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    Timothy Paradox

    22-04-19 Seeing My Dead Grandfather

    by , 04-20-2022 at 10:50 PM (176 Views)
    I was with my mother, visiting my grandfather in a large retirement home. The place was massive and remind me more of a shopping mall than a retirement home. Grandfather couldn't talk. The dead can't speak because they are possessed (or their souls held hostage) by some kind of spirit/demon. This demon revealed itself to us in the form of three snakes that came out of his mouth and attacked us. They were slimy like eels. We fought these snakes and killed them. I recall crushing one under my shoe. The snakes dead, my grandfather became himself again, taking control of his body. We were done, and got ready to leave. My grandfather, disappointed, asked if we were leaving already. I realized that from his perspective, we'd only just arrived, and he was probably lonely in the retirement home. I felt guilty. I told my mom we could afford to stay, and have another coffee.

    Fun fact: my mom is also dead. I didn't seem to know this.

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