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    Inner World حلم Gamma Waves

    Father Room to Forest Pool OST + MILD

    by , 10-06-2014 at 11:57 PM (419 Views)
    I was using a computer when my father ask me when will I decide to go to sleep. I told him eventually as I check the time states it 12:36. I could tell from the window that it was the afternoon. I got up and then things got a bit blurry. I focus my eyes on the timer before scene change and realize the timer stated 20:16. That's when I found myself on the bed. I got up and realize I was dreaming. I begin to get up from the bed. I could tell it was night however then my eyes got shut and I could not see. I knew I was in the dream environment but had my eyes close now. I became unsure on whether I should open my eyes or not. Because if I did it may wake me up in waking life. However after 15 seconds of complete darkness I decided to open them. As I did I was still in the same environment. The only difference now was that I was floating near the ceiling. I glide my way to the front door and open it. The first person I saw was my brother in a blue shirt he was preparing to heat up his food. I approach him and ask him was up? He walks in the kitchen and says he's alright but was having a terrible day. That's when another person who looks identical to my brother open the back door and enter the kitchen. I was surprise as they both stand there. My brother in the white t shirt places his hand outward for a hand shake. I shake his hand and ask my brother so there's two of you? My brother in the blue shirt shakes his head yes. The one in the white t shirt went in to the living room. I ask my brother in the blue shirt what was causing him to have a horrible day? He tells me his tooth paste would bother him because every time he would squeeze the tooth paste it would all come out. I said that's what cause you horrible day? He said yes as my brother in the white t shirt came back and change in to my cousin. He then kicks me and laughs as he starts running away. I got irritated and told him not to don't again or he'll regret it. I lift my hand in the air and look at it. I did not feel the power surging in it. That's my cousin came back and I decided to poke him in his eyes and slap him his nose. I begin to get angry and yelled to leave me alone, my voice echo in the entire house as the house shake from my voice. He ran away while the upstairs lights came on. I begin to wash my hands and stare at them. I then saw one of my fingers being really small so I knew I was still in a dream. This felt very stable and look real that I was surprise. This feeling again where it's like even if I wanted to wake up I could not.

    That's when I look at my brother and told him I'm outta here. I darted off to the back door and went out in to the night. I ran down the hill and began walking on the road. That's when I saw a black car with the front door open. It look great, I always wanted to drive a car in a lucid dream. However it seem way too real and if it was real I wouldn't want to go to jail because I thought I was dreaming. I laugh and walk pass the car. That's when I made it to the next will as I heard people back at the car getting ready to use it. I also began seeing kids preparing to go to school. I walk up the next road as I pass through more people in till I see these stairs and decided to walk on them. The night was getting a little brighter almost early morning. As I was about to continue a man told me kids can't be here. I quickly analyze the surroundings and realize the dream change the scene here. It looks like some party. I walk down the stairs and decided to play along by saying I was 18. They laugh and told me I didn't seem like it. I finish walking down and laugh while running saying I'll never be with the cool kids. The scene change again to a resort as I fell down when the grounded had no more concrete and landed from a huge gap on to the next floor. I was still laughing despite my face getting hit first. There were a couple of other DC's as well who were also laughing about what I did. He ask me if I was going to go back there again. I told him no then this great pool cover in time green rock with steaming water was up ahead. I told him to excuse me as I really wanted to go there. However this glass door was in my way. I didn't see no way to get through then suddenly this forest ranger appear and showed me how to get pass it. I thank him and tried to continue to get there however I begin to find it difficult to walk and see. The forest ranger pulled out a small magnifying glass and pointed it at me. I lost consciousness and soon after wake up. Lucidity Time: 15 minutes

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