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    Thread: RC not working?!

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      RC not working?!

      So, writing dream journal, I've noticed 2 Dream Signs. One is my ex-friend. I kinda regret from ending friendship with her, so I dream her a lot. Last nigh I had again dream about her. Long story short, while I was walking with her (in dream), I've said to her, I'm sorry, I have something to do, and then I did RC (passing finger through my hand) and it didn't work. I was really happy it didn't work, but after a while I woke up. So why didn't it work? I don't do DILD, but it happened accidentally...
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      It might've been just that you didn't belive that reality check will work and therefore it didn't.
      Or subconsciousness made it fail since that was most logical result that were to happen?

      Anyways to fix the issue i guess adding a bit Dream Control to reality check should do the job
      Before attempting reality check tell yourself that it will work and be confident that it will
      Be confident that you will be able to push fingers through your palm, and then do it.

      That's how i do Reality Checks myself
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      I'm back! Again? Uhhh..

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      I would not use an RC that requires dream control, personally--there is always a chance they will fail. Use the nose pinch or look at a digital watch. These can fail as well, but I trust them more than trying to float or sticking my finger through my hand. If after both of these you are still unsure, you are probably dreaming.

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      Something similar happened to me. I did a RC in my dream by looking at a physician's certificate hanging on the wall. It read "The Head Clinic". I looked away and when I looked back it said the exact same thing and looked exactly the same. So I thought, "it must be real" (despite all the other signs of being in a dream such as being in an unfamiliar place with people I know IRL who live on other continents). I was really frustrated when I woke up knowing I passed up a lucid dream. That prompted me to be more thorough with my reality checks during the day. Now I always ask myself "where am I? Why am I here? Does it look like it should? Who is here with me? What are others doing and what am I doing?" I survey the area and then try and remember what I've been doing for the last while. Depending on where I am I will do the nose plug, jumping, or look at a word or digital clock at least three times and stare at it for a while. It sounds laborious but it takes less than a minute. That way it's ok if a RC fails because you have backup
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      A few failed RCs are enough to make you realize that, when you ask yourself, "Am I dreaming?" you can never take a definitive "no" for an answer... "probably not" is as good as it gets, but don't let yourself stop questioning. The problem is that the dreaming mind is not quite as sharp or inquisitive as in the waking state, and it is too easily satisfied by superficial or easy conclusions... or at least that's as best as I can figure, having failed around three RCs this month alone!

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