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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    #231 - Bus driver

    by , 04-15-2016 at 11:52 PM (855 Views)
    I recall the dream starting in a house near where I live, there's family around (though no one I recognize, it's like a made up family). I decide to head off and I drive to another house, it's quite big and is painted white. After walking inside I come out, noticing that the other family members have arrived, one is a white girl (sister maybe?), another is an asian girl (sisters friend), then there's Saya who is the child of the family (around 3, she resembles honey boo boo). I think there's also a parent or two. I'm outside the house and I see my friends Dad, Ben, driving towards us with another person in the car beside him. He does a U-turn and snatches the coffee and muffin from someone in our family and then drives off. I laugh at this, those 2 have always been snatching stuff from each other, sort of resembling a Homer Simpson + Ned Flander relationship. I'm eating some kind of cooked chicken meat now, I think there was a mini buffet that was nearby. After this we all hop onto a yellow bus and drive on up the hill. While we're driving I spot Ben (who snatched the muffin and coffee) parked up by a house, he has a job interview. That's good, since he's been on the doll for like 20 years. I see Saya sitting at the front with an iPad or something, she's smashing it against the metal bar between her and the driver. It's so annoying... The driver has a 'fuck it' moment and just gets up and walks to the back of the bus to sit down. Oh my god! Really? Saya then goes and sits in the drivers seat and is semi driving while still smashing the iPad. I swallow the food in my mouth and put the rest of the chicken I was eating on the seat (it has packaging so it won't get any germs ). I head to the front, why the hell is no one panicking?!?! The sound of smashing is continuously repeating, but Saya isn't smashing the iPad anymore. I noticed that it's because she recorded the sound when she was doing it, so it's just the sound playing from the iPad. Wow, she must be pretty smart for her age. I get shitty at everyone because they don't want to discipline Saya, she needs to be told off so I decide that I'll do it, I start telling her off firmly without being angry or anything, letting her know why she can't do what she did and that she should apologize. While I do this, my ex gf smiles at me and sits on the drivers seat and takes over. Phew, we'll be safe for now. I then walked to the back of the bus and pick up my food, taking a bite out of it. The asian girl stands up and speaks to me rudely, saying "So now you're going to eat your food? You're so tense and angry, like you're so annoying". WHAT. THE. ****. I just saved your life and you say that? You couldn't stand up to a 3 year old! I'm a little bit furious, my mouth is full of food so I can't even talk back. In the end I just roll my eyes, sigh, then turn around and sit further away from her.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Hopefully your next dream wont involve dream characters that annoy you. ^^ But if it happens again maybe you could use it as a dream sign.
    2. werty52's Avatar
      Haha too late, the dreams I had last night had some annoying DCs >_<