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    1. Car dream where mom was really controlling and snippy

      by , 02-04-2021 at 05:10 AM
      I had the car dream set at granddads house again last night for the second night in a row. Like the dream I had the night before, it was really physically and emotionally uncomfortable. In the dream last night, mom was also really snippy and controlling.

      When mom told me to go ahead and get in granddads car and buckle to the front middle seat, as soon as I tried to argue about sitting in the middle and getting in the car before she was ready to go she snapped at me and told me that I could either get in the car and buckle in the middle of the front seat or I would be grounded.

      When mom finally got in the car and was trying to get it started after my sister and I had to wait for her for what felt like forever, she kept getting in my face and telling me that I needed to calm down. I never even said anything to her before she started telling me to calm down.

      When she discovered I stepped in dog poop, she screamed at me about not watching where I was stepping and not checking my shoe when I noticed the car stunk. She told me to give her my shoe so she could clean it and for me to stay buckled in my seat.

      After the battery went dead after she got back in, as I was asking if I could get out she snapped at me again and told me that me and my sister needed to stay in the car. I woke-up from the dream while she was looking for a jump start.

      Not sure why she was so snippy and controlling in this dream, but it made me fell even more uncomfortable.
    2. Car dream where I felt like I was squished in the middle

      by , 02-03-2021 at 05:19 AM
      I had another car dream last night set at granddads house. This is the first time I have had once since last week, and was the longest I have been without any since the dream started a few weeks ago.

      The dream last night followed the same pattern as the others I have had recently. The main change I noticed in last nights dreams from the earlier ones was that it was much more uncomfortable riding in the middle than in any of the other ones and it was really bothering me and getting me on edge that my mom and sister were both pressed-up against me and seemed to be repeatedly invading my space while I was stuck between them.

      While my sister and I were in the car waiting on mom to come out and get in, I could always feel her body pressed up against my right side. She repeatedly would put her head on my shoulder and her face right my mine. When I kept trying to get her to stop talking about granddad and how he was near death, she wrapped her arm around me so I couldn't ignore her and kept getting right in my face.

      When mom finally got in the car, I had her body pressed-up against my left side and my sister pressed-up against my right and I felt really squished. While she was trying to get the car started, both she and my sister kept invading my space telling me I needed to calm down, which just made me feel more trapped and on edge while I was stuck between them.

      When mom discovered I had dog poop on my shoe, I first had to deal with her getting in my face and getting after me for stepping in it and not noticing it while my sister was in my other ear talking about how gross it was and how bad it smelled. I had to keep dealing with her invading my space and whining about how bad it stunk while we waited in the car for mom to clean my shoe.

      When mom got back in the car, and I though she had finally been able to get the car started she leaned in front of me to adjust the mirrors while my sister invaded my space to change the radio to her favorite FM station and then started singing along to the song playing. I felt really uncomfortable having both of them in my personal space.

      I woke up for them dream right after mom discovered the car had cut off when nothing happened when the put it in gear and pressed down on the accelerator. My sister was leaning into my space while mom was turning the key and nothing was happening.

      I think this was definitely the most uncomfortable I have felt riding in the middle in any of the dreams I have ever had and really felt that I had no personal space and was squished between my mom and sister.