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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    #269 - aliens

    by , 09-16-2016 at 10:33 AM (247 Views)
    I decided to write this up because I've been slacking a bit.. I've forgotten a lot of the details though :/

    Me and some people (possibly my old flatmates + friends) were walking down a large corridor, like an extended indoor drive way. It was concrete and seemed to be a part of a university. In here there was an alien pod, where the first aliens had landed.. We kind of react like they're evil, which they are, but it felt like a baseless accusation. One of us gets a futuristic (possibly alien) gun out and shoots them as they jump out of their ship. Holy shit, they're getting obliterated before they even realize it. As this happens I get the feeling they're defenseless and send a mayday to their alien friends in space..

    We're walking away now, feeling safe. It isn't long though until more aliens start landing on Earth, it seems our massacre of their kind pissed them off. Shit.. I get everyone together and lead them to some more the alien-like weaponry, then we get everyone to head outside. I know of a safe area or something and lead everyone to another university building in the city. I think I shoot the heck out of some aliens as we go too, it feels pretty intense. I notice a person acting.. odd.. He looks doped up or something just wandering sluggishly. He looks my way and has a feral bloodshot eyes. I make the connection that the aliens have released a bio weapon to make some of us into zombies. But how does it spread? I'm also surprised they managed to act so fast..

    We're in a mall area with escalators and staircases here and there, I remembered that in this part there were more zombie people around, I could vividly see their bloodshot eyes..

    Towards the end of the dream we were in a sewer-like tunnel complex, like something the TMNT would stroll through. I can't remember much more except I had blasted my way through a few aliens and zombies before getting everyone in there safely.

    Another note: the aliens were small and had 4 legs, each ending in a blade-like point. They had cone-shaped bodies/heads and I have no clue how they would operate intergalactic spaceships or spread world-devastating plagues.

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