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    , 02-10-2011 at 03:18 PM (534 Views)
    non dream - dream - lucid - semi-lucid - false-awakening

    Last night I decided I should give my effords a break, because the night before I was unable to sleep (not a dream, I can assure you that wasn't a dream) and slept only 2 houres in the end, and because I had a very big dry spell and thought I was just trying too hard. But guess what happened? The night I decided to stop trying for a while I actually had a lucid! so here it is:

    I am at school, everything seems normal so far, but I decide to do a reality check, I try the nose-pinch RC and it turns out I'm dreaming! I am surprised, but don't get overexcited like the last time. I decide to try the finger through hand RC, just to see what it looks like. My finger bends and it hurts like hell, I am surprised that it hurts so much, even though I know I am dreaming. Than I get an idea, even though I know my DCs aren't real, I want to scare them, and what better way to scare a bunch of DCs than comitting dream-suicide (also I wondered what it felt like to die in a dream...)? So I decide to jump from the staircase, because it's higher in my dream than in reality. Before I jump I do a final RC, I breath a few times through a pinched nose and try the finger through hand RC again, with the same result as before. I also stare at my hands to see what they look like and to stay stable. I jump, and hit the ground, it doesn't hurt but it feels really strange and then everything went black and blurry and I wake up. I'm now sitting on the long bench we eat on at school sometimes, and I am sittig next to two guys from my class.I still have a little bit of an idea what is going on, and do some weird dream-control stuff. Than one of the boys asks me to do something, and I say I can't, because the DC of the guy I was going to do it to was too weak/blurry. Then my English techer walks in, and someone (might have been me) asks him what his patronus looks like (:-|) and he says red and like a jellyfish or something simular to a jellyfish. I think this is a weird situation and realise that I get FULLY lucid.I think of what I could do next and forget to stabelise myself. I wake up with some sort of a weird euforic awesome feeling, and whisper 'Wow, I just had a lucid...'. Then I am considering writing it down. I first decide not to do it, because I was taking a break. But I then realise it's a shame to forget this expirience and write it down.

    Dream Signs: 6 fingers, slight change of enviroment, patronus-weirdness

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