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    Time Travel Magic and Bombs.

    by , 09-04-2017 at 04:11 PM (404 Views)
    So I am with this girl in my car. Nothing sexual. Just sitting and talking. There is this inflatable mattress thing in the backseat which I know is a bomb. The bomb activates. I usher the girl quickly away from the car and into a nearby building. I am panicking because the bomb is going to blow up my car in a parking lot. Because of my ethnic background, I know in the dream that once that explosion happens and they inevitably identify me, I will be on the news as a terrorist.

    So my next instinct is look for another girl that I somehow knew in the dream world. Her name roughly sounds like the word "Heylmun". She is a black girl I actually knew from high school under a different name. I frantically plead with Heylmun and ask her if she still had/knew the time travel magic that "we used to save [can't remember her name] back then." She affirms she does. I am a bit relieved. My hope is go back in time and stop past-me from putting a bomb in the back of my car.

    Some time in the dream passes and I hear the car explode outside the building me and Heylmun are in. A crowd gathers near the windows to see flames and gasoline spewing everywhere and on other cars. The televisions in the building come on reporting on the incident in no time.

    I run back to Heylmun and ask her if she has any "hiding places" for me to lay low while she gets the Time Travel Magic ready. She says yes, but first she needs my phone number. I give it to her. She gets two numbers mixed up much to my frustration and I have to correct her.
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    1. HumbleDreamer's Avatar
      I had a lucid dream like that! haha.