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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    #42 - Scifi ship/Basketball + the trampolines are back

    by , 10-28-2014 at 08:35 AM (367 Views)
    Black: Non-dream
    Blue: Non-lucid
    Red: Lucid

    Note: Didn't do SSILD or FILD last night, FILD has been throwing me off a bit since I just don't understand it that well. Also, my 'home' dreamsign' seems to show a lot, I will have to prepare myself to do a reality check when it shows up.

    Dream 1 - Scifi ship
    We seem to be on a space ship, me, the terminator, Kryten (that robot from Red Dwarf), and someone else whom I don't remember. Me and the terminator get off the ship at some point and have to get something. The ship picks up the new cargo but it weighs a lot, when me and the terminator get back on board, Kryten doesn't have the strength to completely carry us (he is connected to the ship somehow, and as a result he doesn't have the strength to keep himself on the ship... It made sense in my dream ).

    Dream 2 - Basketball + the trampolines are back
    It's a sunny day and I'm at home, my friend D and another friend are over, and so is my brother. My brother challenges me to basketball like he always does when I get back from uni for the holidays. I notice there are 2 trampolines on the grass next to each other, D tells me "see, this is what happens when you leave me alone man, I buy shit" (it seemed like he had been living here for some reason). I tell him about my dream (#39, flying boat) where I was at my house bouncing on 3 trampolines, and 2 of them looked exactly like the ones on the grass right now. I was so convinced that it was real, everything around me seemed so realistic, I had this inkling of a feeling in the back of my mind though. I end up walking over to where we play basketball, but there is a white car beneath the hoop that's blocking us pretty much. My brother had set up a different basketball hoop instead, but there was a large stack of firewood that was kind of in the way. The sun was in our eyes whenever we were taking a shot at the hoop which was annoying, I couldn't shoot properly and kept missing it slightly. We played for a few minutes, but then a girl shouts hello at us from the top of the driveway and waves at us. At first I think it's H (D's little sister) but as she comes closer I realize it isn't. I keep shooting hoops, but then notice that M is here too , a guy whom I haven't seen since primary school. The dream ends around here.

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