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    Personal Best for Lucid Length - December 2

    , 12-02-2018 at 09:38 PM (227 Views)
    Lucid #68: In a long bathroom, become lucid almost immediately. Remembered my goal to anchor myself and sat down quickly on the floor. I took a look at the individual items spread out on the counters, got up a few times and each time I started to lose focus, sat back down. My visual clarity was okay, but I was focusing on stability. I tasted some popcorn which had an accurate buttery taste, but no crunchy texture. Dream felt pretty long, somewhere around 3 minutes.

    Lucid Fragment A: Recorded it in my memory palace but lost it now.
    Lucid Fragment B: Dual-body experience; possibly an FA? I could feel both my dream body and my paralyzed waking body. I was willing my body to move, and thinking at the same time "I hope I don't move my waking body" -- this thought gave me awareness of both. During this time I also heard vivid conversations/voices which I focused on -- it felt like a pre-WILD experience.
    Lucid Fragment C: For a moment, I remember staring at a mirror and thinking "my face should be completely distorted", but it wasn't. I looked on for quite a bit at my reflection, which was 100% perfect. This took place in a dark room, and I remember reading some text that was static as well -- very strange.

    Lucid #69: Long and strongly narrative-driven dream; I knew it was a dream and that I could control anything I needed to (except dream length -- I forgot about my goal to anchor myself or any goals at all), but I didn't know my own identity -- I believed I was the dream character, a boy detective. I was in a wooden attic bedroom. Out of a tall window in front of me, there were purple wolfman monsters lounging on the lawn several stories below. Someone or something was talking to me in the room, an adult male voice. I spent what felt like several minutes inspecting items in the room and interacting with the voice, as well as reading some text which did change upon looking back. Even though the text would change, the last 2-3 letters would stay the same. Throughout I feel the presence of a sidekick, maybe a dog? Suddenly I felt a sense of urgency, I expected one of the purple monsters to have come to the window (none did, which is strange since I expected and feared it). I decided I needed a sword, so I willed for there to be a longsword in a small bag. I reached in, expected it, and pulled one out! It had a rounded tip (day residue from talking about HEMA), so I figured it wasn't sharp and placed it in a belt loop that was on my shirt. Turns out it was sharp and cut through the loop. I ran my finger along the edge and felt the sharpness, which is a rare sensation in dreams (usually it's a dull, blunt pressure). From here I believe the dream continued for a bit but I can't remember specifics. In total I remember waking up (and even during the dream) feeling like the dream was going on for a really long time, close to 5 minutes! It was a really amazing experience.

    Lucid #70: Another long, narrative-driven dream, sort of a sequel to #69. I'm older now, I look like the actor from Chuck in an odd third person moment. My sidekick is also grown (and human) and another person makes a juvenile comment. We are on a huge piece of land owned by someone who's hired us to drive out/defend against "the Russians" who have taken over. We take a brief tour of the land, and lots of the grass is dying/dead. I become lucid around here (in the same way as above -- I'm aware of my powers but not of my identity as ZAD). It turns out that the landowners are killing the grass on purpose to appease the Russians. We get to a chain link fence, behind which is a field and an old abandoned warehouse/factory. Suddenly a gunshot goes off and I see a bullet coming right for me. I will myself to turn invisible and slow down time to dodge it (I didn't know I could do that!). They aren't shooting at anyone else, just me, and I keep dodging and running. They shoot wherever they hear the grass/leaf cover crunch. I'm about to hide behind a tree and think I'm good, but suddenly a black wolf comes rushing at me. One of the guards (who aren't doing anything by the way) mentions that the only thing that can kill the black wolf is one of the bullets being shot at me, so I assume that this is a hostage fakeout takeout shot situation, where I have to get them to take the shot and then move the black wolf in the way. However as I'm thinking of this and wrestling with the wolf, a grey/blondish allied wolf (my partner?) starts to wrestle with the black wolf. I fear for the grey wolf and suddenly he looks at me directly in the eyes and has the most pained expression on his face -- I think they've taken the shot and taken him out. I feel profound sadness and wake up.

    Notes: 70 lucids! Nice!
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