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    Timothy Paradox

    18-01-19 I See Dead People

    by , 01-21-2018 at 05:38 PM (130 Views)
    I was with a couple of family members at my late grandmother's house (moeke). My mom was there, as well as my brother. And a few others, but I don't know who exactly. Oddly, my grandmother was there too. She'd dead. I noticed her being there was... odd. But it still felt so normal. I wondered if anyone else could see her. I think they said they had no idea what I was talking about. But then I saw my brother in conversation with my grandmother. She said something, and he replied. I confronted my brother, and asked him who he was talking to - as what he said could only make sense in response to someone asking him a question. I was confused as to why everybody appeared to be lying. The situation didn't make any sense. Unless... And that's when I figured that they were *all* characters, and I was the only real person in the room. I forced myself to wake up, as I was already drifting close to full consciousness anyway.

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