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    Time travel

    by , 06-02-2013 at 02:20 AM (187 Views)
    After leaving the cage i realize that i have traveled through time, i see two men both in their 30s, and i notice that one of them is one of my professors at the University but younger, I ask them what year is it and they respond 1986 , i am at the entrance to a mansion but not the front door ... seemed a balcony and i came through the window. They hesitate but finally let me in, we walk silently through the corridors because the mansion belongs to an old lady who can not see me.
    They tell me to go down a staircase alone, i do it and after that i am in a transitional floor where i stand on a platform in front of me and are stairs that lead to the lower floor.
    I notice that the lady of the manor is downstairs and she noticed my presence so she comes up the stairs ... I panic and try to hide myself in a lot of toys but does not work and I got caught, I woke up after that.


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