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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    #157 - Genghis Khan

    by , 11-15-2015 at 07:59 AM (241 Views)
    Dream - Genghis Khan
    I remember being on a grass hill with a large mountain outcropping in a steep cliff shooting upwards to my left. To my right there was another obstacle, likely another mountain. There was intense fighting going on with swords and stuff. I was far more powerful than the other warriors which were just grunts. I quickly disposed of a large handful of them, but one of them remained. He was Genghis Khan, a strong warrior who refused to give up and leave. He moves back down a slight slope towards a small wooden building about 20 meters away. Inside are two weapons, one is a kukri and I can't recall what the other one looked like. They were displayed as if they were treasures. He grabs the kukri and we fight I think.. He's still no match for me even though he was considered to have 'powered up'. I then said "Laters Genghis Khan, I'm going forever", but in the funniest voice. It sounded like something from a Disney cartoon which I intentionally put on for some reason, but it really made no sense.

    I've had to put on hold the DEILD attempts until I can get my recall back up. Dealing with those alarms with the addition of having to move back to the North Island.. Seems like it has impacted my recall ^_^

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