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    Saying goodbye to my friend

    by , 06-23-2021 at 03:33 PM (254 Views)
    Saying goodbye to my friend
    -Vivid - Semi lucid

    Im with my old best friend from my teen years and we walk up my current street and to my house as if weíve been out for a while like old times and the evening is just coming to an end. As we always did we start talking outside my house and not wanting to say goodbye because weíre having such a good chat. I then look up at my daughters window and see my wife is there putting her to bed. I know we canít talk much longer or weíll wake her up. We talk a bit longer though and I bring up Lucid dreaming. I canít remember what we say but I discover my friend is also into it. After a bit I grow somewhat suspicious of something but Iím not sure what? Itís then he says something to me like ďYou need to think about it and next time ask me the right questionĒ. I look at him confused and feel like he knows something I donít and is trying to give me a clue. ďWait, is this a dream?Ē I say and feel amused because we were just talking about it. It feels so real though, I know itís real but I decide to check anyway. ďDo you ever do reality checks?Ē I ask him and ready my hands but he doesnít reply. I begin my new routine of hand reality checks and first notice my wedding ring is gone which is odd. ĎOh I must have taken it offí I decide. I then open and close my hand. Nothing happens. I count my fingers, there are 5. I count again, I count 6? Thinking I must have miscounted I count again. I count 6 again. I try again and be more careful and this time there is 5, so thatís all clear. I then flip my hand up and down multiple times but there is no change. I then put my hand down and bring it back up again and as I open it I canít open all my fingers all the way as if theyíre broken. ďThatís what would usually happen in a dream!Ē I chuckle thinking itís a funny coincidence. I then do the finger palm but it doesnít go through.

    Analysis: A very vivid dream, itís quite vague now when I recall it but at the time it felt so real and I woke up in disbelief that it hadnít actually happened. It was just like I was in the street with my friend chatting like old times. I miss it and was nice to experience it again. Then there was the reality check. It was weird, I realised something was off but it wasnít till my friend said that odd sentence that I thought wait a minute? I still wasnít convinced though as it all felt so genuine. I recalled my new 5 hand reality check practice perfectly but it didnít work. Even though some of the checks showed evidence I was dreaming I didnít take any notice of it and carried on as if it was totally normal? Iím really not sure why I couldnít convince myself? Maybe I donít expect them to work in waking life so I donít in dreams either?

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