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    by , 11-25-2019 at 05:30 PM (219 Views)
    I had a very short lucid dream this morning of my car producing a lot of smoke and eventually my engine caught on fire. I recognized I was dreaming and stuck my right hand out of telekinetically put the fire out. Telekinetically meaning I used strong expectation and belief to make the fire die down. I also tried to summon a dream character but no dice. It may be because I don't have an expectation of 'how' said dream character is to come into being. Out of thin air? Out of a portal? Descend from the clouds? I should probably focus more on stability instead of trying to jump straight into dream control.

    Mild works for me now because the efficacy of the technique has dawned on me. It's the prospective memory that yields the lucid dream. Not the mantra or visualization. The latter two is to solidify the memory. Furthermore, WBTB is critical to success in lucid dreaming so much so that to attempt to lucid dream at any other point in the night is a waste of time.

    After being awake during WBTB, I lay back down in bed and make a firm intention to remember to lucid dream. That's the shift; to focus on prospective memory and not lucid dreaming. If memory and intention is strong, the lucid dream will just happen.
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    1. zelcrow's Avatar
      Hey, I enjoyed reading this and feel like I'm taking something away from your comments at the bottom for what helps you get lucid with WBTB + MILD, which is the same combo I've been working with since I've started. Putting emphasis on the intention "to remember" as you have makes sense. I've been working with this on and off for almost a year now and sometimes it seems easier than others.

      How long have you been working with the MILD technique?
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    2. wRembrandt's Avatar
      Hi, I have been working with the MILD technique on and off for a few years now. On and off because I never really understood how MILD worked, did it incorrectly, and never got anything out of it. Then, it finally *clicked* and I have had 3 lucid dreams this past week.