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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    #264 - Mutated animals

    by , 08-23-2016 at 08:14 AM (799 Views)
    I'm watching TV and it's a news channel reporting on a man who does tourist boat rides down a New Zealand river. He seems to be a bit 'out-of-control' because the boat is skimming against the rocky cliff on one side. He then rams the boat into a rockface, though I'd have expected more of an impact so I thought he put the brakes on or something..

    Next thing I know, I'm at the location and the story has progressed. He is wading the water, I'm with a news team and we're watching him as he struggles to dislodge his foot which is stuck. He gets free and continues walking off towards and orange life jacket that's wedged between a crack in the rockwall. Apparently that's why he was driving crazily as he was searching for it. Pretty dumb reason.
    I'm kind of the camera in a sense, so what I'm seeing is being conveyed back to the TV. I look down and see HUGE eel heads, there's heaps of them poking their heads out of the rocks in the water. It's incredible because it's a species that is endangered (shortfin silver eel or something)... I hop out of the water immediately, kind of shocked and grateful they didn't bite me. I hear some kind of news person talking into a camera about how we're at the site for the siting of the worlds first fresh water kangaroo. Yes.. FRESH WATER KANGEROO. What the hell? I turn to see a funny looking kangaroo doing a severely retarded paddle-jump through the water. Huh, guess it must be true. I then spot a few more kangaroos, but they all look like different species. Why are there so many different mutations in kangaroos occurring? But then my brain completely tricked me because the next time I look around there's a bunch of mutated seals. I didn't even notice the swap. There's a 4 eyed alien looking seal staring at me.. There's one that looks like it has the face of an asian. Then there's also one that looked almost exactly like a dog which barked at me, I ran away and it chased me. I then decided maybe it wanted me to pet it so I reached out, but someone nearby who had a real dog said that it was a seal and that I shouldn't pet it. I reeled my hands back as she said this, I see my hands in front of my face. Hmmm..
    I'm dreaming aren't I? I do a reality check by pushing my finger through the palm of my right hand, it stretches through.

    I'm in my room now, definitely dreaming. But this isn't my current room, it's my room from when I was a little kid with a few differences (colour of the room, bed positioning, bedside table and general room content). The dream starts to go dark, fuck. I better stabilize. I make huge force of willpower by straining my brain to hold the dream stable. It's like I was trying to forcibly shut off whatever mechanism causes you to wake up and it only managed to slow down the darkening. As I'm doing this I know it won't work for long and that I needed another course of action to follow it up with, something to restabilize the dream as it wasn't enough to just stay asleep. I decide to 'relax' and release the tension, the world must have been shaking before because everything seemed still all of a sudden. The room got a little bit lighter and less grainy. I look at the bedside table and see a mirror, except inside the mirror is a brighter room. I walk over, pick it up, and then push myself through head first. Half of me from the waist up is in this newer, brighter version of my room, the mirror is caught on my jeans. Damn it. I kind of convince the dream that this didn't happen and climbed into the room properly. Phew. My clothes are inside out though, and the room has a sort of inverted appearance, but the exit and windows are all in their normal places. I should probably do something... I decide to do the waterball challenge me and my dream buddy Emnition are trying. Man this is a long lucid. It feels like a very down-to-earth lucid, as if bending physics would be quite hard unless I did some tricky stuff. I try anyways, I cup my hands in the air as if to summon the water into a ball. I'm facing the open doorway at this point and the background kind of throws me off.. I turn around and re-attempt, facing a lighter and less cluttered background of my rooms wall. Then I say "Now I just need to condense the vapour from the surrounding air", I imagine how this would look in my mind... Particles flying towards a centre point between the space of my cupped hands.
    Oh look, I'm awake. I woke up very fast :/
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    1. Saizaphod's Avatar
      Half of me from the waist up is in this newer, brighter version of my room, the mirror is caught on my jeans. Damn it. I kind of convince the dream that this didn't happen and climbed into the room properly. Phew.
      Hahaha Nice and quick thinking!