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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    Better recall.

    by , 06-18-2012 at 12:10 PM (449 Views)
    1. Something about sunflowers.

    2. Forgot. Too lazy to write.

    3. I'm walking in the woods down a dirt path. I am looking at my phone and want a wifi connection. I see some trailer houses. They are small and green. One of the has a unsecured wifi. I connect with my phone but continue walking. I look to the right. There is a creek but the water is so unbelievably blue. Something in my mind says its not right. I look closer and see the dirt and rocks at the bottom. I dismiss this. I was very beautiful and I was just enjoying that.
    I walk up a hill and as I come to the top I see and open field with tall grass and an amazing range of mountains in the distance. I notice the sun is setting and the colors are so vivid and surreal. I decide to take a picture with my phone. I get mad because the camera app is freezing. All this time there is a helicopter above me. I think it will go away but it does not. Its like it is watching me. I duck down into the grass and a spot light shines on me and the helicopter lowers and circles. I wake up and notice that the fan sounds just like the helicopter.

    4. I am in the kitchen of my house. My parents are there. I am waiting for food to cook. So I start cleaning. Nothing is as it should be. The cabinets are clear plastic. I put a vacuum in the washing machine. It over flows so I set the machine outside like it weighs nothing. A man comes on the front porch and looks in my house. I get irate like I want to hurt him. He runs off and continues down the road on the hood of a car. The police are following him in an open military jeep. It is raining but they don't seem to mind. I wonder what that was all about. It is dark now and my kids are out back with my dad playing some game. I wake up.

    *no lucids. Used MILD. Took multivitamins potassium and magnesium 1 hour before bed. I noticed that I woke up a lot and had a hard time falling asleep. No use trying to WILD.

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    1. Caenis's Avatar
      The awareness you had in your third dream is nothing to sneeze at! And despite having difficulty sleeping at night, you had two dreams and a fragment for the second night in a row. I don't know what sort of recall you're used to having, but this isn't shabby at all. I bet you'll have a LD in no time.

      Do you still vividly remember that nice scene from your third dream? Sometimes I'll see something breath-taking in a dream, but my memory won't do it justice.
    2. Xanous's Avatar
      Yeah when Im "on" I will remember 3 to 6 dreams without having to write anything down. I will just remember key words to jog my memory in the morning. For dream 3 I told myself trailers creek sunset helicopter.

      And I know what you mean. It was so breathtaking that I remember well but it is starting to fade now.