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    Timothy Paradox

    19-07-10 Reversing Time

    by , 07-10-2019 at 05:06 PM (202 Views)
    I was at the first floor of a house. I looked through the window and saw my cat (Lotje) being chased by a large feline, like a mountain lion. It clawed at her, and caused heavy bleeding. I think she died not much later. I rushed downstairs and outside, brandishing a sword. I attacked the beast, but it was too late. Then I reversed time. It was really cool, and the first time I ever did that in a dream. It wasn't like time travel, but rather like reversing a video tape. While time was reversing (roughly at twice the speed), my own past movements were reversed as well. But my mind stayed normal, just not in control of my body. I was holding my breath while doing it, as it took immense concentration. I had to stop because I was out of breath. I was back in the house. Rather than rush downstairs, I grabbed my carbine, opened the window and shot the lion before it could hurt my cat.

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