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    Timothy Paradox

    19-04-05 GTA Online Battle

    by , 04-05-2019 at 01:27 PM (174 Views)
    I was playing a PvP game in GTA Online, but I was the character. We had to stop the enemies from stealing a certain item. We took few casualties and killed a lot of them, yet some still managed to get into their pick-up trucks and escape in the direction of the city. I jumped down the hill I was on (parachuting to the ground) got into a car, and chased after them. Alone, and low on health. Swerving through Los Santos traffic, I found the enemy extraction point. I spotted some of the enemies, so I ran them over. Somehow I managed to run over all 5 of them without getting shot. We won the round. Sadly I woke up before I could read my teammates' reactions.

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    Tags: gta online