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    The Castle oddity

    by , 02-03-2022 at 01:35 PM (284 Views)
    The Castle oddity
    Lucid #16 - DILD

    Iím in the back seat of a car driving down the road through my childhood village with my friends. I suddenly become aware this is odd, and feel as though what Iím experiencing isnít real. ďItís time to move into the second act!Ē I chuckle to myself, feeling as though my current situation is a movie and things are going to get interesting. The car starts moving up a hill and I look out of the back window and see the familiar village from my childhood but in the distance there is a medieval kingdom and a large castle!? I know that shouldnít be there and start to slowly become aware itís because Iím dreaming.

    Lucidity is low but I sense the dream is unstable so I start to feel the fabric on the car seats and look at my hands, concentrating on the realism which is very lifelike. Things get a bit vague here but Iím floating or flying down the road after and trying to grab a moving truck thatís coming my way. I grab the truck and hold it for a moment and then try to fly to another car but itís then I notice my vision is failing and the dream ends.

    Lucidity: Low
    Trigger: Dream oddity
    Reality check: none
    Length: 30 seconds (approx.)
    Goals: None
    Lucid count: 16

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