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    Semi sick and twisted

    Almost lucid run and hide

    by , 06-15-2012 at 06:34 PM (647 Views)
    I was in the passenger seat with a good friend And we stopped he pointed out a man in between to cops and said that arse hole right there is taking me to court for "whatever reason" I had a 22' pointed it at the guy and riped a shot right through his head. I brought the gun and used my arm to press it up against the door to hold it. The cops just looked at me my friend said put that away in the back seat I said I got this. I may have pressed a little hard with my elbo I poped the gun up and the sherif seen it and said put that away I said something smart arsed and he said to step out of the vehicle. I looked at my friend he floored it and drove about 100 feet or so and I said pull over I don't want u getting introuble for what I did he Tryed to argue but I insisted. Just as I jumped out there was a cop on my tail I jumped on his car and smashed my head on his hood oddly his car had a huge dent in it were I hit my head like he had been in a accedent. I ran off towards a bridge the police no longer was chasing me it was a group of kids I hid behind some trees but I was spotted then I jumped off a bridge and held onto the side so that way they thought I jumped they left I got back up. Then we repeated the process again. After the second time I ran down the road toward a lake with a lot of boats in a harbor type of deal but it was borded in. I loved this peacefull area and I thought to myself well if think there going to find me they will because that's how a dream works so I Tryed to make myself believe that they wouldn't find me. Then the driver "girl" showed up were the watery entrance was and we smiled at each other I woke up then from my darn arm falling asleep!!!! Lol wish I could have had some fun but I guess my arm needing blood surculating is more important lol
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    1. Mindraker's Avatar
      Fine upstanding citizen! So the key to lowering homicide rates is not have people fall asleep on their arms, obviously. I'll write my Congressman and suggest that.
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    2. Wurlman's Avatar
      Lmao I need to kick my dry spell soon!!
    3. Caenis's Avatar
      Hey Wurlman, did something in your dream make you think it could be a dream? It's really interesting that you tried to treat the dangerous situation like an average dream. I'm thinking this was a semi-lucid dream. Not positive, but it seems like it!