Elusive Fantasy Forest™.
      I look down, and hope that when I look up, the forest will be on the other side of the open garage door.
      Vivid green grass and neighborhood. At least that is consistent. It looks similar to how it did in my previous lucids.
      I checked around the garage some more, looking for a door or something else I can use to teleport.
      I find a storage cabinet and try to teleport Narnia-style, but no luck.
      I lose my focus for a bit, and I end up walking out of the garage door and preparing to fly.
      I kick off the ground hard and take flight. I specifically notice that my right leg doesn't hurt as I jump (In waking life I am recovering from surgery so jumping is normally out of the question).
      I zoom around and enjoy the view. The grass looks even more vivid from up here. It takes on a pastel-like painting aesthetic.
      As I take in the view I come to a realization.
      There is nothing other than vivid green grass and dots of homes that look like legos from this high up, for as far as my eyes can see.
      Maybe the reason I can't find my forest is because this entire goddamn dream-plane is a neighborhood.
      I zoom around some more, and find myself using air-swimming to control finer turns. Haven't tried that before.
      Also unusual, I land without losing lucidity. I remember that I still need to try this stupid teleporting thing.
      I'm back at my garage now and I remember reading a tutorial somewhere on DV about "scrolling the world".
      So I raised my hand as if I was about to swipe the world like an image in my phone pictures gallery, not really expecting this to work.
      Except, against dream-rules, it does work despite my negative expectation. The entire world, my current view of it anyway, swipes to the left, and a new image slides in from the right, teleporting me somewhere new.
      But of course, not the elusive Fantasy Forest™.
      I see a big, vivid, blue ocean in front of me. The waves are almost caramel-like. They move too slowly. In other words, their viscosity is higher than it should be. They crash down lazily.
      My family may have been there too, I can recall my Dad being present for sure.
      I briefly consider exploring the bottom of the ocean because who knows what my brain would put there!
      But I ignore the ocean and my family: I am on a mission dammit!
      I turn to walk away from the ocean and I notice it is raining behind me, and there is a forest in the distance.
      But then a car drives by in front of it. IT ISN'T A FANTASY FOREST! IT'S A REGULAR PRESENT DAY FOREST!
      I start to think about other ways to reach the forest. In particular, I imagined it might be easier to seek out a campfire and go from there.
      But despite my best efforts, before I reach the Elusive Fantasy Forest™ I find myself waking up, thinking I should try to record before I lose memory of this dream.
      I wake.

      Recorded at 7:45AM.

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    12. Night of Wednesday 9/6/23 (Comp Night 6)

      by , 09-07-2023 at 05:13 PM (Dreamlog)
      Riding the Mountains
      I'm in a parking lot, leaving a grocery store. It's day.
      There is a man in his car parked nearby talking on the phone. He's arguing with someone about the price of apples.
      I remember working hard to get the math right in my head, but it comes slowly.
      He says that there are six apples with six servings at six dollars each divided by twelve, or something similar.
      It's night now and I'm approaching my car.
      The building has changed from a grocery store to something that reminds me of my Dad's friend's home remodeling business.
      I enter my car and start it up.
      I see my Dad outside the car he says "The weather here could be storming or worse, and it doesn't even phase you! You've got your windows down all the time!"
      I remember thinking something along the lines of "It's really hot where I live, storms aren't exactly an issue" but I don't think I replied.
      I start to drive away, but I have problems actually leaving the parking lot.
      I can't seem to orient the car to face the proper direction.
      I drive down a path leading behind the building to try and find a place to turn around.
      I do find one and finally re-orient the car. I have to nick the side of my car on a nearby electrical box to achieve this.
      Now I'm progressing along the path I came, but it is different.
      It goes up where it didn't before into a mountainous region.
      There is rocky tan-colored mud that is causing the car to slip and slide.
      It starts to cake onto my car.
      My perspective zooms out, and I'm watching my car go through crazy jumps and maneuvers through the mountains.
      The car eventually crashes and flips, so I am sent back to the beginning.
      It repeats the course but lands on its wheels this time.
      My perspective shifts again. Now's I'm standing, and the car is a toy that I can pick up.
      I do so and walk the rest of the way up the red rocks on the mountain.
      My Dad is at the top laying in a bed. He is surprised that I made it up here.
      The room we are in reminds me of the sky room from the bottom of the narrow concrete hole from the Game Grumps dream on 9/2/23.

      Recorded at 4:55AM, just after sleep cycle 4.

      Dancing in the Store
      It's my birthday, and we are in my childhood bedroom. I'm on the far end of the room (If you turn right as you enter and go all the way).
      There is an electrical outlet and it has a bunch of game system minis daisy-chained together with USB wires and ports.
      I can recall at least a PlayStation 2, but there were more of them.
      My brother and my friend D are on the other side of the room.
      A third person at the party is setting up some game for us to watch him play.
      He has two tablets, the second one folds and is acting as a keyboard for a laptop, while the top tablet is the screen.
      There are some pillows and armchair-pillows on the floor and we are all settling in to watch him play whatever this game is.
      The room now resembles my Grandma P's sitting den. I'm laying on the floor and I'm the last one up.
      We are driving to the store to get a cake.
      I get up to join the rest of the group in the car.
      I'm in a big white van, the one we just road-tripped on to go to Denver a few weeks ago in waking life.
      I'm opening the side door, and asking the driver to slow down so I can close it easily.
      The driver ignores that request, so I jump out and try to slam it shut as best I can as I jump.
      I land in the grass in a neighborhood. It's a sunny day.
      I walk past a man having a yard-sale. He has a bunch of tables he is trying to sell.
      As I walk by he says "Hey there! Whaddya think?!"
      I tell him "They look great! But I'm not in the market."
      He accepts this answer but seems a little disappointed.
      I keep walking and enter another open garage.
      I feel a bit guilty at first for invading, but then I realize that the building is kitted-out to be a store anyway.
      There are shoes covering the walls with tiny labels with prices on them.
      I'm not lucid, but I decide that I want to find a cute girl and dance with her.
      I start to clear out an area at the back of the store, moving TVs, chairs, and other furniture.
      As I do this, a mousey-looking girl with glasses shows up and starts to watch me.
      I realize she is watching, so I make a show about lifting the heavy things easily, and throwing them such that they flip and land right-side up.
      When I'm done, I tell here "We're going to dance!" and she agrees.
      While I don't know anything about dancing in waking life, apparently dream-me knows at least the basics.
      We dance for a while, and then the girl decides to reward me by getting on her knees.
      The store has changed into a work area. There are some tables with PC setups on them, similar to a computer lab.
      There's not enough room to comfortably place my legs.
      I'm working at my designated spot, but I sneak to a nearby one that I like better.
      Later on the tables are gone but there is a long-table in the center of the room.
      It now resembles more of a conference room than a computer lab.
      There is a TV on the wall everyone is watching.
      Some major news is happening. Feels like a 9/11 scale event.
      Former President George W. Bush is at the table among the group.
      A little girl at the table says "Why can't we just call all the Presidents dumb?"
      George W. Bush replies "Well, there used to be less of them, and now there are more and they are all stupid!"
      Which doesn't make sense, but the spirit of what he's saying is that things were better under him, of course.

      Recorded at 6:39AM, just after sleep cycle 5.

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    13. Night of Saturday 9/2/23 (Comp Night 2)

      by , 09-03-2023 at 09:00 PM (Dreamlog)
      The REM rebound is real

      The Stylin' Spider Boss
      I'm in a Zelda boss arena that reminds me of the Wizzrobe battle in Stone Tower Temple from Majora's Mask.
      The boss is a large spider-like creature, and the solution is to shoot it in the eye.
      It drops arrows periodically, in case the player runs out.
      Later I'm in another Zelda boss arena. This time it is like Stallord's from Twilight Princess, but with a forest theme.
      The boss is a spider-like creature, with long spindly legs. It might be the same one from before.
      My girlfriend S has painted the legs purple and put converse shoes on the legs.
      Zoro from One Piece is resting against the locked boss door, watching the battle.
      He's saying something to Usopp, also from One Piece.

      It's night-time on a modern-military boat.
      Jiraiya from Naruto is leaning over the railing on the front of the deck.
      Some conversation has just happened, had to do with passing responsibility on to the next generation.

      Basement Fort
      I'm in a large basement, fully completed. A young boy is using it as his room.
      It reminds me of Grandma P's current basement.
      The boy has built a fort out of blankets, sheets, and chairs. He reminds me of S's cousin J.
      There is a set of locks in the sheets, where the keys would open the door. There are 5 or 6 of them.
      My sister's boyfriend N and my Dad are there.
      They are hanging out on a large sitting area, with half-circles of leather couches facing a TV.
      This section of the basement looks like the one from the home I grew up in.
      My brother A has just returned from travel. He is carrying a lot of luggage and seems overbeared.
      But he is handling it.

      Fun commentary here...my brother has a young boy due any day now. I don't really believe in premonition, but maybe this dream is saying that he will be OK?

      I'm at a wedding ceremony. Anju and Kafe from Majora's Mask are getting married.
      They are thanking me for helping them with jobs around town that got them to this point.
      There is another person at the wedding who is trying to have me arrested for meddling.

      The Arcade on Top of the Hill
      I'm in a big hilly place. There is an arcade-hotel at the top of a large hill.
      I'm now at the arcade. Lots of lights and sounds.
      I run into Arin Hanson from Game Grumps.
      I tell him I'm a big fan and he decides to hang out with me.
      We walk around the arcade a bit and then leave through a back-door.
      We're outside, back in the hilly area. There is a concrete floor, with a hole and a ladder leading down.
      He says we have to go down there.
      I tell him I can't because of my knee.
      The hole shrinks, such that a person could just barely fit.
      I try to squeeze through, but I can't.
      I think that maybe using some oil would work.
      I remember there is a train I need to catch.

      I really am recovering from knee surgery, so I was aware enough to reflect that here.

      I can recall a fleeting image of a sky palace area, where paradoxically, the hole from the previous dream would lead.

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    14. Night of Wednesday 6/14/23 (Comp Night 14)

      by , 06-15-2023 at 07:18 PM (Dreamlog)
      I didn't get the WILD or dream control I was hoping for, but there is a lot of recall here...so that's a plus!

      Before WBTB

      Sci-Fi Feeding Time
      It's dark, night-time at a stable on a farm.
      There are horse-like creatures and other monsters in sci-fi fleshy body bags.
      Some of the horse-creatures are sitting on their backsides...and have huge upright dongs.
      Like straight up into the air, 3ft diameter and 5ft high...
      Someone is showing me how they care for the creatures.
      They have one mature creature chew up food and spit it out.
      Then they collect the mush and feed it to the younger ones.

      The whole situation is very strange and I kinda wish I would've forgotten this one.

      Fireshots and Frogskins
      I'm in a team at Hogwarts and we are in the middle of magic combat with another group.
      They are Slytherins or otherwise dark magic users.
      It isn't a friendly duel, they are trying to hurt us.
      I shoot some fire attacks at one of them and set their robes on fire.
      I remark that the spell was meant for aesthetic uses, but very useful here.
      I shoot off some stupefies and experlliarmises, and notice that I have multiples wands and they break as I'm shooting.
      They sort of snap like twigs.
      It feels similar to how durability works in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
      Later I'm in a downstairs living space or maybe a lab.
      Mr. Weasley is there. He has a big frog creature. About 1ft tall.
      I'm wanting the frog's shed-skin shell from him.
      There is also information I'm needing. There was another person I was planning to bribe with the skin-shell.
      But I realize that Mr. Weasley has the same info.
      The room looks like my childhood kitchen now, with Mr. Weasley standing near the sink.
      I ask him for the info, and indicate my understanding that I don't need to bribe him.
      He pauses, gives me a look, sarcastically pauses...maybe a bribe IS needed...
      But then gives me the info.

      Cave Battle
      JM from work and I are planning a dangerous trip to get treasure.
      Later we arrive at the site.
      I'm in an underground cave with a large rock blocking the entrance above.
      Similar to a bombable wall from Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
      There is a horde of orcs/goblin creatures above the wall chasing me. JM is above as well.
      I'm searching the cave for the treasure. The monsters are getting closer to opening the rock.
      I start to look for a weapon instead. I find a bow, but the arrows with it are dull.
      They break through. I try to hide.
      3 goblins make their way to the back cave chamber where I am at.
      They chase me around the room and shoot arrows at me, I try to grab fallen arrows to fight back desperately.
      J!!! HELP!!! I scream.
      He shows up and helps me fight.

      After WBTB
      I head back to bed and focus on the forest I want to WILD into. I wait a long time, and multiple alarms go off interrupting my attempt. I eventually slip off to sleep without a WILD.

      False Awakenings
      I'm in my bedroom, thinking that I've wasted my time for the last day of comp.
      Crap. I do a half-hearted nose reality-check just to be sure...

      And I'm dreaming! But it fades quickly into another false awakening.
      This happens a few times, but I never get real control of the dreams.
      Only counting it as one dream because it all was sort of a blur.

      Hey, You, You're Finally Awake
      I have metal chains binding my arms together and I'm riding a cart through some valley.
      I'm a prisoner, similar to the opening of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.
      My right eye is bound shut somehow and I can't find a way to move my body to free it.
      I think about how maybe I'm sleeping with my eye covered...

      I must be dreaming!
      Despite being lucid, I can't do anything to free my eye.

      When I woke up, I confirm that my right eye was, in fact, lodged into my pillow. Go figure.

      Carpet Shower
      I'm at my Grandma P's old house (the one with the big upstairs area and Jack/Jill bathroom).
      My dad owns it now. He's talking to his friend about how great blowjobs are. I mean, I can't argue with the man.
      There is a stuffed animal on a chair alone in one of the rooms. I don't see the significance of it, if any.
      I'm searching for a shower and I find one in the middle of one of the big bedrooms over the carpeting.
      It doesn't strike me as strange that a faucet is right in the middle of the bedroom wall.
      I start to shower up, but my Dad interrupts me and I have to leave the room.

      Unexpected Assist
      I'm in an apartment similar to H and A's from a few years back.
      We're down some stairs. H is giving me a strange look and I feel like she is into me.
      Her and my girlfriend S are aware of my WBTB and WILD attempts, and are trying to help.
      They set up a bed for me with a stuffed animal to help me sleep.

      Panther Dinner Time
      I'm in a fancy restaurant sitting outside. It reminds me of where we sat and got ice cream in Disneyland/California Adventure.
      There is a large panther approaching the seating area.
      It's aggressive and the crowd freaks out.
      Then a man appears from out of the crowd and seems to know the panther.
      He commands it, and manages to get it to jump onto a nearby brick wall and hang there.
      The situation is resolved.

      Medium workout
      Light dinner
      Bed on time
      6hr/30m WBTB
      Yuschak Primary Trigger (8Mg Galantamine, 250Mg Choline Bitartrate)

      So I still didn't get the result I was hoping for. There were some alarms my girlfriend had go off during the attempt, but I'm not sure I can 100% blame those for the failure. I think that given the challenge of falling asleep once again, 30m might be too long of a wake period. Intent was 20m, but by the time I had taken the supplements, recorded my dreams, used the bathroom, and reviewed my goals 30m had passed. I'm undecided if I want to test 6hr/30m WBTB one more time, or move on and try 6hr/20m in earnest.

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    15. Night of Tuesday 6/13/23 (Comp Night 13)

      by , 06-14-2023 at 07:05 PM (Dreamlog)
      This was a fun one to have while flying home...

      Day-time Nap

      Painless Crash
      My flight back home is ending soon. Something is wrong.
      I’m watching us land out the window and I’m seeing a lot of greenery.
      The plane is making a bunch of mechanical and beeping sounds. Feeling some Light turbulence too.
      We are approaching the ground very fast.
      I see a large grey structure, a part of the building, approaching rapidly.
      Somehow, it doesn't hit us.
      But we keep going and eventually break into the building through some other way.
      There is a lack of collision, but I can see the insides of the building structure breaking around us. I wake up.

      Night-time Sleep

      No recall...exhausted from traveling all day.

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