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    Timothy Paradox

    17-02-19 Dark Version of Reality

    by , 02-19-2018 at 03:38 PM (114 Views)
    I was in a room with a DC. A younger girl, I think. She had a 'condition', or rather 'unwanted ability'. At some point, she started crying when she felt it coming. We both 'shifted' into a nightmarish version of reality (that was her ability, to move there). It was dark, gloomy and everything looked dilapidated. In the room we were in, we were attacked by a kind of shadow monster. It was smaller than a human (size of a large dog) and moved on all fours, and its legs had sharp claws to them (but made of shadow). There were a few 'lights' on its body, which I assume were eyes. They reminded me of the monsters from the sidescroller game 'Claire', which also features a nightmare version of reality, and a girl who accidentally travels to it. I think I stomped the monster to death.

    I went through double doors into a corridor, but at the end there was the shadow of a person. This dark figure suddenly started screaming loudly, and lit up in flames. The flames spread rapidly, and moved through the corridor towards me. I screamed back, and somehow this 'pushed the fire back' until the dark figure was completely extinguished. I think I rushed at it with random objects laying around, and tried to whack it. The figure telekinetically flung stuff back at me, trying to stop my progress.

    I think I was trying to protect the girl until she could get us back.

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