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    2 for 2

    by , 07-16-2019 at 05:14 PM (238 Views)
    I've have had at least 2 lucid dreams in the past two days. I think I may have figured out what is causing me to have lucid dreams. It was never the specific technique or the meditation. It was the fact that I was staying awake for 90 minutes then falling back to sleep with the intention to lucid dream. 90 minutes is not a magic number. It's about fully waking up - when the mind/body least wants to - and stretching the rubber band of sleep deprivation. Then we release that tension by lying down and quickly falling asleep with no other thought than to recognize the next time we dream. Some experts would describe this as REM rebound. One must figure out how their mind/body relate to sleep deprivation and REM sleep during the WBTB period.

    For my next dream goal, I am going to get a dream character to tell me their name.
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    1. zelcrow's Avatar
      Hey, that's an interesting though, wRemembrandt. I usually stay away for 30-45 minutes but maybe long could be better. Does it still seem to be working for you?