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    Finally!! Recall!!

    , 02-01-2011 at 03:08 PM (531 Views)
    That's right people, I can finally remember my dream again! Sorry if I sound overexcited, it's just that my recall was on a low a few days. But here it is, it's only some fragments, but it's something:

    I had a spider, as a pet, but not just a spider, a spider the size of a small cat. I remember that I let it sit on my shoulder sometimes. At some point in the dream the spider caught a mouse/little bird (not sure). I remember some fear at that point and someone telling me that the way the spider caught the bird/mouse was unusual. I also remember it running away into some sort of a lawn at some point. Also something with a house where I was going to live, it really was a small house (kinda like a bungalow I once went... really the bungalow of YOUR NIGHTMARES! <forget that, I'm strange) and that I was afraid there were spider in it (how ironic). And something like a class I was late for.

    At morning, sorta weird semi-lucid moment (I always seem to have lucid/semi-lucid moments in the morning):
    I was picking clothes for school, though 'this COULD be a dream and woke up (mom banging on door, I'm a serious night-owl), then woke up in the waking world (that was a False Awakening)

    Dream Signs: A spider the size of a small cat, I was a couple years older probably (not sure)

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