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    Timothy Paradox


    by , 09-20-2016 at 11:28 PM (188 Views)
    I was in a room (a hotel room?) with a bunch of Arab men, who I suspected of being Muslim terrorists. I was confused, as they were my allies. I wondered why I was with these men, and why I didn't get out of there. The dream was obviously based on the beginning of "United 93", which I watched the day before.

    I recall a weird scene in which I was some kind of "spirit". Heroes' Arthur Petrelli rose from the rocky ground surrounded by flames, as if rising out of Hell or something. I stood where he rose up, and "merged" with his body, effectively body-snatching him. I "entered his mind", and told him to "forget" about his company, and everything he had ever done.

    I also have vague images of an underwater village in my head. Was there a big conflict going on? An overarching story? It all felt very movie-like again.

    I saw some guys standing on a beach, on a tropical island in the ocean. The narrator (movie-like, remember?) said something about how the next generation would face even greater challenges. As he said that, a giant tsunami rose up in the distance.

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