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    by , 03-25-2013 at 08:17 AM (355 Views)
    Later in the night, I was supposed to spent some quality time with a really attractive girl. She's one I've met before but I won't mention her name because that's going off-bounds from a relationship with one of my friends.

    Although I don't feel any lust for that girl right now, she was so freaking beautiful in the dream! I was laying back on a couch in her home while she was standing on the on bedroom walk way. She was leaning against to the wall on the right, in a sexy-like posture. I'm guessing this probably happened because I was picking up prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto a couple hours ago. She told me something along the lines of, "Let's go somewhere more private and have a good time." I thought it was a good idea.

    Things started to change. Later on in the story, she was no longer interested in me. It could of been another girl, I'm just not sure. What happened was this... I was back at Pacific High School again, in history class, along with my child development class. Every female in the class was supposed to have sex with one male in the class. At first, the female I was going to have sex with agreed that we should. That soon changed though.

    When everybody took turns having sex, it finally came up to me and this girl. That's when she finally decided that she didn't want to do it. I'm not sure why she refused, but I didn't try arguing back. The other students, however, tried encouraging her to have sex with me. They said I was a nice guy and deserve some of it. It never happened. We then went on during the day while the girl was feeling guilty for not doing it. We never did it.

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