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    #89 - Recap since my last DJ

    by , 05-28-2015 at 05:43 AM (271 Views)
    Black: Non-dream
    Blue: Non-lucid
    Red: Lucid

    I've had a few stress related lucid dreams this past week, I still haven't given up on lucid dreaming but I haven't done anything to assist myself in developing it...

    Dream 1 - A girl who I don't actually like
    I realize that I'm in a dream, something just clicked and I knew, but before me was a kind of pretty woman who I kind of knew. She resembled a friends love interest who I swear I've never had an interest in, but nevertheless cave-man mode took over and I just found myself embracing her. I ran my hand along her back and realized that the dreamworld was a bit twisted, her skin was all bumpy to touch (honestly really disgusting to touch *gag*) and I look over her shoulder to see why, I could see band-aids and cuts, bumps and hairs, grossed me out...
    I stop right there and push her away gently, then shake my head at her.
    I seemed to wake up at this point.

    Dream 2 - Languages and sugar
    Not long after waking from the last lucid, I thought I would try slip into another... This proved to be pretty darn easy. Seconds later I find myself lucid, but the only thing I see is a bag of white sugar (the brand was 'pams' if you're interested). This bag of sugar was so cool, because everytime I read the writing on it, it would change language. From english to spanish, italian, chinese, etc. I woke up and just laughed

    Dream 3 - The evolution of caveman mode
    I had a weird moment during the day where I was incredibly aware of the sense of touch on my upper arms, just near my shoulder, which later helped me achieve a lucid dream. I was in a modern looking house and I just touched my arm, the smoothness and sense of realism settled and I kind of just knew I was dreaming. Next thing that happened was caveman mode (I think I get caveman mode as result of not being prepared with goals or not trying to get lucid), I approach a beautiful brunette and uhhh... Things got sexual although it was like I was suddenly stupid, like I knew what I wanted but I couldn't remember how to do it haha... I was able to blink in this dream without losing lucidity too, and the skin of the sexy lady was smooth and she didn't morph into a monster - probably the most successful sex-type dream I've had.

    I think I had another lucid dream but I can't remember it... I've had quite a lot of dream that I remember but I haven't written them down despite how awesome some of them were ^_^

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    Tags: sex, sugar