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    SSILD stubborness

    by , 12-27-2013 at 01:44 PM (437 Views)
    Boring short lucids, again..

    So, i woke up after 4h30 of sound sleep, without recall. Decided to do WILD with SSILD cycles. So, after a long time in bed, watching, hearing and feeling i finally get the free-float sensation and know i can get out of bed with my dream body. First exit, my senses very dormant, my vision poor and creepy. It fades soon, back in the free-float void. Get out ( DEILD ) of bed again. Now, a little bit better. After an hand RC, I jump off dinner room window, and itīs dark out there. i am flying around a tree and looking at my neighbour's windows. I recalled the feeling of being a child and having very similar flying dreams. I am Peter Pan again It fades soon too.
    Can get out bed again. In my dinner room i try to summon a DC but my mum comes, and i punch him ! I am not an agressive guy but i like to punch and kick my DCs. well, jump off window again ( always do when i'm home, so watch out ! )but this time, i try to make the sun rise, and a small speck of light, not the sun, appears and dispels some darkness. I fly over a small wood around my house and find a DC, a neighbour of mine. It fades.
    Now, i canīt DEILD again. I let my self fall asleep, and only nlDs.
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