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    Timothy Paradox

    17-12-03 Hovering, Flying, Showing Off

    by , 12-21-2017 at 02:47 PM (106 Views)
    I was doing random stuff, until I noticed I was hovering. I realized this wasn't exactly 'normal', yet I was also convinced this was totally real and I could really fly. I thought, "Neat, let's use it to go visit my mom". She lived in a town called 'Vlimmeren' (she doesn't, that town is where my former gun club is located). Flying low over the streets, I felt like I had to be very careful making turns. I thought this was real, remember, so I figured smacking into a building at high speed because of inertia would cause serious bodily injury. At some point I trail off and apparently forget about my previous objective completely. I go inside somewhere and decide to show off for the people there. I hover through the doors, and show one guy how there's no wire holding me to the ceiling. I decide for some reason to try and burst through the doors at high speed. I put my feet on the wall opposite of the door to get a bit of a push, as I didn't have space to build speed. As I did this, one guy said: "This guy doesn't understand inertia". Whatever you say, DC. Schmuck.

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