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    Timothy Paradox

    19-02-XX Back in School

    by , 02-28-2019 at 05:16 PM (204 Views)
    The dream took place in the present, but took place in two of my former high schools. The first was at the Sint-Agnes school, on the small courtyard by the street. I told Mr. Ferret how much things had changed, but then I realized it was always that way.

    In another part I was at KTA Brasschaat, possibly with my father. I remember running through the empty hallways, knowing exactly where I was going. We also went through some classrooms. At some point I went down stairs really quickly. So quick, I started to hover. There was much more, but I forgot. Later that day in real life, it turned out that there was a high school reunion at that very school, to which I hadn't been invited for some reason.

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