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    The Pregnant Man

    by , 01-04-2021 at 09:37 PM (245 Views)
    The Pregnant man
    -vivid - semi lucid

    I’m sat on a sofa in a living room among a few other people. Just then the door opens and in walks one of my old friends who is male. I’m shocked to see him (I haven’t seen him in years) and notice he is holding his belly and has a round bump sticking out? He’s pregnant! I can’t believe it and now wonder if he has always been a woman and I never knew? “Your pregnant, how!?” I say in disbelief. “Hips syndrome” I think he says and I see he has child baring hips as well. “Don’t ask!” he chuckled. It’s all really really weird and I suddenly doubt everything. I chuckle to myself in shock. “This is a dream right?” I say. “This has to be a dream?!” He just looks at me and doesn’t answer. “It has to be!” I look around and at the sofa I’m on, it’s my parents sofa with all their big cushions and looks so real. I then look at him and ask “seriously tell me honestly, am I dreaming?” He doesn’t answer and just looks at me with a pleasant smile. I then look at my hand and see how real it looks. There’s my wedding ring. I close my hand and try to make my ring disappear, which is my chosen reality check. As I open my hand though the ring remains. I do another quick one and the ring doesn’t budge. I conclude this is real. After I put my hands on his bump and it feels really warm and I can feel a sort of hot stomach ache in my own belly as if the baby is inside me. “Whoa I can feel it, like really feel it!” I say with amazement.

    So close to lucidity here. I heard a story about a pregnant man who was formally a woman on the radio yesterday so that came from that and I guess my old friend was just a character inserted to play the part. I can’t believe that moment I almost became lucid though! It happened! I questioned my reality and it was triggered by the weirdness of the situation but the reality check failed! I had heard this could happen so time to mix it up and get some new checks going. I haven’t been doing them frequently so was this was a good wake up call that I need to practice more otherwise they won’t work. So annoying, I was semi lucid and remember how real it all felt at the time and how vivid that moment was.
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