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    5 Lucid Dreams(DILDS), My First OBE Experience Achieved.

    by , 10-08-2014 at 12:36 AM (530 Views)
    I was hanging out with my brother and I decided to go to my Father room. I see my Father and Mother both lying down. I grab my hoodie and went in to the living room. My brother and I began to talk. I told my brother there's this feeling that has been getting more apparent these pass months. It seems to be growing a lot more and I don't really know what to do. My brother ask me try to describe it? I told him it's like a lot of paranoia, I'm not sure who I am anymore or if there's any control over it. That's when things got extremely bright in the dream environment. My brother told me the paranoia was probably just me trying to find a way to myself. I began telling my brother this light is effecting me. How do I stop it, is this a dream? as I begin to feel a lot of pain. However my brother said nothing and only stare at me with unusual blue eyes while it takes over. I began to feel really electrifying while becoming lucid and this feeling as if something was coming out. I tried to turn off the lights but it would keep coming on by themselves. That's when I lost it and lost all my lucidity. However I didn't find myself in till 15 seconds later vibrations, too many vibrations and it was too intense to handle. I literally was thrown out of my physical body and as I pop out I was wondering why this was happening. I look at the television black screen and realize my astral body was me at the age of 7-5 and I was bald. I felt so light and floatable and leaving my body felt like crashing sounds of water. I still felt like I was hearing water pounding somewhere. I then realize one of my goals for why I always wanted to have an OBE. I wanted to prove to my brother it exist so I can report all the things he does that I could not possibly have known if I were not there around him all the time. I phase through the door and was in the living room. I then ran up or sort of hover to the next stairs. That's when I try to phase in to the door but could not anymore. I tried again but my heart was beginning to pound harder and a lot slower. My head felt incredibly tingly and I started feeling sick and cold. Then the OBE experience ended and I got in to a dream. I open my eyes to see a man pulling a door out of mother room. I look at him as he leaves and walks down stairs. I was already lucid again and then another strange feeling happen to me again and I started to pop out of my DC's body and started flying but it felt like someone else was controlling me as I glided through the air to this constructive broken building. I landed down and just look at the sky. I could tell it was the afternoon judging from the sky appearance. Then this kid riding his bike stop near me and ask a question, who lives up there? I look at him and yelled hey! I ask him could he hear me? I yelled hey two more times but he seem like he could not hear or see me. I decided to give up and enter the building. I flew up the stairs and tried to get to the main door. I had this strong urge like I was meant to be here at this very moment. That's when a man called out to me saying I have to leave.

    Before I had the chance to say can he see me? I instantly knew this building was about to blow up. I flew and grab him while we both hid in the back corner as it all collapse on itself. That's when the man said thanks and I decided to phase through the wall and fly off in to the now grey rainy sky. My head felt so amazing, I couldn't help but feel like moving a lot. Finally I had the time to think for myself and enjoy flying. I was happy, I finally had my first OBE experience as I spun around in the LD. After 4 minutes of being in the sky my body began to once again feel this feeling I had no words to describe and then everything went pitch black. It's like I am dying, that's when I see myself lucid falling and falling in this place completely shrouded in clouds. Finally after a minute of falling it stop and I began to have wings for some reason on my back and began lifting up slowly. Why is this happening I said again? After three or two minutes of floating up I drop down so incredibly fast, I started to see fire and heard screams. The drop felt so intense I lost consciousness. As I finally began to regain awareness I found myself tied up in a chair. I could tell I was in the living room however all the lights were off and this feeling again was present. I became lucid due to it and started asking when am I going to wake up? Then this voice said did I deserve it? I ask what's going on? This beast came out from the shadows and told me for me the pass weeks I have done horrible things to people. I analyze it and to me it looks like satan. I ask why bring that up? It ignores this and ask me why am I full of hate? I told it who ever said I had hatred? It begins by telling me it knows how my mind works. It tells me from knowing me I hate every single person on the planet. I laugh and said are you kidding me? I am talking to some random satan, I am lock in my own dream and have to deal with this? I don't have to justify my actions, why don't you take these ropes off me and fight so I can kill you and leave this place already. The suppose satan became angry as he summons this disfigure creature approach me and began punching me in the face constantly. While I was getting beat up the satan look at me and left. This damn creature was not going to stop punching me and eventually I black out and lost consciousness. I eventually then found myself in the garage, the lights were on and I felt a little easy now as if I had more control now. I see two people that are dead and I place both of them on a stand and left them there. I became lucid again and saw a lot of huge dolls place all over the garage. I look at them as I tried to count how many were there. That's when my finger hit this girl on her forehead and I quickly realize she was no doll. She seem frighten, that's when my consciousness became dizzy and I began to leave the dream. I found myself once again cover in darkness as I tried to find a way out. That's when I finally felt a sense of a physical part in the darkness. They were my eyes, I tried to open them and after some effort I manage open them as it strives to make me lose the sense of them. But I gain consciousness again was awake this time. Lucidity Time: 51 minutes

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