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    Living for the Memories

    by , 10-02-2012 at 07:47 AM (533 Views)
    Here we are again. Back at the same place I thought of. It was raining outside the middle school I was in front of and I was only there to see what else there could be left in the school. I'm not sure what I'm looking for but I've been here before, a couple times. This was the area where I met the first female I ever cried for. Cindy. It seems a little bit dangerous right now, so I I'm deciding I should only drive by and take a look at the school. It was a quick search. Later on, me and my mother appear to be driving in some car somewhere in Las Vegas, I think. When I think of this part, I think of one of the dreams I had before, the dream where my father rammed his bumper in to another car in front of us. So here we are, on the road ready to experience some amazing lifts. So we're driving around this city for a while and all of a sudden, we run in to a big building. I'm not sure what is was. Maybe it was an elevator for cars. This place looked as if it has been abandoned for years. It's going to be hard getting all the way to the top, seeing as there isn't much space for my mother to move the car around. As we ascended, I was having a hard time trying not to be scared. I was always afraid of heights and every second we spent in this car elevator, I sometimes told my mother to be careful. There was one point where we did fall though but it wasn't all bad. This place we were in was too hard to work with. So anyways, here is what happened after we escaped this car elevator. We eventually found an exit that led towards a huge, beautiful scene of clean roads and plains. I've also been in this area before. We're making our way down on a tall hill. The way down was scary for me. Sometimes my mother would slightly fall off the road and nearly kill us. As soon as we made it half way down, we see this dead end where we are forced to take the car down without a road. And while in the air, I told my mom to get the car to fly. We moved down the road below us instead. There were no cars in the area from what I was able to see. After a little more time passed, I appeared someplace else. It was a place right near the home I live in. I spawned right in front of a small shop. There was no one around here. I don't remember hearing anything but my voice. This was when I realized I was dreaming. I walked around the area to check it out. The shop there was locked. I tried finding a way around but couldn't. I found a door though. The door was locked with two lock holes. I had no key, but I was lucid. I pointed my right hand towards the door and waved it at the lock. The locks opened themselves slowly. As soon as the doors open, I got to see what was inside the shop. There was nothing I found interest in. The room was clean, there was a table to the left, and a small backroom in front of the entrance. I did manage to do something while lucid though. I turned over to the road in front of the shop, raised my left hand pointing inside the shop, and yelled, "Quynh, come here!" I waited a few seconds and looked back in to the shop and saw something on the floor. It was a small puppy running around in circles. The dream was fading as I tried to summon her again. My left eye was having a hard time to not blink. A little bit later, I slowly woke up and found my mother opening the bedroom door.

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