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    1. Ld #11

      by , 03-09-2014 at 05:41 PM
      The exciting, yet tiring and frustrating night.
      I was on the forum on Friday, posting my last LD. I did a bit of reading and found the thread for the “Suneye Method.” I printed out a copy of Method 1 and read it. I decided that I could not follow the method as described. I know my sleep habits well enough to know that if I woke up 6 hours, washed my face with cold water and then stayed up for an hour, I wouldn’t be able to fall back to sleep. I did, however, decide to try some of the techniques from the “Suneye” method. I started practicing “looking at the 3rd eye” on Friday night. I had some trouble with this. My eye-lids kept fluttering and I ended up with a headache. I would look at the 3rd eye and repeat “Today I will have a lucid dream” exactly as suggested in the article. I had no success that night. On Saturday night I had 5 kids sleeping over my house. The got to bed late and I did attempt some of the Suneye method, but half-heartedly, again with no success. Last night I tried again, but this time I changed my wordage to “Tonight I will become aware I am dreaming and do a reality check.”
      I looked at the 3rd eye and repeated my phrase before I fell asleep (at aprox. 10pm). At 1a.m. my stepdaughter woke up and had to use the bathroom. Her mom took her and after she came back to bed I attempted the method again with some success…….

      “Failed RC, Damn!”
      (I won’t go into great detail about the entire dream.) In the dream I had a “sexual device” that I had left at my parents’ house. When I realized this I became afraid that they would find it and think I was a pervert. Suddenly, I suspected I was dreaming because the situation seemed very strange. I did a RC. I looked at my left hand and counted my fingers. When I attempted this RC my fingers kept shifting out of focus, like double vision. This should have told me that I was dreaming, but didn’t. It was like I didn’t want to believe I was dreaming. I justified the double vision by thinking, “I’m not wearing my glasses.” I attempted it again, and again had double vision, but could still count. I counted 5 fingers. Still in doubt I decided to try to fly. I jumped up, but landed just like in RL (which is exactly what I thought would happen.) At this point I woke up (1:45am). I dozed back off within a few minutes.

      At 2 a.m. my stepdaughter woke up again and called for her mom. My wife went into her room. I got up and used the bathroom. I went back to bed and lay there until my wife returned (at 2:15ish). I then had trouble falling back to sleep. I began doing the Suneye method again at aprox. 2:30ish. I must have fallen back to sleep at around 3 a.m. (when I’m having trouble sleeping I make it a point to not check the clock.)……………

      LD #11 “Superman needs his theme song”
      I’m riding my old blue Schwin Scrambler (a BMX bike I owned when I was 12 yrs old) up Upland Street near the golf course. There are other kids riding there BMX bikes around me. I stop, realizing that I am an adult riding a kid’s bike. I look at my old bike and see that it is very old, rusty and some of the nuts and bolts are loose. I think to myself, ‘didn’t I get rid of this bike years ago?” I become aware that I am dreaming and immediately look at my left hand. I have eight fingers. I am very lucid. I look around. Everything is very clear. I can see: acres of green grass of the golf course, the red club house, the many people gathered around the club house with their golf bags waiting to play, the boundless sky (which is overcast with white cloud-cover). Seeing the sky and the treeless expanse of the golf course I couldn’t resist flying. I ran across the street toward the grass and leapt gracefully into the air, just like superman. I remind myself to stay calm. I begin to glide up and over the golf course. I see my old boss, Gail, down below and yell to here, “Good morning!” She waves back. I am so happy to be lucid and flying. I begin to whistle the superman theme song (from the 1980 film). I fly upward and look down at the tiny golf course below me. Things begin to fade a bit, so I rub my hands together and things become clear again. I fly up higher and break through the clouds (which feel cool and damp, like morning fog). I am still whistling the superman song and I am amazed at how clearly and perfectly the song sounds. It is also very loud, much louder then I could whistle in RL. I wonder for a moment if I am whistling in my sleep (in RL) and my wife is listening and laughing. I dive back down through the clouds and swoop down to about 100ft above the grass. I slow my speed and turn over on my back (as if I’m in water). I stop flying and drift, like a feather, toward the grass. Suddenly, I startle awake and sit up in bed because of a strange noise. My room is pitch black, I can’t see a thing. I say to my wife (who I assume is next to me) “Did you hear that?” I am actually afraid. I hear a man’s voice to my right speak in an evil sarcastic tone, “I didn’t hear anything.” I swing my right arm out at the voice and strike a body. I open my eyes and actually wake up (3:30 a.m.). I realize that I just had a false awakening, which was very frustrating. I don’t bother using the Suneye method again, I just fall back to sleep naturally.
      So, I am very happy that the Suneye techniques have worked for me, even though I am not using them exactly as directed. I feel great this morning (mentally) because I was flying like superman in a LD last night. But, I am VERY tired this morning and a bit frustrated about blowing the RC in the first dream and the annoying false awakening in the second dream.
      The joy of the LD definitely out weights the frustration.
    2. Ld #10

      by , 03-09-2014 at 05:38 PM
      LD #10 “Jump out of a plane as a RC”
      My stepdaughter woke up at 2:50am from a nightmare. I went in her room and comforted her and then returned to bed. I was having some trouble falling back to sleep and decided that this was a good opportunity to try the “wake up back to sleep” method. I lay there and told myself, over and over, “I will recognize my dream state and become lucid.” I eventually dozed off………

      I am on a 747 airliner. I am flying somewhere with my stepdaughter. There is a huge storm going on outside. Someone yells out that we are going to get struck by lightning. I know that we are in no danger because this plane is equipped with the new “elector magnetic shield” which will deflect any lightning strikes. I decide to watch it work. I walk over to the door and open it. There is no wind or negative affect from opening the door while in flight, like there would be in RL. I look out and a huge bolt of lightning zig-zags down and bounces off of the side of the plane. It looked very cool. Suddenly a small white poodle runs by me and jumps out of the plane. My stepdaughter is next to me holding my hand. Without hesitation I jump out of the plane, still holding my stepdaughter’s hand, to save the dog. I sore downward and catch the poodle. I then slow my speed until I am floating gently down. I land on my feet in the middle of a city street. I put my stepdaughter and the poodle down on the road. The dog runs off. [B]I suddenly realize that I must be dreaming (or else I’d be dead). I’m now lucid. I am still holding my stepdaughter’s hand as I begin moving through the town. I see a building that I recognize in my dream world. I realize that it isn’t a building I know in RL, but I have been in it before in past dreams. It is a strange blue brick building. I head inside. I walk through a “lobby” where there are many people, and up to a small podium where an older (50ish) but attractive woman was standing. She had short graying-blonde hair and a nice figure which is shown off by the yellow flowered sundress she is wearing. She steps out from behind the podium and leads me and my stepdaughter down a hallway. She motions with her hand to a room on the left. It is full of toys and other children. She says, “This is the room where the children can play.” My stepdaughter lets go of my hand and runs inside. I let her go and continue to follow the woman. She is leading me somewhere, but I’m not sure where. I decide, at that moment, that I am going to experiment with sex in this dream. I reach my arm around the woman and pull her close to me. I can feel her soft warm flesh under the cool silky texture of her sundress. I pull her close to me and I can feel her firm body against mine. I press my lips to hers in a passionate kiss, but I keep my eyes open and try to remain calm and focused. She also keeps her eyes open and I realize that her eyes are not human eyes. They are yellowish-green cat eyes. I continue to hold the kiss for a few more seconds and my entire body is tingling pleasantly. I release here, and she smiles shyly. She begins leading me again. We walk to another room and she motions for me to enter. I leave her behind and walk into this new room. There is another woman in this room. She is tall (around 5’10”), probably in her late 20’s, has long dark hair & a fantastic figure. She is wearing black stretch pants, a black t-shirt and white sneakers. She is working-out in front of a large mirror. I only see her from the back from where I entered. I move around her to see her from the front and she is swinging a set of bright yellow nun chucks. I step up to her, my hand darts out with inhuman speed and I catch the nun chucks – stopping the momentum dead. I pull them gently from her hands and drop them on the floor. I move up to her and look into her ice blue eyes.
      Spoiler for Sexual Content:
      I turn toward her and realize that there is a huge mirror to my left. I think, “I wonder what I look like in a mirror in this dream”. I turn and look. My reflection was that of an oriental man, in a black suit, wearing huge black horn-rimmed glasses. My hair was slicked to the side. I looked like a stereo-typical nerd. I laughed out loud. I closed my eyes for a moment and willed my reflection to change. When I opened them I was me again, wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. Distracted, I forgot about the woman on the couch (don’t ask me how I managed to forget about the sexy woman). I walked to another door, opened it and walked out. I turned around and there was a small read plate screwed to the door with “FFUUE” on it in white. I turned away and then remembered the woman back in the room. I turned back to the door and the letters hand changed to “F03”. I went back into the room
      Spoiler for Sexual Content:
      I wake up!

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    3. Ld #9

      by , 03-09-2014 at 05:36 PM
      LD #9 “Government Agents”
      I woke up at 5:10am and I knew that I had another 20 min to sleep. I lay there for a few minutes until I dozed off. I began to dream: I was in a bathroom that I don’t recognize. I glance at my face in the mirror and immediately notice something wrong. My face looks fake, like it’s made out of plastic, and my mouth is tiny (maybe .5” across). I realize that I must be dreaming. (Mirrors tend to make me lucid.) I look at my right hand and it is tiny and chubby, like an infant’s hand. I am fully lucid. I open the bathroom door and walk out into a screened in porch. I speak in a strong commanding voice “Increase lucidity!” and everything becomes crystal clear. I walk to the screen door, open it and walk out into a “pool area.” It looks like a built-in pool at a hotel. It has a cement patio around it and it is nicely landscaped with small bushes with red flowers. A long haired black cat comes walking up to me. Then I notice more cats all around the pool. (I was watching the movie Cat Woman just before bed.) I kneel down and pat the black cat. Its fur feels greasy and matted. I pull my hand away in disgust. This situation reminds me of the movie Cat Woman which prompts me to attempt some of her powers. I leave the pool area and walk out onto a deck. The deck is about 30ft above a large area of lush green lawn which is surrounded by a 10ft stockade fence. I gracefully leap up onto the railing (like a cat), and perch there observing my environment. I hear a jet flying overhead. I look up and it is only a tiny metallic speck against a pure blue sky. I focus my vision on it, like a zoom lens of a camera, and I can see the jet in detail. I realize that it is a heavily armed military jet. I decide to fly up to the jet superman style. I am suddenly startled by a voice behind me. “You are not allowed to do that!” I turn my head and there are two men, in blue suits, standing there (Average looking, in late 30’s early 40’s, dark hair, clean shaven). I know that they must be government agents. I laugh and say, “I’m dreaming.” I gracefully jump from the railing down the 30ft to the grass, landing on my feet and hands. The men are looking down at me from the deck and I am suddenly hit with a wave of fear. I realize that they don’t want me being lucid in my dreams. I try to escape from them. I sprint toward the fence and leap. I am just about to clear the fence when I am hit with a shock wave (like being hit from behind by a large wave at the beach) and I am jolted awake. I sit up in RL as the shock wave hit me. I sit in my bed for about 3 seconds feeling pretty freaked-out when my alarm goes off, startling me even more.
    4. Ld #8

      by , 03-09-2014 at 05:34 PM
      LD #8 “Winter Wonderland”
      I don’t remember what happened in the NL part of this dream until….. I was at the house of a childhood friend, on his side porch. I was there with some business people (I’m not sure who they were) and I was watching them fill out some important paperwork. I glanced out of the window (3 walls of the porch are basically all window) and I had a marvelous view of Lake Quinsigamond hundreds of feet below me. I could see tiny motorboats and sailboats moving around on its surface. Then I noticed there was snow all around the lake. I realized that something wasn’t right. If there was snow it would be too cold for boaters, and the lake would be frozen. I considered that I am dreaming, but in my mind I doubted it because everything seemed so real. I do a RC and look at my right hand. I have 2 extra fingers. I remind myself to stay calm so that the LD will last longer. I close my eyes and take a few deep calming breaths. I am completely lucid. I walk out of the porch, leaving the businessmen behind. I am on a long driveway covered in a couple of inches of packed snow. I begin walking slowly down the driveway (which angles down a small hill). I can hear and feel the packed snow crunching under my boots (I suddenly realize I have winter boots on). I look around and it is a beautiful scene. There is glistening snow everywhere. I am surrounded by huge oak trees with snow clinging to every branch. It is a breathtaking winter wonderland. As I near the end of the driveway I realize that I am not cold, and the snow suddenly melts away leaving only wet pavement before me. The driveway ends at a street. I can go left, up a slight hill, or right. I choose left. I begin walking up the wet deserted road. For a moment I consider not doing anything but observing this dream, but then I worry that it will slip back into a regular dream. I instead decide to talk to some DC ‘s. Suddenly there are people on bicycles, motorcycles & go-carts racing toward me. They are all wearing numbers on their shirts. I’m standing in the middle of a strange road race. I have no fear of getting run-over. I try to stop someone to talk to. I step in front of an oncoming group and wave my hands over my head, in an attempt to flag them down. The simply zoom around me and keep going. I am very annoyed. I think, this is my dream and I can stop someone at any time. I focus my attention on a man on a bicycle; he looks like an Olympic bike racer. As he tries to speed by me my hand shoots out with cat-like reflexes. I grab hold of his blue & yellow spandex shirt and easily yank him off of his bike. He lands on the ground at my feet. He is very angry and yells at me, “What the hell do you think you’re doing! I’m in a fricken’ race!” I ignore his words, lean down close to his face and stare into his eyes (they were ice blue by the way). For a moment I try to read his mind, and I have a flash of a thick leather bound book with small gold lettering on the cover (I couldn’t read the words). (I have no idea why this happened or what it meant) The book disappears as suddenly as it appeared and I am staring at the man again. I ask him, “Are you a dream character, or a real person?” He suddenly changes. His skin goes pale and he becomes “Unreal” or “doll-like.” He moves a bit, but his movements are stiff and robotic. I walk away from him and I am suddenly in a building which I know is a school but I’m not sure what school it was. There are people all around me. I focus in on a woman. She has dark wavy hair and she is wearing a tight maroon turtle-neck sweater. The collar of the sweater is pulled up over her mouth and nose. I grab hold of her arm and pull her close to me. With my other hand I pull down the collar of the sweater so I can see her entire face. She is very pretty and has on dark red lipstick. I can see the light dancing off of the surface of her moist lips. The urge for sex begins to rise within me, but I fight it off. I look deeply into her brown eyes and ask, “Are you a dream character or a real person?” She just looks at me, confused. The dream fades away and I wake up.
    5. Ld #7

      by , 03-09-2014 at 05:33 PM
      LD #7 “Make a Woman Appear”
      I remember dreaming about college and Dave Phillips was there with me (I won’t go into any great detail about it.) Then I had a false awakening. I was in bed and got up. I was in a strange dark house, but this all seemed normal to me. I walked down a dark hall to the bathroom. I turned on the light and it was extremely bright. I went over the mirror and looked at my reflection. I had white spots (like dry patched of skin) all over my cheeks. I took a closer look. Then I realized that my face doesn’t look like this in real life. I actually questioned whether I should do a RC or no. I thought, this all seems too real to be a dream. Then I looked at my hand and counted my fingers, I had 8. I knew I was dreaming. I (as usual) began to rush out of fear of awakening. I walked out of the bathroom. I began to rub my hands together to increase lucidity, but the whole house was very dark so it was hard to tell if it worked. Sex over took me (once again). I found a door and opened it. It was a bed room. There was a bed covered in crumpled blankets. I closed my eyes and willed a woman into the bed, and it worked. When I opened my eyes and threw back the blankets there was an attractive naked woman lying there. I got into the bed with her with the intention of having sex, but immediately woke up.
    6. Ld #6

      by , 03-09-2014 at 05:29 PM
      LD #6 “PERFECT ABS”
      I remember being at my friend Mike’s house. I was looking out his back sliding glass doors at his lake. The lake was much smaller than in RL, really just a tiny pond. But there were large waves beating against the shoreline like the ocean. The Water level kept changing, one moment the water was very low, the next it came right up to his door. I remember seeing a dock/bridge that ran all the way across the pond. But part of it was submerged. I remember asking Mike and his bother Ed about it. We walked out to the shoreline and he had floated a large rusty oil drum out there to use to float the sunken section of dock up out of the water. I noticed that his dock was actually floating on huge bundles of trash. I wondered if this would pollute the lake.
      The next thing I remember I am porky pig. I’m in a cartoon and I am chasing some girl pig through the jungle. We are sliding along vines that run from tree to tree like tight ropes. At one point I get a running start and catch up to her. I tackle her and we are suddenly tangled up in a bunch of blankets. We fall to the ground (no pain) and I am now myself and the cartoon girl pig is my fiancée. I am trying to gut untangled and she keeps rubbing up against me and moaning, trying to get me sexually aroused (and its working very well). I give in. I move the blankets enough so I have access to perform oral sex on her, and begin. She is moaning with pleasure. Suddenly I glance to my right and there is a large mirror there. I can see myself. I am standing there in just my underwear and I notice I have perfect abs. (My fiancé is now gone.) I flex my abs and they look like they belong to a body builder, I suddenly realize (much to my dismay) that my abs don’t look like this in real life (at least at this point in my life). I am lucid! I look at my hand and have 7 fingers. I am extremely lucid. I walk to the door and move to the next room, then to another door to another room. The rooms have no furniture, hardwood floors and stark white walls. Suddenly I say to myself, Stay calm, you always wake up too early because you get excited and rush around. So I take a moment to rub my hands together. I then calmly ask myself what I want to accomplish. I decide to try something new. I yell out, “I WANT TO MEET MY GREATEST FEAR!” Nothing happens. “SHOW YOURSELF!” Again, nothing appears. I begin to walk slowly and calmly to the next door and into the next room. There is a TV in the next room. There are (of course) cartoons playing, Sponge Bob this time. I know I am having trouble escaping from this “dream house.” I decide to go visit Sponge Bob by entering the TV. I kneel down in front of the TV and try to push my hand in. It won’t go. The screen is hard and cold just like RL. I remind myself that this is a dream and I can do anything. I try again and it works, my hand pushes in. (It feels like I’m pushing into warm dough.) I next push my head and body through, but simply end up on the other side of the TV, still in the same room. I stand and move to a door. I think for a moment, this door leads to the outside. I open the door and it is the outside. It is night and raining. I turn the lock on the door, but then stop and think What if I have to come back in? Then I laugh because this is only a dream. I begin to walk, in my bare feet, through the wet grass. I can feel the coolness of the rain on my body. I decide that I will search for some DC ‘s to speak with. I walk down a dark street with many houses, but I see no one. Then I come to a small park and there are kids and parents sitting on benches. It is now daytime, clear and warm (it changed without me realizing it.) I walk among them. It is so real that I do a second RC (looking at my 7 fingered hand) and I know I’m still dreaming. The first woman I approach to speak to only speaks Spanish. I notice a child reaching for a round rock (a bit smaller then a tennis ball) that is on the ground under one of the benches. I put my hand out (like a jedi) and will the stone to my hand. It flies through the air and I catch it. All the children see this and come running over. They gather around me, as I will the stone up onto the air in front of me and make it spin really fast. Suddenly I let the stone drop, the urge for sex has overtaken me yet again. (I really need to get control of this in the future.) I run off to find an attractive woman. I don’t get far before I wake up.

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    7. Ld #5

      by , 03-09-2014 at 05:26 PM
      LD #5 “Marketing Class Out Doors?”
      I'm in my Marketing class, except it is taking place in a perfect New England town common. It is a perfect summer day; warm & sunny. I am lying on the grass with a blanket over me and a guy from work is to my right. He reaches out and grabs my arm. I get angry and grab his forearm, and squeeze with super human strength. I feel the bone snap in my grasp. He yells in pain and I suspect I'm dreaming. I apologize for breaking his arm and stand up. I look at my hand and realize that I have extra fingers. I begin jogging down the street. I wave to my professor, who is standing behind a brick podium atop a small grass hill. I get up to a good speed and jump into the air. I fly up at least 100ft like superman. I can see the entire town below me. The sky was blue with some puffy white clouds. It was bright, but I never actually saw the sun. I do a huge loop-da-loop and end up near a maple tree. I can see the leaves so clearly. I then fly (about 20ft off of the ground) down a cobble stone street. I come to a set of steps and at the bottom is a large fountain. I fly right into the water. It splashes all over me, it is cool and refreshing. I realize that I am now in a building, in a stair well. I slide down a stainless steel banister. I end up in a hotel lobby and there are lots of people. I wave at and greet some of the people. Suddenly the urge for sex takes over. I walk to a petite blond woman in a white and red striped sweater. I walk up to her and look deeply into her blue eyes. I slip my arm around her waist and can feel the fuzzy texture of her sweater, the softness of the flesh beneath, and the warmth of her body. I begin to gently lead her toward the elevator and she willingly walks with me. - I realize that this situation would really piss-off my fiancé and wake up.
    8. Ld #4

      by , 03-09-2014 at 05:25 PM
      LD #4 “Clean up the Glue”
      I was sitting in my living room watching Looney Toons. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck asked me to play a game. The game consisted of me squeezing this ball (about the size of a tennis ball, but smooth red plastic) and Elmer's glue would shoot out. Who ever got the most Elmer's glue would win. I squeezed the ball and a huge stream of glue shot out and landed on the hardwood floor. I was very upset and got up to get a paper towel to clean it up. When I tried to wipe it up it just smeared on the floor. Suddenly I realized I was dreaming. I stood up and decided to use Telekinesis to remove the glue. A young man suddenly came up from behind me and stood right in the puddle of glue. I shoved him out of the way and used my mind and hand (like a Jeti) to lift the glue off of the floor. I had some trouble at first, but finally the glue was floating in the air like a bubble. I moved it into the kitchen and dropped it into the sink. I then moved to the young man, slapped him on the back and said, "I'm dreaming, so I'm going flying." I jogged out the side door and into my yard. I went to jump into the air and noticed a car driving down the street. I delayed for a moment, because I didn't want the person in the car to see me fly. Then I thought "I'm dreaming" and jumped into the air. I flew about 20ft from the ground and woke up.
    9. Ld #3

      by , 03-09-2014 at 05:24 PM
      LD #3 “Naked Co-Worker?”
      4:30 a.m. – LD – Once again a naked woman prompts lucidity.
      (I had a midterm test last night and was very relieved that it was over when I got home. I ate a large amount of a pomegranate just before bed.)
      I really can’t remember anything of this dream prior to the point just before lucidity. I am in a classroom with a bunch of other students. Then Beth (a co-worker) comes up behind me. The teacher (a tall woman with long dark hair) is coming down the aisle in front of me to meet Beth. I turned to look at Beth and was shocked to find that she was naked. I immediately became lucid (this is an obvious dream sign for me.) (I remembered to rub my hands together to stabilize the dream, and it worked.) I didn’t even have to do an RC to verify, I just knew for a fact that I was dreaming. I looked closely at her. She had a very nice body (which she doesn’t have in RL). She asks the teacher if she has any pomegranate and the teacher replies that she doesn’t. I stand up and say, “Hey, I have some left over from last night.” I am still staring at Beth’s naked body and for a brief moment I consider having sex with her, but I realize that it would be wrong because Jen would be mad at me. I walk out of the room leading Beth. We go into the next class room (which is empty of people) and there are the two pieces of left over pomegranate on the teacher’s desk. I left Beth at this point. I walked back out into the hall and began to rub my hands together to increase lucidity. I turned left and went down a flight of steps to the first floor. I began walking down a long hall to leave the building. I remembered that I wanted to practice my flying. I passed a room on my left and looked in through the window on the door. The room was full of young women (in tight red sweaters) singing. Again the thought of sex crossed my mind, but I resisted. I knew that it would just cause me to wake up and I was supposed to practice my flying. I walked away from the temptation quickly and headed straight for the door that lead outside. I exited and saw a large group of high school kids standing under an “overhang” that extended out from the school. I raised my hand to them and yelled, “HI EVERYBODY!” in my best imitation of Dr. Nick from the Simpson’s TV show. The crowd of kids yelled back, “Hey Jeff V…..!” Then I thought, ‘hey I can really impress them by flying and I jumped into the air. I didn’t fly, I simply landed on my feet just like in RL. I then thought ‘this is my dream and I can fly!’ I jumped into the air superman style and this time I flew easily. I soared up over the school and I could see the roof of a large yellow house next to the school. I looked down at the grass and the tops of trees. I soared around for a few seconds and then landed. I noticed the radio towers near the school (they are there in RL also). I wanted to fly up to the top of the tallest one and see what the red light looks like up close. Suddenly there were some trees blocking my view of the towers. I started to run to the right to get around the trees so I could see the towers again, then I thought, ‘what am I doing? I can fly.’ I took off again and began to soar upward toward the tower and then the dream faded out too quickly for me to react. – I WOKE UP.
    10. Ld #2

      by , 03-09-2014 at 04:57 PM
      LD #2 “The Indoor Pool”
      5:05 a.m. - 2nd LD – after much trouble falling back to sleep, I suddenly find myself outside of an old house. It is fall and the trees have changed color. I realize that two hick guys (who I know in my dream but not in RL) own it. I walk up to the door and think, “I wish they had a pool.” I open the door and on the other side was a huge Olympic size built-in pool. I am standing right on the edge of it at the doorway. The two hicks are standing on the far end of the pool next to a large table. The pool touches the walls on the left and right. I yell to Mike (a friend/co-worker, who is suddenly with me), “Hey come look at this.” I step onto a tiny ledge to my right. Mike comes to the door and jumps right into the pool. I can feel the heat coming from the water and realize that it’s a heated pool. I say, “Oh my god, Jen would love this.” I close my eyes and try to ‘will’ a diving board into existence because I want to dive in, but it doesn’t work. I realize that I’m fully clothed and decide that I don’t want to get wet. I notice that there are hand rails, about 2 inches under the water, running the length of the pool on the left and right. I balance against the wall and walked down the rail to where the hicks are. My shoes get wet, and I can feel the warm water trickle into my shoes. (This is where the shallow end is.) (As I walk I notice that the tiles at the bottom of the pool are very old and worn, and I think, oh well. What should I expect from a hick’s pool?) I tell them that it’s a nice pool. One of the hicks is a guy, about my age. He has greasy hair and is wearing one of my company sweatshirts. It is all dirty. I think I had better clean him up before Jen gets there or else she will be upset. I try to ‘will’ the sweatshirt clean, but it doesn’t work. Suddenly, I realize that I’m trying to will things to happen and that is strange. I look at my hands and I can’t focus on them, if I look directly at any one of my fingers I can’t see it, but I can see the ones that I’m not looking at. “I’M DREAMING”, I yell. (I forget to rub my hands together.) I ignore the hicks and Mike (who has just gotten out of the pool.) I walk on water back across the pool where there are now huge plate glass windows. I am thinking I only want to explore. I get to the window and put my hand against it. It is cool and hard just like real glass. I look outside and there is a forest of fall colored trees. I am amazed by how clear it looks. The colors were more vibrant than RL. There is a low stone wall among the trees and I examine it. I look closely at a maple tree, and the leaves are a beautiful gold color and I can seem them rustling in a breeze. I can see bits of clear blue sky through the trees. I want to go outside, but I hear a door open behind me and turn around. Jen has walked in at the other end of the room. I see her and I desperately want to kiss her. I walk on water back to the other end of the pool. I am suddenly VERY aroused. (I still know that I am dreaming.) I think to myself that this is a bad idea because sex can wake me up, but I just have to kiss her. I walk up to her and notice that she has dark red lipstick on I can see light reflected off of her beautiful lips. I wonder to myself, “In a dream a kiss could be more intense than a kiss in RL.” I put my arms around her, one behind her right shoulder and the other behind her waist and pull her to me. She resists a bit. I pull her tight to me (I can feel her body against mine) and press my lips to hers. The kiss seemed to envelope my whole body, I felt like I was going to explode with sexual energy. Then the dream began to fade and I didn’t think to spin or rub my hands. – I WAKE UP. I do an RC by looking at my clock twice and I am actually awake.

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    11. Ld #1

      by , 03-09-2014 at 04:49 PM

      LD #1 “Can’t Ditch the Kid”

      4:50 a.m. – LD - YESSSS!!!!! I DID IT!!! My 1st intentional lucid dream!! It started as a false awakening. I woke up in my bed and I knew (without looking at the clock) that it was time to get up for work. I got up and went to the bathroom. (My bed room was on the 1st floor in my dream, but on the 2nd floor in RL.) I went into the bathroom and looked at my face in the mirror. My nose was huge and blue, & it took up my whole face. I thought, ‘My nose doesn’t look like that!!’ Then I thought, ‘OH MY GOD!!’ And I looked at my hands. MY FIRST RC IN A DREAM, WOO HOO!! My fingers were all squiggly, just like you guys described. “I’M DREAMING!!” I yelled out loud. I walked out of the bathroom and into a hall, but it wasn’t my hall, it was a hall parent’s house. I actually remembered to rub my hands together as I walked down the hall and everything became clearer. HOLY CRAP, did things look real. As a Walked past a door on my left, Olivia (my girlfriend’s daughter) came running out after me. I tried to ignore her and went into the kitchen. (It wasn’t a kitchen I recognized.) I walked over to the sink and picked up a small jar that was sitting there. I felt it; it was cool and hard, it felt exactly like a real jar. I brought it up close to my face and looked at it; it was clear and reflected light, just like a real jar would. Then I threw it against the wall. It smashed brilliantly; glass flew everywhere, far more glass then should have come from a little jar. Olivia came running into the kitchen saying NICKIE, NICKIE!! (Her nick name for me.) I say, “Olivia, I’m busy.” I grab her and move her out of my way. I had to get away from her. She was ruining my first LD. I ran to the sliding glass doors that lead to the deck. (Just like at my parents house.) I slid the door open, turned and tried to close it to keep Olivia inside. She just slid open the door. So I slid the screen door closed and tried to lock it, but she managed to open that too. I ran to the gate on the deck and jumped over it figuring that she was too little to climb over it. It was about 4ft tall. I jumped up and landed on the top of it, and then jumped to the other side onto the grass. She jumped over it to. Then I said, “Olivia, go back in the house.” She kept following me saying, “NICKIE, NICKIE, NICKIE!!” So I finally said, “Screw this!” I did a superman and flew into the air. I didn’t have full control of my flight. At first I only got to 12-15ft off the ground and started to drift out of control toward a tree. Olivia jumped into the air to follow me, and now I’m starting to get REALLY annoyed with her. She is flying toward me calling, NICKIE, NICKIE!!” I thought, THIS IS MY DREAM AND I CAN FLY LIKE SUPERMAN! Then I got full control and began to fly higher and faster over housed and trees. I finally got away from Olivia. Then the dream started to fade and I forgot to rub my hands together. I woke up. It was 4:45 a.m. and there was no way I could go back to sleep. So I came down stairs (Did another RC incase this was a false awakening, and it wasn’t, I’m really awake.) to type this up before I forgot any of it.

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    12. First LD - Unintentional

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      9/14/04 - (I believe that was the date)

      This was my very first LD and it happened naturally. I wasn’t trying to have LD ‘s, I didn’t even know that it was possible at the time.

      1st LD – Unintentional “My Topless Girlfriend”

      I was at work, which is a large room with many low cubicles. My coworkers are all at their stations taking phone calls as usually. I am sitting up at the front of the room doing my shift lead functions and my boss (Gail) is sitting to my left, in an adjacent cubicle. Suddenly, my girlfriend walks into the room topless. I was surprised and my first thought was, "How did she get by security like that?" Then I noticed that no one else was paying any attention to this half naked woman walking by them. Then something clicked in my mind........"Oh my god! I'm dreaming!" I got really excited (which was a mistake) and thought "Hey! I can do anything I want!" Then I woke up.

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