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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    #118 - teeth getting pulled/vampire who just woke up

    by , 09-30-2015 at 09:05 AM (486 Views)
    Black: non-dream
    Blue: non-lucid
    Red: lucid

    Dream 1 - Teeth getting pulled
    I seem to be in a dark room strapped to a chair. A man is holding a drill to the left side of my cheek and starts drilling into my face and into my teeth. The pain is excruciating and realistic... Next he starts on my front teeth, all my teeth are being removed by having someone drill them out from their roots with a power tool. I keep thinking to myself hysterically that it isn't real, that it's all just a dream. I know it's a dream, because if it were real then it would hurt MORE than this. Nothing made sense, I knew I could wake myself up if I tried harder. I kept trying, over and over to will myself awake as I struggled against the constraints of the chair and the illusion of pain in my mind. I finally managed to wake up.

    Dream 2 - Vampire who just woke up
    I've just awoken from a long slumber as a vampire. My casket is special or something.. Which comes back as an important detail later. I'm a guest to huge feast, there is a master who is hosting it. I'm suspicious of everything for some reason, it's just weird I guess. I spot some large curtains blocking the entrance to a nearby room. The place I'm in is grandiose, the feast table is really long and the curtains are velvet red. I decide to ditch the feast and enter the room. One of the other guests, a woman, follows me. As she enters the room behind me she ties a black cloth over her face, then walks forward. In front of us is a silken red sheet draped over a large box of some sort. The woman approaches it (I seem to remember her having a black dress on) and removes the sheet in one sweeping move. It exposes the silver casket to which I was awakened from. (*Note: I think my face was on the casket for some reason*). It seems to shock the other guests, who apparently also followed us from the dining hall. I have some sudden flashbacks from hundreds of years ago to how vampires used to live compared to the extravagant luxury they were now accustomed to. Images like burning at the stage, being smashed over a wall and fighting epic battles. Random stuff like that.

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